The best Affordable 4K 160Hz Mini LED Gaming Monitor? – KTC M27P20 Pro

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What's happening guys I'm Tech Source And today we'll be taking a look at an Exciting and brand new gaming monitor That's going to be entering the US Market very soon the ktc M27p20 pro is aimed to bring a better Price to Gamers who are looking to game In 4K resolution and 160 Hertz refresh Rate with a one millisecond response Time they are going for 800 retail once Available which is a really good price Considering there aren't any other mini LED game monitors with the same specs so Who the hell is ktc and where did they Come from well they're actually a Popular brand in China it used to be an Oem for Brands like NEC Samsung and ViewSonic but eventually decided to make Their own monitors let's start with the Build construction you get a very ugly And bulky yet functional stand that Offers swivel tilt 180 degree full Rotation on either side and height Adjustment eliminating the need for a Mount however the monitor is Visa Compatible so if you want to hook this Up to your desk or the wall you have That option you just have to disconnect The neck piece revealing the holes Behind it the model will definitely look More aesthetically pleasing without the Bulky stand because it does have very Thin bezels with a decent sized chin so If you are going to mount this I think

It will look really nice in your setup As I stated earlier this is an IPS Monitor with mini LED backlighting and Without boring you guys to death talking About all the different types of panels Just know that mini LED is a sub-genre Of LED displays the difference between LED and mini LED comes from the size of The light emitting diodes used in their Backlights as the name suggests many LEDs are about half the size of a Typical LED that lets companies fit more LEDs into their display which results in Greater contrast and in most cases they Are typically brighter than OLED panels Without the risk of burning in short They're basically two steps underneath OLED in terms of image quality and That's basically where most of the Budget is allocated the ktc does Exceptionally well in color reproduction I mean the image is super bright it's Vibrant and while the blacks aren't as Deep as an OLED panel the monitor still Does fairly well in dark scenes the Contrast is great the whites aren't too Bright and the blacks aren't too dark Making it very easy to spot enemies in The dark while gaming color accuracy is Also really good covering 100 of srgb Color space 100 from Adobe RGB and 98 From DCI P3 making this a great choice For color sensitive work it does look Like ktc didn't cheap out on the IPS

Panel viewing angles are exceptional I Didn't notice any color Distortion Vertically or horizontally it did retain Its color very well from all angles IPS Panels do fairly well with backlight Bleed and it seemed to be the case here I didn't notice any significant Backlight bleed to a point where it Would be distracting while watching Content or gaming same with the ghosting Test no ghosting or coron artifacts Present during the UFO test and the Response time test this is one fast Monitor and I really enjoyed my time Gaming on it okay let's talk Connectivity so we have the usual Display port 2 HDMI and a headphone jack Followed by multiple USB 3 ports we got Two for Downstream and one for Upstream One feature I like on the ktc monitor is That it comes with a built-in KVM switch Meaning you can use the same monitor Keyboard and mouse on two different Systems I plugged in my dongle for both My keyboard and mouse and connected my LG gram via USBC then when I need to Switch to the laptop I just use the Input shortcut from the menu and switch Over to the USBC input where my LG gram Is connected and I'm able to use a Laptop with the same monitor keyboard And mouse this is a very useful feature For those rocking a single monitor on Their setup this will prevent you from

Using multiple keyboards and mice and Will help keep your surface clutter free The usb-c port also supports charging up To 90 Watts so you can charge your phone Tablet or in my case a laptop at the Same time accessing the menu is done by Using the joystick in the back and this Is also where you have to enable Freesync or g-sync since it comes out of The box disabled you also have the Option of changing the color of the RGB Lighting in the back of the Marner which I found very useless you can only select From three solid colors or a breathing Effect but the light itself is very dim So you don't even know it's there I mean Your room has to be pitch black and the Mario has to be up against a white wall For you to experience any sort of Ambient lighting the built-in speakers Have extremely low volume they shouldn't Be used to listen to anything or watch Anything but more so for Windows sounds And recording purposes this leads me to The conclusion I'm just having trouble Justifying the price I feel like it's Reasonably priced for the features and Specs that it offers especially Considering other 4K mini LED monitors Cost way more the AOC aegon is thirteen Hundred dollars but it's not even in 4K Resolution and the Asus Pro art display Isn't even made for gaming yet it goes For two thousand dollars so yeah the ktc

Is actually the most cost effective Monitor with these specs but is it worth It I don't know that many people that Would pay extra just to have a mini LED Monitor are plenty of ips LCD monitors That do just as good in image quality And they have higher refresh rates so For the average competitive gamer this Is not the ideal monitor it's more Targeted for the content creators who Like the game it's also worth noting That the smarter is certified by Vasa HDR 1000 which just adds to the value And this is the same exact panel that's Used in the Sony in zone M9 monitor I'll Drop a link to the ktc model below if You guys want to check it out it did Send us an extra one to give away Details for that will be in our Discord Server and I'll drop a link to that down Below thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you very soon in The next one foreign

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