The AYANEO GEEK Is An Insanely Fast Emulation Machine! This Hand Held Runs All The EMUs

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So yeah I think imeo knocked it out 
of the park with a geek and with this   New smart TDP feature we can get a lot 
better battery life out of this handheld Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime 
pack here again and today we're going to be   Taking a look at some emulation on the all-new 
eye and Neo geek now this has turned out to be   An absolutely amazing little handheld powered by 
a ryzen 6800u and backed up by the Radeon 680m R   Dna2 based eye GPU alright so before we jump into 
some emulation if you're interested in checking   Out my first look video we tested out a bunch 
of stuff on this device I'll leave a link for   That in the description but since then we actually 
got an awesome new feature in ispace so if you're   Familiar with these eye devices you know we've 
got this eye button over here we can change the   Resolution brightness and more importantly we can 
change the TDP got a few different presets plus we   Can go manually from five up to 33 at least with 
the 6800u devices but we've got a new Mini app   Known as smart TDP basically we've got an auto TDP 
setting now on these eye devices and it works out   Really well so this is an earlier version but the 
way it works is we set our desired FPS I'm gonna   Go with 60 and this will work within emulation 
or PC games and once we enable it it's going to   Monitor the frame rate of whatever we're playing 
and it's going to adjust the TDP GPU clocks and   CPU clocks accordingly and try to get us to that 
60 FPS Mark without having to push a ton of power   Into this and just wasting it now if you want to 
disable it right now we do have to do a reboot but   We can also go down here to the bottom and limit 
our CPU clock up to 2300 megahertz hopefully uh   We get a little more a couple more settings 
here would be nice because there are some AAA   Games that require a little higher clock but this 
saves a lot of battery life now for instance PS3   Emulation with rpcs3 using something like Skate 3 
harder one to emulate in the past I would set the   TDP to around 30 Watts so it'll split up that 
30 Watts between the GPU and the CPU with this   Enabled I only need to pull 18 to 21 watts to run 
that game at 60fps which is really really cool so   With all the testing we're going to see in this 
video I will have Auto TDP enabled and I do plan   On make making another video testing out some PC 
games with auto TDP because it really does help   Out quite a bit I was surprised at how well it 
works and keep in mind it's still really early   For this application so it's only going to get 
better over time but uh before we get into it   Wanted to give you a quick rundown on the specs 
we've got the eye and Neo geek 1200p Edition they   Also make one with an 800p display we've got 
the AMD ryzen 6800u 8 cores 16 threads boost   Up to 4.7 gigahertz Radeon 680m igpu based on 
our DNA 2 with 12 cus up to 2200 megahertz you   Can get this with either 16 or 32 gigabytes of 
LP ddr5 Ram but both of them will be running 6   400 megahertz Ram it supports a 2280 m.2 dual 
sided SSD and I've got a two terabyte unit in   This and we're going to be running Windows 11 
in this video so with all that out of the way   Let's go ahead and get right into some emulation 
testing we're going to start off light here with  

PSP obviously we've got that 6800u and and we 
can run PSP games on this really well anything   Under this is going to run at full speed we're 
at 5x resolution right now Vulcan back in and   This game is performing excellently this is one 
of those that did run at 30 FPS on the original   PSP Hardware you can unlock it from PPSSPP 
if you want to but I just kept it at 30.   Next up we've got Ghost of Sparta still at 
5x Vulcan back in and if you take a look   At afterburner you'll see that TDP fluctuate in 
total system power draw is actually at the bottom   This is uh what is being pulled from the battery 
everything included on the handheld from the RGB   To the screen to the stereo speakers and since we 
have Smart TDP enabled from ispace you'll see the   TDP on this thing fluctuate clocks on the GPU 
and CPU also and that's because this game here   You know in certain areas that does require 
a little more CPU but when it comes down to   It as long as the PSP game is compatible with 
the emulator it's going to run it at full speed Next up we've got some GameCube emulation using 
Dolphin Emulator we're at 720p right now with   F-zero GX but keep in mind this will run at 
1080. I just wanted to keep that TDP down   And uh with smart TDP enabled we don't have 
to push over 15 watts out of the CPU to run   This game anymore in fact at 720p we're 
sitting right under 8 watts for this one And since we're here with Dolphin I figured 
I'd go ahead and test out a Wii game we got   Tatsunoko versus Capcom and while this is 
running we can also take a look at how well   This d-pad works and I'm going to go ahead and 
tell you right now the newer imeod pads via on   The geek or the ine02 are my favorite d-pads on 
the market right now these are some of the best   That I've ever tested and mainly I use them 
for fighting games but if you wanted to go   With the platformer it's going to work 
out really well very accurate but yeah   Like I mentioned I love it for fighting 
games it's got a really nice rock to it   And I mean you can pull off your special 
moves no problem at all with this d-pad Next up we've got some PS2 using pcsx2 
with the DirectX 11 back in personally   I prefer using DirectX 11 but you could go with 
Vulcan if you want to we're at 1080p with Soul   Calibur 2 and now Auto TDP is working great 
CPU is pulling around 11 watts and you know   With other games with these same settings it 
might pull more something like God of War 2   I've actually seen it jump up to around 15 in 
certain situations but that's really how it   Goes with PS2 it just requires a little more 
CPU and when you're doing upscaling you know   Past native up to 1080P and even 1440 it's going 
to have to push that GPU a little harder also Okay so I've just set the handheld stationary 
to make it a little easier on myself we're   Still running on battery right now if you take 
a look at the bottom of the afterburner you'll   See exactly how much we're pulling from that 
battery 3DS has gotten a lot better on these   AMD chips due to driver optimizations for opengl 
with Citra we still don't have the Vulcan back in  

But uh with these newer drivers even on ryzen 5000 
we're seeing some really great performance out of   3DS emulation and we're at 3x right now opengl 
back in obviously but uh some of the harder to   Emulate games you may still have to drop it down 
to 2X and even native that's just how it is with   AMD and opengl right now with this emulator but 
there's still a ton of these 3DS games we can   Upscale the 3x and some even higher checking 
out some Wii U emulation using simu where at   1080p Vulcan backend Bayonetta 2 and usually when 
I test this out on the ryzen 6800u I set a static   15 watt TDP and get great performance out of it 
but with this new smart TDP enabled we're only   Pulling 11w from the CPU and we can still run 
this at a constant 60 1080p I also tested out   Breath of the wild and that's when I like to run 
it 30 FPS it pulls up to around 16 Watts while   Running it with smart TDP enabled and really 
the same goes for easier to emulate PS3 games   Using rpcs3 720p Vulcan Tekken 6 usually at 
15 watts but you know I've seen it jump up to   Around 13.6 with this game here when there's 
lots of particles on screen so it's really   Helping out and the one that really impressed me 
was skate 3. so with this one here I usually set   It at 35 watts and that'll give me a really great 
frame rate throughout but at 35 Watts on battery   You're not going to get much battery life out 
of this thing at all now that's just 35 Watts   On the TDP total system power draw can be up to 
around 46 to 51 watts and that's coming from the   Battery so you're only going to get what 45 
minutes of battery life out of something at   35 Watts but with this new setup we're pulling 
a maximum of 19 watts and I will admit I have   Seen it dip down every once in a while to 
around 58 so hopefully from within the smart   TDP app we get the ability to go up to like 2 800 
megahertz on certain games that would be awesome Next up we've got some Xbox 360 emulation using 
Zinnia Canary and this is where I noticed a few   Little issues with that auto TDP uh you can 
see that we get those dips down to 58. this   Is one of those games you know as soon as you 
come around the corner it needs to up that TDP   Really quickly and I think that's the issue here 
so with Xbox 360 at least for the time being I'm   Gonna go with the static TDP around 28 Watts that 
way we can just kind of lock it right there at 60. And the final thing I want to test here was 
some switch emulation using Yuzu we're at   1080p because we're in dock mode right now 
bulking back in and this is Trucking through   Everything that I tested so far obviously we've 
got a few dips here and there those are shaders   Caching in the background I probably should 
have walked around a little more but you know   I've tested this on other 6800u devices and we 
can get some really great switch emulation out   Of this chipset so running it on the ineo geek 
is absolutely awesome so yeah I've been really   Impressed with the ineo geek when it comes to PC 
gaming emulation and just overall use we've got a   Great d-pad here Hall sensors and the joysticks 
and the analog triggers so we've got them there   Too I personally haven't been able to test the 
800p version of The Geek but you're gonna get  

The same performance remember we've got the same 
CPU so if you wanted to save some money and go   With the 800p version you're going to get the same 
kind of emulation performance we saw in this video   Here which is really great for a handheld gaming 
device but that's going to wrap it up for this   Video really appreciate you watching if you're 
interested in checking out my first look video   Leave a link for that in the description 
and I'd also like to know your thoughts on   The ineo geek did you pick one up are you 
gonna wait for ryzen seven thousand eight   Thousand nine thousand let us know down 
below and like always thanks for watching

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