The #1 Most Overpriced Tech in 2023!

Last Updated on January 25, 2023 by Detective Dev

So the most overpriced item in all of The tech world right now is The Intel Mac Pro so it's going to Hopefully be replaced pretty soon but as Of right now first of all Apple does a Thing where they never really lower the Prices of anything as it gets older so They're still selling it for the full Price that it launched at in 2019 which Starts at six grand and can be specked Up to over 52 000 but then number two It's being out benchmarked right now by A literal Mac Mini okay watch my review Apple silicons and wonders for the new Max and the 1300 M2 Mac Mini is Literally more powerful in CPU and GPU Than the base Mac Pro but on top of all Of that if you go to Google and type in Apple trade-in it takes you to their Trading calculator and if you put in the Serial number and specs with a perfect Condition maxed out Mac Pro that you Could have bought yesterday that they're Selling right now for 50 Grand they will Offer you a borderline insulting 970 Dollars that's less than an iPhone 14 Pro so this is pretty clearly at the top Of the list now the worst deal in Tech Hands down that's not even mentioning The 700 Wheels with no bricks

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