The AYANEO Air Plus News! It’s Almost Here, But Will You Buy This New X86 Hand-Held

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Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again this is gonna be a Quick one but I wanted to get it out of The way because uh I and Neo just had Their new press conference for their Upcoming Aya Neo air plus and with the Announcement we got a lot of great info On this handheld well there's gonna be Three different versions and we're gonna Go over all of that they announced specs For all three of them we've got pricing And kind of a timeline on when these are All going to ship and everything like That so I figured we'd just kind of go Over it and see if this would be Something that you're interested in Picking up or not one of these variants Is a handheld I've been wanting to see For a little while now and it's Definitely not going to be the most Powerful but I think when it comes to Emulation this is going to be a great Choice in fact I've already done some Emulation testing with this specific Chip on the channel and at 15 watts it Will handle Nintendo switch now when you Go up to the higher end CPUs you do need To throw a little more wattage at them To get that full speed but for this one Here I think it's going to be a great Choice when it comes to Performance and Battery life so like I mentioned they Announced three new variants of the Upcoming ion Neo air plus and one of the

Big changes from the original ieneo air Is the screen size that one was coming In at 5.5 inches of course it was an OLED and unfortunately they're not using An OLED or an AMOLED display in the ineo Air plus it is an IPS display but They're giving us a bit more coming in At six inches it's got a resolution of 1920×1080 368 pixels per inch 100 srgb and DC ip3 Coming in at 86 percent should be a Really good looking display here but I Think one big welcome change that a lot Of people really wanted to see on the Original ineo air is just the larger Battery in general the air plus is going To come with a 46.2 watt hour battery That's 65 percent more capacity than the Original air and 21.6 percent more Capacity than the air pro so running the Plus at the same kind of wattages as Those other two handhelds we're gonna Get much better battery life out of this One and with this larger battery they've Still managed to keep it nice and thin Coming in at 23 0.1 millimeters and when It comes to weight two of these new Three variants are going to be coming in At 510 grams and the highest invariant Is going to be coming in at 525 grams so We've also got a pretty light handheld When you compare it to others on the Market right now all three of these are Going to be using Hall sensors and the

Joysticks and the triggers storage is User upgradable it uses an m.2 2280 SSD And we can go up to four terabytes in Any of these variants here and the Overall design here looks really good It's very reminiscent of the ineo air or The plus but obviously it's going to Come in a bit larger because we've got That six inch display and I know I said They're offering three variants but in All actuality there's actually four Because uh the Mendocino version Actually has two CPUs that we can choose From the ryzen 3 7320u with four cores 8 Threads up to 4.1 gigahertz or you could Opt for the ryzen 5 75 20u also has four Cores 8 threads but it does have a Higher base and a higher boost up to 4.3 On this one but both of them are Offering an rdna 2 based 610mi GPU now Remember this only has two cus and it's Clocked up to 1900 megahertz I've tested Out the 7320u on the channel and I think It's great for budget laptops but when You compare gaming and emulation Performance to the other two variants They're offering this does fall way Behind the next CPU choice is actually The one I'm most interested in and when It comes to these handhelds I don't Usually look for Intel but looking for a Smaller handheld for great emulation Performance this is probably what I want To go with we've got the Intel I3 1215u

Now this has six cores 8 threads up to 4.4 gigahertz and we've got built-in Intel UHD graphics with 64 execution Units up to 1.1 gigahertz this is not Going to be a great choice for PC and AAA gaming but emulation this thing's Definitely going to shine because at a Lower TDP it does offer really great Single core performance and the final CPU or rather Apu option they're Offering is the ryzen 7 16800u we've Seen this in a lot of handhelds eight Cores 16 threads up to 4.7 gigahertz and Of course we've got that rdna2 based 680m igpu with 12 compute units up to 2200 megahertz now if you're looking for The best performing in Neo air plus the 6800u version is definitely where it's Going to be I mean you're going to get Some really great AAA gaming performance And emulation but the price is going to Be a bit higher than the Intel or the Mendocino version And that brings us to the most important Part about all of these handhelds the Pricing they've got going on here so We've got official price and pre-order Price going down the list lowest end Model here the pre-order price 549 Official price 5.99 And at 5.99 you're only going to get Eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes Of storage plus we've only got that Mendocino 7320u Apu and when it comes to

The highest end version of the Mendocino Line 649 pre-order price 6.99 is going To be retail and we get that 7520u with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of Storage moving over to the I3 version Lowest in there we're getting eight gigs Of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage 5.99 Pre-order 649 official price and Bringing up the ram to 16 gigabytes and Storage to 512 699 pre-order 749 Official price And of course just checking out the Pricing Trend here it's going to go up When we move to the 6800u their lowest In version here with the 6800u pre-order 889 official price is 9.79 and their Highest end model which does come with 32 gigabytes of RAM and 2 terabytes of Storage 1289 and 13.99 official price And yeah when it comes to these higher End models I can see them costing a lot More than the lower end versions but we Were kind of under the impression that The price on the Mendocino and the Intel Versions would be much lower so I mean They're definitely not cheap another Thing to keep in mind is egpu support or USB 4 support Thunderbolt support and on The Intel version and the 6800u version We are getting usb4 but the Mendocino Version only uses USB 3.2 so with that One there's no way to connect an egpu But all of them do have Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 they're going to support

65 watt fast charging with the batteries On all three versions a fingerprint Sensor and adjustable RGB lights around The analog sticks so yeah that's what The upcoming imeo air plus is all about Uh this is what we got coming from imeo Now they will be doing a crowdfunding Campaign I'll leave a link in the Description and I'll also leave a link To their YouTube channel so you can Check out their full press conference I Think it was almost five hours long Really up to you if you want to check That out lots of great information it Would have been nice to see a lower Price on the Intel and Mendocino Versions but that's what we have here so Let me know your thoughts in the Comments below do any of these interest You are they too expensive are you gonna Wait for our DNA 3 apus let me know your Thoughts down below but that's it for This one and like always thanks for Watching Foreign

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