The All New Galaxy S23 Ultra Is The New Gaming & Emulation King!

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So far the Galaxy s23 Ultra has turned Out to be an absolute Powerhouse when it Comes to just everyday work gaming and Emulation [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today I'm super Excited because I've got my hands on the Brand new Galaxy s23 Ultra now when it Comes to these Galaxy S devices I'm a Huge fan this is my go-to Android device But I only upgrade every two years so Last year I didn't pick up the s22 I'm Still using the S21 plus and it served Me very well but when I saw the specs of The new s23 I knew I had to get my hands On it and I usually go with the low end Or even the plus model but this time I Figured I'd go with the ultra and yeah I Mean I think this is going to turn out To be a great device and this video is More of a performance review we're gonna Do an unboxing we're going to go over All of the features and specs we're Gonna run some benchmarks test out some Games and emulation but yeah with the New CPU they opted to use in here I Think we're going to be seeing some Amazing performance over on Samsung's Website you can opt for a few different Special colors I went with the lime Version but to my eye it definitely Looks a little more yellow kind of Giving off the glow-in-the-dark Vibe I

Know on camera it's probably coming off More yellow than it really is but I Don't see this being lime at all I Thought it'd be a little more vibrant But either way it's definitely different From other devices that I have right now It was kind of a toss up between this Lime or purple maybe I should have went With the purple but let's go ahead and Get this thing on now uh one thing that I'm really looking forward to is this Display I'm a huge fan of AMOLED Displays and with this we've got the new Dynamic AMOLED 2x it's got a refresh Rate up to 120 hertz it supports HDR 10 Plus and we've got up to 1200 nits of Brightness on this new Dynamic AMOLED 2x Display from Samsung Like a lot of Manufacturers even on Their high-end devices they don't Include a charger at least I got a USB Type-c cable but I've got a ton of these Laying around it would have been nice to Get a charger with this especially given The price that these new phones are Going for And just like the non-existent s22 note Uh basically they've kind of wrapped the Note up inside of the new Ultra so we do Get the S Pen and by no means am I an Artist as you can see I can hardly draw A stick figure but it does come in Really handy for taking notes we can Also kind of cut and paste different

Pictures just using the S Pen itself I Actually really enjoy using this on the S23 ultra Taking a look at the specs for the CPU We get the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SOC This is an absolute monster when it Comes to arm CPUs we've got three a510 Cores at two gigahertz two a710 cores at 2.8 gigahertz two a715 cores at 2.8 Gigahertz and we get that one big X3 Core running it up to 3.36 gigahertz I Mean this thing puts out some amazing Performance the unit we're taking a look At in this video has 12 gigabytes of RAM And 512 gigabytes of storage Unfortunately you know with all of these New Samsung devices at least the higher End ones we don't get micro SD card Support and these manufacturers do it so You have to buy the higher end version Of the phone and spend more money but When it comes to this screen it's Definitely one of the best that I've Seen in a mobile device we've got a 6.8 Inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x display 120 hertz It supports HDR 10 plus and we've got up To 1200 nits of brightness with a Resolution of 1440 by 3088 we've got a Few cameras around the back but the main Claim to fame here is the new 200 Megapixel F 1.7 rear camera and around Front we've got a 12 megapixel a 5 000 Milliamp hour battery with 45 watt quick Charging capabilities and it's running

Android 13 with one UI 5.1 but remember Since we're working with a new Galaxy S Device we also have Samsung Dex and this Will work wired or wirelessly so yes we Do have HDMI or display out of USB Type-c otherwise known as alt mode and I Will have a full Samsung Dex video Coming up with the Galaxy s23 Ultra Because I really do think that this Could be a desktop replacement And of course when it comes to the Overall user experience of one UI 5.1 This is really quick I mean we've got More than enough power to kind of push Through anything everything loads up Really really quickly and I just can't Get over how beautiful the 6.8 inch AMOLED display is I think they've done a Bang-up job and the last device I use That really impressed me with its Display quality was the pixel 7 Pro but I think this has a beat it's definitely Personal preference because I'm a huge Fan of ammo lad I just love those Saturated colors but yeah this does look Really really nice now before we move Over to Native Android gaming and Emulation I did want to take a look at Some benchmarks and the first one on the List here is 3dmark wildlife extreme on The s23 ultra we scored a 3786 over on the Galaxy s22 Ultra 1907. moving over to geekbench 5 on the S23 ultra single core

1506 multi 4608 and the final one here Is antutu coming in with a 1 million and 216 893 on the s23 ultra versus you know Right there at 850 000 on the s22 ultra So obviously when it comes to these Synthetic benchmarks it's putting down Some good performance but now it's time To take a look at some real world gaming And first on the list we've got Diablo Immortal this game runs great on a lot Of different devices and right now we're At very high 60 FPS unfortunately at the Time I'm making this video we can't go Up to the Epic settings it's just grayed Out right now but I'm sure it'll be Unlocked for this device later on down The road Here's Call of Duty mobile and with this We can go up to 90 FPS but unfortunately As you can see my camera just really Isn't picking it up right so I'm going To swap back over to 60 so we're at very High settings 60 FPS and again we've got A game that runs just fine on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and by the way the controller I'm using right now is the Razer qcv2 I'll leave a link for it in the Description the s23 ultra fits in here Perfectly really does fill this Controller out Orders So hard and of course we had to test out Again 60 FPS High settings unfortunately

On every single Android device that I've Tested you can never Max this out and Get a constant 60 with it and we have no Way to go up to 120 like they do on iOS Right now so high 60 or if you did want To go up to the ultra settings or the Very high settings you could take this Down to 30 and play it just fine and if You're familiar with this game you know The developers really favor iOS they Have a lot of different features that we Just don't have over here in Android and I know if they could you know pump out Some more optimizations for specific Chipsets it would help out but there's a Lot of chipsets to kind of optimize for Now it's time to move over to my Favorite part of these videos the Emulation testing segment here we have Some PSP using PPSSPP kind of starting Off light here but we are at 5x Resolution with Ghost of Sparta Vulcan Back in running just fine and we could Actually upscale this a bit more I could Go up to 7x and still get a constant 60 Out of it and when it comes to the Easier to emulate games even something Like Tekken 6 you can Max it out at 10x But it really doesn't make sense given Our screen's resolution either way as Long as the PSP game is compatible with The emulator it's going to run it at Full speed Moving over to some 3DS using the Citra

Emulator we're at 3x resolution and Unfortunately we still don't have a Vulcan back in so we're using opengl but These Snapdragon chips do a great job at Opengl so we're good to go at 3x with This emulator And by the way I'm using an Xbox One Controller connected over Bluetooth Right now I just figured I'd go ahead And set this thing up stationary because Uh the next phone we're testing here is PS2 using ethers X too Soul Calibur 3 2x Resolution and I will tell you that I Didn't get the kind of performance I was Expecting out of PS2 emulation right now And I think it comes down to the Emulator just not being updated anymore Don't get me wrong I mean even something Like God of War 2 at 2x runs really well But I was expecting to be able to go up To around 3x with this one but Unfortunately when there's lots of Particles on screen it does dip on down Easier to emulate PS2 games will be able To upscale much higher for instance Crash Bandicoot we can take that all the Way up to 5x resolution which is Definitely overkill for this display but It's still great to know that those Easier to emulate PS2 games can be Upscaled so high Now it's time to take a look at some GameCube emulation using the Dolphin Emulator we're at the native resolution

Right now opengl back in and a harder One to emulate on a harder track f-zero GX fire field running at 60. I'm using The official development build from the Dolphin website and when it comes to Running this on a Snapdragon chip with These newer updates opengl is where you Want to be for most of the games some Games will benefit from Vulcan but a Majority of the stuff that I tested so Far I've just had much better Performance with opengl even something Like Rogue Squadron 2 which is Definitely a harder one to emulate on Mobile I've actually tested this game on Another device powered by the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and this is Definitely some of the best GameCube and Wii emulation that I've ever seen on an Arm chip of course with Rogue Squadron 2 You'll see we get a few dips every once In a while especially when there's lots Of particles on screen but this is Miles Ahead of the other Snapdragon chips that Have been released so far And the final emulator we're taking a Look at in this video is the skyline Emulator for Nintendo switch if you're Familiar with this one you know it's a Bit early but it's come a long way in a Short period of time and I can't wait to See what happens in the future here we Have cuphead running at full speed and Another one I wanted to test which I

Know isn't fully compatible with the Emulator yet is Odyssey and we do have Missing textures and things like that But the overall performance here really Isn't that bad once this emulator gets Situated I'm sure we're gonna have a Great time on the Snapdragon 8 gen 2. Now if you wanted to you could always go With the egg NS emulator personally I Don't like using it but I'm sure it Would run really well on this chipset So far I've been having a great time With the Galaxy s23 Ultra when it comes To emulation and gaming we've got a lot Of power here and I know it's a bit Expensive but I also use this as a tool For work so you know I do get my money's Worth it's not just a phone that I Picked up specifically for gaming but There is some more stuff that I want to Test out on this so I have some more Videos on the way first one's going to Be Samsung Dax really interested in Seeing the new changes without one UI 5.1 I think we can go up to 4K with it Don't quote me on that but I'll have That video coming up real soon so keep An eye on the channel And remember if you're looking for a Lower cost device that puts out the same Kind of performance they do offer the Galaxy s23 and they have the s23 plus Both of those are going to come in at a Lower price tag but they've got the same

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and we should See the same kind of performance come Out of those but that's going to wrap it Up for this one I really appreciate you Watching if there's anything else you Want to see running on this device just Let me know in the comments below and I'd also like to know your thoughts on Performance here I mean is this thing Putting out enough are you gonna wait Are you planning on picking up a device With the same chipset let us know down Below and if you did want to learn a Little more about the s23 or the s23 Ultra links for those are in the Description and like always thanks for Watching

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