The All New NexDock Wireless Turns Your Phone Into a Laptop! Works With Steam Deck

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So yeah the new nextdoc wireless turns Your phone into a desktop PC and this Time we don't have to be tethered by Wires and this unit also works with Several other devices so it doesn't just Need to be an Android phone [Music] What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Pack here again today we're going to be Taking a look at the brand new nextdoc Wireless now if you're familiar with the Next stock you know I'm a huge fan of These in fact over the last couple years I believe we've taken a look at every Release that they've put out except for One there was one that I wasn't able to Get my hands on but uh this is their Brand new offering to the market and as The name implies we've actually got a Wireless feature here this was shown off At the recent CES and they were kind Enough to send one over for review and I'm actually super excited about this And if you're not familiar with these Next stock devices I'll give you a Little explanation but uh first up as You can see this definitely looks like a Laptop I mean it looks like it'd be a Windows laptop but there's no Central Processing Unit inside of this thing Basically what these are meant to do is Turn your phone into a laptop we've got A keyboard trackpad touch display and a Built-in battery so inside this box

We're gonna get a charger to charge up The built-in battery of the next stock We've got USB type c to USB type c we've Also got a USB type c to full size USB And full size HDMI to Mini HDMI cable Even though this is touted as the Nextdoc wireless it also has wired Capabilities built in so when it comes Down to it as long as your device Supports video over USB type-c or over HDMI you can plug it directly into the Next stock Wireless the unit itself does Have an oversized track pad which Supports multi-gester support we've got A nice keyboard it actually feels really Good and it is backlit just like they're Newer models it's got a built-in 44 watt Hour battery and this does support Pass-through charging so when we're Plugged in through USB type-c with our Phone it's also going to charge it up And we've got full brightness and color Control through the built-in OSD we can Also control the brightness and volume Through keyboard shortcuts over here on The left hand side we've got our USB Type-c video in this is also going to Give us power out I've measured up to 15 Watts with a smartphone so it'll Definitely keep it charged and we've Also got mini HDMI both of these Sports Will support 1080p 60fps but over Wireless you're only going to get 1080p 30fps

Over here on the right hand side we've Got two more USB type-c ports one of These is only going to support OTG Passed through storage the other one's Going to charge up the internal battery We've got a 3.5 millimeter audio jack And we've also got a Micro SD card slot Over here which will work as OTG storage And of course we've also got our Dedicated power button now this does Come with protective plastic over that 13 inch IPS display we'll go ahead and Get that off and then I'll Power It Up For the First Time now this is really Made for something like Samsung Dex or Huawei also has their own desktop Operating system but there are a lot of Manufacturers jumping on this Motorola Has their ready for operating system Built into their high-end phones and Even red magic has jumped in and they're Offering external screen support with Their console mode and that's something We will take a look at but remember Since we've got a direct video in line With this we can basically plug anything Into the device itself but the main Claim to fame here is the wireless Connectivity so that's what we're going To be taking a look at super easy to set Up and once you boot this up it's going To give you a quick Expo a nation on how To get everything connected and of Course we're going to be using wireless

Display mode to kind of cast the screen Over to the next doc Wireless but the Keyboard and mouse are going to be Connected to your device using Bluetooth If you're not using a wired connection But one thing to keep in mind is when You're connected wirelessly to this it's Only going to work at 1080p 30fps we Swipe down over here with two fingers That'll bring up our OSD full color Control we can set the brightness we can Set the volume there's a few profiles That we can mess with I've kind of Adjusted it to my liking right now And for my first test I'm going to be Using a Samsung Galaxy S21 we've got Samsung decks built in here first thing I need to do is pair the keyboard and Trackpad we're going to do this using Bluetooth so we're going to go to our Bluetooth settings it's going to scan You're going to find the next stock Trackpad and keyboard We're going to connect these as two Different devices So we can actually start using this Right now on the device because it's Just a Bluetooth peripheral but now we Want to cast our display over to the Next doc Wireless And we can mirror the display if we want To but I'm going to go with Samsung Dex So from the settings on your Samsung S Device you're going to have a Samsung

Deck section it's going to ask us if we Want to go with a wireless connection We're going to scan it's going to find The next stock Wireless give it a few Seconds to kind of initialize and pair Up and there you have it we now have Samsung Dex running on the next Dock and We can use the phone as a phone while This is all running Okay so yeah I thought this was pretty Cool uh it's actually great for Presentations if you want to do some Email checking some document editing and Things like that but since we're using a Wireless connection there is a bit of Latency here and again we're only Running at 30 FPS so gaming in Wireless Mode isn't ideal but it does work out Great for even something like photo Editing you want to do some web browsing And things like that it's pretty cool Not to be tethered and when you're Working with something like Samsung Dex As you can see we've got basically an Android powered laptop now working from Our phone wirelessly and one thing I Probably should already mentioned is we Can actually use this just like the Nextdoc 360. we can set it up in kind of Tint mode if you want to it'll auto Rotate or you can even just kind of fold It flat and use it as a tablet checking Out a little bit of web browsing we'll Just head over to nextdocs website and

We've got multi-gester support on the Trackpad everything's working out really Well like I mentioned we've got that Backlit keyboard and you know latency Over Bluetooth isn't something you Really need to worry about when you're You're just typing out stuff or using The trackpad itself it really comes down To gaming at 30 FPS over this wireless Connection And that's where wired mode would really Come in here so when we're connected Either over HDMI or USB type c we're Going to get full 1080P 60fps and one Device I've been messing around with Quite a lot recently is the new red Magic 8 Pro this is powered by the Snapdragon Gen 2 so we've got plenty of CPU and GPU power when it comes to Gaming and emulation or even work and it Supports alt mode over USB type c so we Get video out of USB type c and there's A couple modes that we can use here once We plug it in we're going to be in Mirror mode you can see that it detected The keyboard and trackpad here and this Is all working over USB we didn't have To connect it over Bluetooth no latency But my favorite mode here is console Mode we're going to flip this little Switch and now you can see we've taken Advantage of the full display so this Gives us a nice little layout we can add Different applications mainly focused on

Gaming but uh this is really cool so if We start up let's say Minecraft we can Actually play with the built-in screen Or since we have the trackpad and Keyboard connected we can actually use Those to control our game now Minecraft Is one of those Android games that Actually does support a keyboard and Mouse really well but with the red magic Software we can actually map these to Basically any game even if they don't Natively support controllers But I'll tell you what recently one of My main use case scenarios for the Nextdoc devices is the steam DAC this Actually works out really great for Desktop mode on the steam deck but you Can also game on it we'll just go ahead And plug it into the USB type-c port on The steam DAC And keep in mind the next doc only has Passed through charge rate of 15 watts So we'll get that slow charge indicator We've got full touch screen support Along with the track padding keyboard And if you wanted to game on this you Could actually just use the built-in Controls on the steam deck or connect a Bluetooth controller but I wanted to Show you that we've got that extra USB Type-c port on the right hand side of The next dock so I'm just going to plug In an Xbox controller here this works as Kind of OTG so we can plug in different

Devices here and have them work directly With the steam DAC now again you could Just connect this to Bluetooth but I Wanted to show you that this is Functional and we'll go ahead and get Into a little bit of gameplay So we've got some Spider-Man Miles Morales running here and you know this Is a harder to run game on the steam Deck so we're only at 720p but it's a 60 Hertz panel and there are games that we Could run at 1080p on this like let's Say Half-Life 2 Left 4 Dead 2. they look Great on this display at 1080. So this is actually pretty awesome for Gaming if you're on the go and you Wanted a little bit of a bigger screen Then you could use this with the steam Deck or basically any PC but my main use Case scenario when the steam deck is Connected here is desktop mode So from the main menu we're just going To go down to the steam icon power Switch to desktop and I've got this set Up so both displays will be working I'm Going to be using the built-in steam Deck screen it's kind of a secondary Display but we've got our main display Here on the next Dock and you can Configure this any way you want to from The settings but it's actually great for Having that bigger display in desktop Mode you can get some work done you can Do some web browsing watch some videos

On a bigger display and this is really a Workhorse I mean it's got plenty of Power for like photo editing and things Like that and having this trackpad Keyboard extra battery and a 13.3 inch 1080p display built in works out very Very well We've got a quick video demo I like to Test I'm just at 1080p 60fps but the Steam deck does have enough power to Kind of play YouTube at 4K 60. but yeah I really do like the new next stock Wireless it's great to have that feature Built in I mean you will work with some Latency when you're connected wirelessly From a phone but we're connected over Wi-Fi this has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built In it's not mm wave technology where Zero latency or anything like that but Like we saw it does work great if you're Just doing some web browsing email Checking some document editing there and Wireless mode but then you know when It's time to get down to the Nitty-gritty and you need 60 1080p just Plug it right into the USB type-c port And you're good to go but that's going To wrap it up for this one really Appreciate you watching if you're Interested in learning more about Nextdoc and what they have to offer or If you're interested in picking one of These next stock Wireless units up I Will leave some links in the description

And you know if you've got any questions Let me know down below but like always Thanks for watching

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