The All-New UM773 Is The First Next-Gen Ryzen 7735HS Mini PC And Its FAST! Hands-On

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So far yeah I'm really impressed with This ryzen 7000 powered mini PC and I Can't wait to see what else they release In the future but for now this is Absolutely amazing Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the first ryzen 7000 series powered mini PC from minus Forum known as the um 773 so all in all We really didn't have to wait long for These 7000 series PCS to release and This one just happens to be powered by An AMD ryzen 7735 HS 8 cores 16 threads And we're definitely going to get into Some performance here but first up let's Go ahead and take a look at this thing Now inside the box there is a warning Straight off the bat this is using Liquid metal to help keep this CPU nice And cool in a super small form factor Case here but we've got basically the Same design as their other Neptune Series um models like the um 690 and That just happens to be my favorite Mini PC without dedicated graphics from minus Forum so far it's actually a really good Performer but I'm hoping that ryzen 7000 Can beat it out now I've always been a Big fan of the design here they've Actually done a really great job keeping It nice and small and the cooling system On these is really unmatched when it Comes to these mini PCS just taking a

Quick look at the included accessories We've got our vertical stand a 120 watt Power supply this will support a 2.5 Inch SATA drive in the bottom of the Unit and we've also got a mounting Bracket right here so we can mount it on The back of our monitor or even on the Bottom of a desk Taking a look at the i o up front here We've got a 3.5 millimeter audio jack USB type-c which is data only but we've Also got usb4 up front here and it is Using 40 gig protocol so we can connect An e-gpu and it will support up to 8K 60 Out around pack we've got our power Input 2.5 gigabit Ethernet two USB 3.2 Gen 2 type A ports two full-size HDMI Ports and these will support 4K 60 each And we've got two USB 2.0 type A ports And just like the other um models that They offer we can set this up vertically Personally that's the way I like having It that little stand just makes it look Really good and kind of keeps it out of The way but you can set it horizontally On the desk if you want to taking a Quick look inside it's actually really Easy to upgrade the RAM and storage here This does support one 2.5 inch drive and The bottom lid it does come with the Adapter to kind of plug everything in But you can buy this Bare Bones or up to 64 gigabytes of RAM and a one terabyte SSD directly from minus Forum this just

Happens to have 16 gigabytes of ddr5 Running in dual Channel and a 512 Gigabyte m.2 SSD another thing I wanted To touch base on here was the cooling System that they've been using in these New um mini PCS this is definitely one Of the best that I've seen in a Mini PC And even on the 690m with that 6900 Ajax Running at 70 Watts I never went over 85 Degrees Celsius with it and the fan Wasn't even at 100 so if you've got this Set up vertically in the stand the air Is going to be pulled in from the bottom And it's going to be exhausted in two Different locations and that's because There's two Thin arrays on this heatsink Here for this Mini PC Plus we've got the Addition of liquid metal which really Helps out Now when it comes to the specs for the CPU we've got that ryzen 7 7735hs it's still based on Zen 3 plus But they've upped the wattage on this This is actually rated at 54 Watts now 8 Cores 16 threads we've got a base clock Of 3.2 and a boost up to 4.75 little Higher base little higher boost than Previous generation Graphics are going To be handled by a Radeon 680m igpu Based on rdna 2 12 cus at 2200 megahertz Unfortunately the HS variant with the 7000 series CPU or Apu rather isn't Clocked up to 2400 megahertz like you'd See in the 6900 Ajax this supports

Sodium ddr5 Ram up to 4 800 megahertz You can go up to 64 gigs here but I've Got 16 for my test rig we've got room in Here for one pcie 4.0 m.2 SSD one 2.5 Inch drive it does have Wi-Fi 6. we've Also got that 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port Around back and I'm going to be running Windows 11 for all of my my testing but We will test out Linux in a future video Alright so here we are first look at This ryzen 7735hs powered mini PC this is actually Really awesome to see ryzen 7000 series Released you know right after 6000. I Know we've had the 6800u and the 6900 HX For a little while now but I didn't Think 7000 would hit the market so soon 16 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM at 4 800 Megahertz and we've still got the Radeon 680m igpu and with this HS variant it's Only clocked up to 2200 megahertz I was Really hoping it was at 24. from the BIOS we can set the TDP from 25 watts up To 54. we're at 54 right now but we've Got a boost up to around 65 and I'll Show you that real quick here from cpu-z We'll just do a stress test And you'll see it jumps right up to 64.65 so we're sitting good there on That TDP and the next thing I wanted to Take a look at real quick before we jump Into some benchmarks in gaming was just These GPU clocks Right up there to 2200 megahertz and the

GPU itself is pulling 28 Watts I'll tell You this actually looks a little lower Than the 6800u you know totally maxed Out not sure if there's a difference Here but usually this can kind of go up To around 32 33 Watts that's definitely Something I'm going to have to look into And I know it doesn't sound like a lot But you know given that we will be Seeing ryzen 7000 series powered Handhelds every watt matters when you're Being powered by a battery so this could Definitely come in handy if this GPU the 680m is pulling less wattage at the Higher clocks but for now I want to jump Into a few benchmarks that I ran on this Unit and I did try geekbench 6 but it Kept crashing on me I tried to reinstall So I just went with geekbench 5. we got A single core score of 1502 multi 9569 Remember we've got that 64 or 65 watt Boost here we could probably squeeze a Bit more out by upping that TDP but I Kind of wanted to leave this thing stock Next up we've got 3dmark night raid Coming in with the twenty four thousand Five hundred and ten fire strike six Thousand four hundred fifty eight and Finally time spy with the two thousand Six hundred and sixty nine not looking Bad but you know with some Ram Overclocking we could definitely score Higher with these GPU benchmarks because The highest score I've ever gotten out

Of a Radeon 680m igpu is around 3 100 With time spy that was with a ryzen 6900 HX and 6000 megahertz RAM and from the BIOS here it looks like we can do some Ram overclocking so I will have a video Coming down the road if you're Interested but yeah I mean with this 4 800 megahertz Ram not looking bad but These are synthetics and now it's time To check out some AAA gaming And first up we've got cyberpunk 2077 900p low settings I can average 71 FPS And at 1080 it does dip under unless you Take FSR to Performance but you could Lock this at 60 1080 low with FSR app Performance on this Apu or if you want To take some of those settings up you Could do a low medium mix at 720 and It's going to run it just fine Next up we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales 720p low settings we pulled off An average of 71 FPS and I will tell you I mean we're getting so close to being Able to run these AAA games at 1080p at Least low settings with some FSR on with These igpus locking this at 60 1080 even Low settings it's kind of out of the Question on the 680m right now is it Brought in from outside by huge faceless Corporations Here's Injustice 2 at 1080p high and I've always had really good luck with This game and even Mortal Kombat 11 on These apus even the Vega series apus can

Run this pretty decently at 900p but I Still like throwing at least one Fighting game into the mix And of course I had to test out my Favorite racing game right now we've got Forza Horizon 5 1080p medium settings no FSR no Fidelity cast on we can get an Average of 81 FPS out of this game Really amazing performance on these Apu's with this game it's been very well Optimized [Applause] Here's God of War at 720p original Settings I got an average of 62 FPS but I did have a few dips under 60. so it's Not quite there yet with FSR set to Ultra performance you can definitely get An average of around 70 FPS but it's Going to bring that Fidelity way down so I personally have it set up like this And I think it still looks pretty decent At 720p but it would have been nice to Be able to take this up to at least 900 On this system GTA 5 I completely understand that it's An older game but I still love playing It 1080p High settings we got an average Of 72 FPS on this little setup here at Normal settings it'll actually average Around 91 but I wanted to take those Settings up and in fact even on Something like a 5800h with Vega Graphics it's possible to lock this at 60 1080p normal settings

In the final one I wanted to test here Was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 where At 1080p recommended settings so it just Kind of configures everything for me and It actually takes FSR to balance And with it set up like this we got an Average of 91 FPS with a low of 59. if I Just went in with a little more tweaking We could definitely take that low above 60s so yeah it's really playable on this Mini PC and of course I also wanted to Test out some emulation so I went with a Few different systems that I personally Like using we've got Wii U using simu Bayonetta 2 1080p Vulcan back in running Flawlessly I mean this is one of those Emulators that just really works very Well on these New Horizon apus even Something like breath of the wild at 720p 60fps is possible but personally I'd play it at 1080 30. next up we've Got some Xbox 360 emulation using Zinnia Canary so this is kind of the bleeding Edge build works out really well on These igpus we've got Forza 2 running at Over 120 FPS so I actually got an Average of around 123 FPS with this game Here unfortunately we're still kind of Locked there at 30 with red dead and This emulator on these apus but even at 30 still a really playable experience And the final one here is PS3 using Rpcs3 upscale to 1080p Vulcan back in We've got Skate 3 running at 60. and as

You can see this is one of those Emulators with a game that really does Stress out these CPUs we're right there At 60 watts continuously to run this at 60 1080p One thing I always like to monitor with These mini PCS is total system power Consumption from the wall using a Kilowatt meter and while this does pull A little more wattage than the um 690 It's not by much at all and you got to Keep in mind that this is actually rated From 45 Watts up to 54 over on amd's Website for the 7000 series Apu so at Idle we got an average of 12 Watts Average gaming 71 watts and the maximum That I could get this to pull from the Wall was 93 watts and that's an extreme Test there we're not going to see this Much so far really liking the Performance I'm seeing out of the Menace Forum um773 this is awesome that we've Already got ryzen 7000 in these mini PCS And yeah I know we're going to see a Bunch more of these hit the market soon We'll probably see some handhelds down The road but I've got a lot more to test With this unit and I do want to mention That you know minutes form does not Condone overclocking Ram or adding Faster Ram this is set from the factory At 4 800 megahertz that's what they Intend you to use in it but in the past I've been able to do a little bit of

Overclocking with some fast ddr5 on Other systems so I think I'm gonna try It here and if I can get this up to Around 5600 or even 6 000 megahertz it'd Be worth making another video because it Would definitely open up performance on That 680m igbu another thing I love to Test on this is steamos 3 otherwise Known as Steam deck OS so if you're Interested in seeing any of those videos Make sure you hit that subscribe button And think about turning notifications on So you know when I post the next one and I'd also love to hear from you in the Comments below I mean what did you think About the performance we're getting out Of the first ryzen 7000 series PC Personally I think it's looking really Promising got a little bit more tweaking And tuning to do but I'd love to hear From you if you're interested in Learning a little more or maybe picking One of these up I'll leave some links to Minnes forum's website in the Description but that's it for this one And like always thanks for watching

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