The All-New M600 Is An Incredibly FAST & Tiny Ryzen 9 6900HX Mini Gaming PC! Hands-On

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the brand new M600 from morphine now this is a super Powerful Mini PC and this is their first Ryzen 6000 PC to the market we've Actually taken a look at a few different More fine mini PCS on the channel from Ryzen 5000 up to 12th gen Intel but We've got 6 000 here with those Radeon Rdma2 graphics built in and I suspect That we're going to get some really Great performance out of this PC I've Always loved more fines form factor fit And finish I think they do a really good Job we've got a plastic protector on the Top here I'll pull it off in a second The whole unit is constructed of metal And we've got a really nice selection of I o here including usb4 and that's Something I really love seeing in these Mini PCS that way we can connect an External GPU to this so along with the M600 Mini PC we're also going to get a 120 watt power supply we've got a Vasa Bracket some mounting hardware for a 2.5 Inch drive plus cabling because we can Fit another drive inside of here we've Also got a vertical stand now this will Sit horizontal or vertical personally I'd like to set it up vertically in the Stand itself just so we get a little More airflow because all of the air is

Actually pulled in from the bottom of The unit now when it comes to these Ryzen 6000 powered mini pcs one thing I Love to see these manufacturers add is Usb4 that way we kind of have a Thunderbolt interface here and we've got One right on the front we've also got Two full-size USB 3.2 ports not much Going on around the sides we've got a Lot of ventilation here but around back We've got our power input for that 120 Watt power supply three USB 2.0 ports One more USB 3.2 Port full size HDMI We've also got a full size display port And dual 2.5 gigabyte ethernet plus They've added a 3.5 millimeter audio Jack back here and like we saw it does Come with a vertical stand I think it Looks really good like this and it will Keep the unit cooler because we don't Have any kind of desk blocking off the Airflow all of the air is going to be Pulled in from the bottom of the unit it Does have some rubber feet on it to keep It up but we get clean airflow with it Set in the vertical stand and personally This is probably the way I'd run it most Of the time because we are working with A pretty powerful CPU here and keeping That wattage up will create more heat But you definitely want to put enough Power to this because it's actually Using the ryzen 9 6900a Jacks it's got Eight cores 16 threads and a clock up to

4.9 gigahertz we've got that built-in Radeon 680m igpu 12cus at 2400 megahertz And the HX variants and it's based on Our DNA too so we can expect some really Great performance out of this for Integrated Graphics this does utilize Sodium ddr5 up to 64 gigabytes at 4 800 Megahertz we can add two pcie 4.0 nvme Drives and one 2.5 inch SSD we've also Got Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.2 and this is Running Windows 11 out of the box now Keep in mind they do offer a Bare Bones Version which will come in cheaper but You'll still need to add your own Storage and RAM to that one Now the first thing I wanted to do is Just pull this thing apart real quick And give you a look at the internals Taking a look at the top side this is Where our first nvme SSD is going to be Located along with our ddr5 Ram this one Just happens to have 32 gigabytes Running at 4 800 megahertz and it is Running in dual channel it's a stacked Setup right here actually really simple To get in here there's just two screws On the back and we can pop the top right Off so we can swap out that m.2 and RAM Really easily moving around to the Bottom this comes off with four screws We've got another m.2 nvme slot remember This is pcie 4.0 so we can add some Pretty fast storage here now when it Comes to cooling the ryzen 9 6900hx this

Is handled by a full Copper heatsink With a larger blower style fan and the Great thing about having this larger fan In here is we don't have to spin it up So fast and make a lot of noise to move More air over that heatsink and with the Stock fan curve and stock TDP while Gaming this does jump up to around 50 Watts every once in a while it's Actually pretty quiet for what we have Here but if you go into the BIOS and Turn this to 100 you can definitely make It sound like a jet engine if you want To Jumping right into it I'm at the stock Configuration now there is some tweaking That we can do with this PC to get Better performance out of it but other Way it sits out of the box our TDP is Around 45 watts and we do have a boost Up to 55 and it does perform really well With this configuration for gaming and Everyday normal use but there is more That we can get out of the 6900a Jacks But with the first few tests we're going To be running here we're going to be at The stock configuration I want to show You what this thing can do just right Out of the box then I'm going to do a Bit of tweaking from the BIOS and show You what we can really get out of the M600 because uh yeah there's a lot more That we can unlock with this PC Jumping straight into a little bit of

Gaming with cyberpunk 2077 720p where at Low settings with FSR set to Performance It's actually much better than I thought It would be given the wattage we're at And if you take a look at afterburner We're right there at around 50 Watts but Uh yeah the 6900 ajx does like a little More and we can get it from the BIOS Basically what we've got going on here Is kind of a fight between the GPU and The CPU here for wattage at 50 Watts it Just can't supply enough to the CPU and The igp at the same time to keep those Clocks up Next on the list we've got Forza Horizon 5 1080p medium settings with no FSR no Fidelity casts on this is one of those Games that does perform really well on This chipset we can get an average of Around 74 FPS fully playable and one Thing I always recommend when it comes To these mini PCS powered by an APU is a Freesync monitor or turning vsync on the Monitor that I'm using right now is the New pixio Px248 Prime s this is a 165 Hertz 1080p Curved 24 inch monitor that does support Freesync premium and really if you're Just going to be gaming on an APU all You need is 1080p this is one that I can Recommend it's actually really nice [Music] Okay so like I mentioned we can easily Get a bit more performance out of this

PC all we need to do is head into the BIOS from the advanced section we're Going to find AMD CBS we're going to Enter this menu From here we're going to find SMU common Options and at the very top we've got Our system configuration Auto seems to Be set at 45 Watts with a boost up to 55 But we can easily change it to 54 Watts With a boost up to 65 and with this Setting here we can even keep the stock Fan curved now from the BIOS there's a Lot of tweaking that we can do to get More out of this but this is just kind Of an easy way to up the performance out Of the box go from 45 to 54 Watts now Before we get into some more gaming and Emulation I did want to take a look at a Couple benchmarks I ran here we have 3dmark night raid looking really solid Here at 28 733 and remember we're set at 54 Watts from the BIOS fire strike Managed a very respectable 6563 and finally 3dmark time spy with The 2770. now I've tested a few PCS with the Same chip and the highest score I've Been able to get here is 3100 it was a Little over 3 100 with time spot Ai and That was with much faster Ram going from 4 800 megahertz which we have here up to 5600 and with this PC we could add that Ram but if you buy one of these you're Only going to get that 4 800 megahertz

Ram so we're going to keep it like this At 54 watts and we're gonna see what Happens with some more gaming and Emulation Here we have GTA 5 1080p normal settings And if you keep an eye on afterburner You can see that our CPU package power Is now at 54 Watts this is continuous But we get a burst up to 65 and this Really does help out that way we can Send a little more wattage to the CPU And GPU and with GTA 5 and the settings I'm using right now we get an average of 90 FPS I know it's an older game but It's still really awesome to see it Running on integrated Graphics this well Here's God of War 720p original settings FSR set to Performance now I've had this Issue with a lot of these apus we can't Quite lock it at 60 at least the way the Whole PC is set up right now now if we Wanted to go down to ultra performance With FSR we could get a steady 60 out of It but in my opinion it just degrades The quality of the picture a little too Much Injustice 2 is one of those games that Does perform very well on these apus 1080p medium settings we've got a Constant 16. I've had really good luck With fighting games on this setup Street Fighter 5 1080p medium settings and even Mortal Kombat 11 at a low medium mix 1080p runs at full speed

Doom Eternal 1080p low with Dynamic Resolution scale turned on so I've Actually got this set at around 77 FPS For that Dynamic resolution scale and This is really how you want to run it on These apus even the older Vega apus did A decent job with that scale going and We're not dropping down too much I mean It still looks good and we're over 60 With it Spider-Man Miles Morales did really well We're at 720p low settings with FSR set To Performance we're right there over That 60 threshold and turning vsync on We'll lock it down pretty good I mean Every once in a while you might notice It dropped down to around 58 or 59 but Overall at 54 Watts this little PC is Actually handling this game really well And for the final PC game test here I Just ran the built-in Benchmark for Modern Warfare 2 we're at the Recommended settings so as soon as you Boot the game up it's going to ask you If you want to kind of Auto config That's where we're at right now it does Use FSR we're at 1080p we got an average Of 104 FPS in this game for being a Newer game actually works great on these Apus and if you don't mind running this At 60 we could turn some of those Graphic settings up for sure Now it's time to take a look at some Emulation and I'm going to tell you

Right now if you wanted to run switch on This PS2 PSP N64 it's going to run it at Full speed we can even go up to 1080p on Switch I just threw a couple that I Personally like to test in here like Wii U using simu 1080p Vulcan back in async Shaders Bayonetta 2 60fps The ryzen 9 6900 HX also offers some Amazing PS3 emulation performance here's Rpcs3 at 720p Vulcan back in we've got Skate 3 running here at 60. got a couple Dips every once in a while and you can See that our wattage really isn't that High right now and that's because I'm Actually at the stock configuration just 45 Watts [Music] And finally Xbox 360 using xenium we've Got Forza 2 here and this emulator is Actually awesome definitely check out The canary build uh there's a lot of Optimizations there and on these apus You can run a lot of this stuff at full Speed I've still got vsync on with this One but with it all it'll run this game At around 92 FPS So overall the more fine m600 is a great Performing ryzen 6000 powered mini PC But there's still a little more that we Can get out of this the main thing we Can upgrade here is the ram speed and it Really does unlock the performance out Of that 680m R DNA 2 igpu I recently did A couple tests with another PC and going

From 4 800 megahertz up to 5600 really Does make a huge difference in GPU Performance so if that's something You're interested in seeing let me know In the comments below and remember we've Also got usb4 up front so we could add An external GPU also just let me know What you want to see from this thing Next I don't mind making another video And I wanted to spend a couple more days With it just to get some more bios Tweaking out of the way because I know We can get a little more out of it even With the ram we have here by upping the TDP over 54 watts and I believe the Cooling system here can definitely Handle it so if that's something you're Interested in seeing you know adding Faster Ram upping the TDP and maybe even Sprinkling in a couple egpu tests let me Know in the comments below but that's Going to wrap it up for my first look Video go with the more fine m600 if You're interested in learning more or Maybe picking one up I will leave a Couple links in the description and I'd Also like to know your thoughts in the Comments below what did you think about The fit finish form factor and Performance of this new ryzen 9 6900 HX Powered mini PC I personally think it's Putting out some good performance like It is but we can get a little more out Of it if you have any questions let me

Know down below and like always thanks For watching

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