The All-New GKD Mini Plus Is A Modular Retro Emulation Hand-Held! First Look

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So yeah the CPU in this can handle quite A few of these PSP games running at full Speed and this screen actually looks Really great [Music] What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Pack here again today we're going to be Taking a quick look at the all new gkd Mini Plus now when it comes to the Original gkd Mini I've actually got a Green version and I've enjoyed using it These definitely have a bit of an odd Form factor when you compare them to Other handhelds on the market but I Think that's one of the big reasons I Like it it's just a bit different and With the plus version it's definitely Packing a lot more power than the Original and they actually offer a Pretty neat accessory for this so as the Title of the video says this is a Modular handheld because you can Actually opt to pick up their optional Analog stick add-on they're calling this The mini Dock and it actually connects To the handheld over USB type-c and this Really does come in handy if you want to Play those games from like N64 and other Consoles that required at least one Analog stick and another thing I'd like To mention is they are offering a gkd Plus that already has dual analog sticks Built in very similar form factor when This is all attached but uh with the

Dock itself we're just going to slide The gkd Mini Plus right down inside of Here it's going to plug right into that USB type-c port now we have dual analog Sticks and the speakers on the gkd Mini Plus are downward facing but once this Is in the dock it kind of directs that Sound right to you now of course it is a Bit gimmicky and uh some people Definitely aren't going to be into this On the bottom we've still got that USB Type c so we can charge the battery up Plus a 3.5 millimeter audio jack They are offering this in two different Color variants you can go with white or Pink I opted for the pink one because This is actually going to be going to my Daughter she thought it was kind of a Hello Kitty little design here and I Think it looks pretty good like this I Wouldn't mind playing this one myself But uh when it comes to the overall Layout I do like it same as the original Gkd Mini we've got a decent d-pad here Which works out great for fighting games And Platformers and around back we've Got our shoulder buttons and Trigger Buttons now these aren't linear they're Not analog so they're either on or off But that's how it is with a lot of these Arm-based retro handhelds right now We're not playing PC games on this and You know for the stuff we can emulate There wasn't a lot that really required

Analog triggers in the first place Up top here we've got our power button And dual micro SD card slot so we can Run our operating system from one of Them and store our games on the other Over here on the right hand side we've Got our volume rocker and this does have Dual stereo speakers built in they're Downward facing over here on the left Hand side we've got two extra mappable Buttons now we can map these in retro Arch or emulation station and these come In really handy for playing vertical Games now you're going to really want to Turn this thing sideways with vertical Games just to get the most screen space Out of it but we can go ahead and map These as let's say our fire and our bomb Button just to make it really easy to Get to them and finally down here on the Bottom USB type c and a 3.5 millimeter Audio jack Now when it comes to the specs of the Gkd Mini Plus for the CPU we've got the Rk3566 this is a quad-core arm CPU at 1.8 gigahertz we've seen this in a lot Of handhelds in 2022 and I'm sure you Know through 2023 we'll see a few more Release also the GPU is a Mali g52 mp2 It's got one gigabyte of ram we can use Dual micro SD card the display is a 3.5 Inch IPS at 640×480 a 3 000 milliamp Hour battery it does have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in but with this early

Operating system there's actually not Much we can do with it right now and Speaking of the operating system or Operating systems this runs emu elect And their own operating system called Lovely child which we'll definitely take A look at so let's go ahead and boot This thing up we've just got our power Button up top here We do have four LED battery indicators Up at the top of the screen I know it's A bit hard to see they're kind of Covered by that glass but they're there And visible to the naked eye and when We're booting this up we can actually Hold the a button and it'll boot us Right in the emulation station or emu Elect but we're going to take a look at Lovely child first I'm guessing this is Their proprietary operating system uh I Haven't seen it before so I'm not sure If it's just a gkd Mini Plus thing or if They're going to be adding it to more of Their handhelds down the road and with Lovely child there is a little bit of Customization that we can do we can Change the background and there's a few Themes built in so when you initially Boot this up it'll look something like This but as we saw we've got an extra Theme and I really like the theme that I Was using it's called Modern Museum and I think with a little work this could be A pretty decent emulation operating

System for their devices very easy to Navigate we've got our top menu and we Can navigate this with the trigger Buttons so we can just move right over To our emulators or our systems and take A look at what we've got and since this Is using the same CPU we've seen in Several handhelds in 2022 we kind of got A feel for what this thing can emulate Up to some PSP games does a pretty Decent job with Dreamcast but it's not Going to do every single game at full Speed N64 is a bit Hit or Miss depending On the emulator you're using but we can Scroll through here and see that I've Got some stuff set up we've got a Handheld section console section arcade Section you can add your own screenshots Or boxar and I'd say with some work this Could be pretty decent but uh it Definitely needs a little work so a lot Of people are gonna just want to use Emulation station We could swap over there very easily and A lot of you who use these handhelds are Very familiar with emulation station We've got a ton of themes that we can Choose from here I'm using the museum Theme that came pre-loaded I think it Looks pretty good and this RK 3566 Handles emulation station very well I Mean navigation is great if you wanted To do some videos for your games and Things like that you're not going to

Have any trouble with it but I want to Get into a little bit of testing and the First thing I want to do is give you a Look at how well this d-pad works And for this test I'll be using the best Street Fighter game that was ever Released Street Fighter the movie No okay so jokes aside I've got Marvel Superheroes versus Street Fighter here And like I mentioned in the beginning of The video the d-pad on this is actually Pretty good but it is a bit close to the Edge as you can see here now I've Actually gotten used to it from using The original gkd Mini but some people May just want to go ahead and strap this On you could use the analog sticks with Fighting games if you want to but we're Here to test out this d-pad and we'll go Ahead and pull off some special moves Got some great movement here it is using Conductive pads underneath it and it's Not bad I mean it's not the best one That I've tested personally I love the Amber Nick d-pads but this one's getting Really close I think they did a pretty Decent job with this So I personally wouldn't have any issues At all playing my favorite fighting Games with this built-in d-pad I think It's pretty good Moving over to some more testing and you Know with the arcade 3566 we've got more Than enough power for the lower end

Emulators game boy running here this is Using retroarch and I've swapped it over To that original P green color I think It turned out really nice like this you Could go black and white or colorize it If you want to Playing Game Boy advanced games on this Screen does look really good got some Curvy running here and again this is Using retro Arch we're still in Emulation stations starting these games Up so Game Boy Advance is good to go and That was actually one of my favorite Things to do on the original gkb Mini I Like the screen that they opted to use Here and I think it looks great for These GBA games Playstation 1 runs Amazingly on this little handheld we've Got bloody Roar too I've just muted the Sound in the game it will work it's just Copywritten music but yeah I mean I know PlayStation one can run on basically Anything so let's take it up a little Bit to Dreamcast Foreign So this is where the arcade 3566 starts To struggle a little bit I mean it's Really not that bad this is pretty Playable we get some slow downs every Once in a while and I am at the lowest Resolution with the Fly cast core and Retro Arch Next up we've got Crazy Taxi 2 and it's Not horribly bad but we're not at 60 FPS

And that's kind of where we're at with This chip here and a lot of different Handhelds on the market we definitely Need a little more power or just better Software development from the creators Of the hardware themselves Yes And the final one we have here is PSP I've got Tekken 5 running here at 1X Resolution and there are a bunch of PSP Games that are going to be fully Playable on this device but moving up to The harder to emulate stuff like the God Of War series Kill Zone and Midnight Club is kind of out of the question Without frame scale There was definitely a few more Emulators that I wanted to test out but Unfortunately with the software we have Right now on this I'm getting some Issues I was going to test out some more PSP games but uh with this setup we can Only access opengl even though this chip Does fully support Vulcan and when it Comes to Nintendo DS emulation they've Implemented drastic here which should Work really well on this chip but Unfortunately every game that I tested It would just crash out on me some of Them I could almost get in the gameplay But then it would just bring me right Back to the menu whether I was using Their lovely child software or emulation Stations so yeah I mean there's

Definitely a little work that needs to Be done on the software side of things With the gkd Mini Plus and hopefully we Do get a firmware update because like I Mentioned I am a big fan of the overall Form Factory here we're just kind of Being limited by the software right now So hopefully we see an update soon and If we get better performance and Everything that we tested I will do Another video but in the end I mean it's Really up to you if you like this form Factor and don't mind dealing with a few Bugs here and there may maybe wait for Somebody to create some custom firmware Then this might be a handheld for you if Not just remember I mean there are a lot Of other handhelds on the market right Now with the same chip but that's going To wrap it up for my first look video Like I mentioned if we do see a software Update soon I will make another video But you know if you're interested in Learning more about the gkd mini plus I Will leave a couple links in the Description and if you've got any Questions let me know in the comments Below but like always thanks for Watching

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