The abxylute Is A New Upcoming Gaming Hand-Held With A Lower Cost! But Will You Buy It?

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be talking about an upcoming handheld Known as the abxy loot I've heard a bit Of chatter about this device and this is Actually going to turn out to be their First handheld to the market but Recently they reached out to me and Hopefully I can get my hands on a Prototype very soon but in this one We're just going to be talking about the Specs and what we can expect from a Handheld device like this now they did Send some more information over and uh First and foremost they're shooting for A 199 dollar price tag we've got a 7 Inch 16×9 1080p display they're claiming Up to eight hours of battery life it Will be running Android and we have AC Wi-Fi here and kind of just like the Gcloud and the Never released Lenovo Legion play this is going to be touted More towards cloud gaming but obviously If it's running Android we can install Emulators on the device itself but I do Have quite a bit of information on this Device I kind of wanted to go over and Kind of just gauge everybody's thoughts On a device like this coming to the Market with a 199 dollar price tag I Personally do like like the look of this Thing I've seen a lot of renders and Some real world picks of a prototype

That they have only in Black right now But I think the white one really sets it Off with those purple accents loving the Way this thing's looking one tap instant Play skip the downloads because we're Talking about cloud gaming right now and You could do this anywhere on Wi-Fi and If you've got a 5G phone with a hotspot You could always connect there I have Been doing a little bit of testing with The Logitech gcloud over 5G and I've had A really good experience with it but I'm In a Zone with pretty decent 5G Connectivity so I really wasn't having An issue streaming anything at 720p 60fps over 5G on that gcloud It's got that 1080p display 8 plus hours Of battery life and since this is Running Android and we're talking about A cloud gaming device there's tons of Apps that are going to run really well On here like Xbox game pass cloud gaming Nvidia GeForce now I believe Shadow is Still on the market uh that's actually a Really cool application but it is quite Expensive basically with Shadow what You're doing is buying a virtual PC so You have storage and everything you can Run Windows and basically do anything You want through the cloud on a pretty Powerful system and we'll also be able To access steam link and moonlight so we Can stream directly from our own PC in The house

This will have full Google Play Integration right out of the box so we Don't have to worry about that and we've Got a little more information about that 1080p display so it's a 7-inch ltps at 1080 and this is basically the same kind Of display that they're using in the Logitech G Cloud which I'm a huge fan of I think it's an absolutely beautiful Display lots of brightness great color Saturation and having something like That on a lower cost device is Definitely a plus in my book it comes Equipped with a 5200 milliamp hour Battery we're getting eight plus hours Of gameplay out of it this is really Going to depend on you know your screen Brightness volume and everything like That I'd say with this 5200 milliamp Hour battery we could do seven hours Comfortably at around 80 brightness on The display it weighs 410 grams so we Have a pretty light system here for the Size of the unit itself and finally with This information that was provided to me We get kind of a good look at the Hardware specs here so for the CPU it's Got a mediatek 8365 we've got four Gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of Internal storage storage that 7 inch 1080p display at 60 hertz 10 points of Touch 802.11 AC Wi-Fi and it does Support 2t2r and memo Wi-Fi built-in Bluetooth dual stereo speakers dual mic

Support built-in gyroscope light sensor Vibration motor and it's a linear z-axis Motor we've got two of them there we can Charge this 5200 milliamp hour battery At 15 watts and we've got USB type c to Charge it up and sync it to our PC a 3.5 Millimeter headphone jack and a Micro SD Card slot for expanding that storage Another thing I wanted to mention is They do have their website up right now You can learn a little more over here or Join their Discord they've got a mailing List you can sign up for but I think if They can get this out of the door at 199 It would be a pretty decent little Streaming device now I know there's a Lot of people out there that don't want A streaming device but for some this Might come in more handy you know you Can just stream while you're on the go You're taking a trip or something like That you don't have to worry about any Kind of storage or anything like that You're just going to stream from your Favorite service and at a hundred Dollars less than the gcloud this is Something that I would probably choose Over it as long as we can get the same Kind of streaming performance and with AC Wi-Fi and basically the same display I think this will do a pretty decent job So yeah it looks like development Progress on the device is coming along Really well and as soon as I can get my

Hands on a unit I will be making a full Video we're going to test out a bunch of Stuff but I'd like to know your thoughts In the comments below obviously this Isn't going to compete with something Like the steam deck but it is going to Compete with the other cloud gaming Handhelds on the market right now and if They can keep the price under all of Those then this might be the one to go With if you're into cloud gaming on one Of these handhelds but that's gonna wrap It up for this video really appreciate You watching I thought this was really Interesting and kind of wanted to get a Quick video out of the way let me know Your thoughts in the comments below and If you want to head over to the website I'll leave some links down in the Description but that's it for this one Like always thanks for watching

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