Tesla Self Driving vs Everyday Roads!

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All right so Do you remember when Elon Musk said that Teslas would soon be able to just drive Themselves across the entire country With no one in the driver's seat thanks To full self-driving I remember that too But that's not real yet but this demo That I'm going to start right now is as Close to that as I can possibly get I'm Gonna hit this button on the steering Wheel And I have the navigation set and this Car will now drive me to the studio I Will attempt to interrupt this as few Times as possible But as you'll see it has its strengths And weaknesses and there are probably Going to be times where I do have to Either put my foot on the brake or take Over steering or do something for the Car The number one reason I've had to do That so far is not safety but actually Just embarrassment like it just slammed On the brakes seeing that car backing up And now it has the blinker on for some Reason but it's way too early It needs to go all the way to the stop Sign Now it's going And then it used to handle a roundabout So pedestrians oncoming cars there's a Lot going on I have a feeling I'm gonna Have to interrupt on this roundabout

We'll see there's a lot happening but The bread and butter is definitely Highway driving so we'll see you get to That point and we'll see what it does so Now it's creeping forward and it has to Deal with New Jersey drivers which is Kind of a lot visibility cars moving in And out I am a little bit nervous it's she's Waving me on thanks but it's also Looking at that car so it might hit the Brakes but it doesn't Okay heads to the Roundabout Dives right in Hits the brakes for some reason Makes it through Okay hits hits this turn for some reason Oh that's the okay that's the navigation And we're off This is like There's a lot going on here and I'll Talk you through it through this whole Uncut video we have the camera facing me We have the camera facing forward but I'm gonna try not to Cut through them too much and I will not Cut anything out of this drive So right now the speed limit according To the signs that it's red is 35 miles An hour And it can default to up to 10 miles an Hour over the speed limit so now it's Comfortably going 45 totally fine There's lots of cops like this one that Don't seem to mind so that's cool

Uh but it's also coming up to a turn Here so it's gonna have to slow down put The blinker on and hit that left turn So it slows down puts the blinker on It's got some oncoming traffic and it Also has this car here over the line but We'll see what happens New Jersey drivers tend to not let you In but They're letting me in So it makes the turn don't hit anything Okay Oh man apply a light Force so every once In a while you're gonna see it light up The screen in front of me and it says to Apply a light Force to the steering Wheel because the idea is this is just a Little bit more than regular traffic Aware cruise control So it wants to make sure my hand is Still on the wheel so it wants a little Bit of firm pressure on the wheel every Once in a while This is a hard merge this is a highway Speed Route 17 entrance ramp And I'm not so sure how it's going to Handle this one let's let's give it a Chance here there's also a car really Close to the edge So autopilot's creeping forward and Checking for visibility And I have a feeling it's just going to Wait until they get a red light over There because it says on this screen

It's going to try to get into the second Lane And that's just not happening At The speeds I've seen this go So I'll just say that the most common Interference that I've had to do like I Said was by embarrassment There we go it's because it tries to be Very cautious so it just went out into The third lane there which is fine Because there was no one behind me but Now it's speeding up And it says upcoming Lane change to get Into the left lane because we'll need to Make a left-hand exit off of 17. tap to Cancel if you want but I'm totally cool With that it slowly speeds up 60 miles An hour max And it's comfortable There's the blinker It checked my shoulder It changed lanes I I definitely feel more comfortable With it on a highway than anything Um but also if I just Open up my camera here and point it at This Dash This is one of the reasons why they said There is a yoke in these cars is because The top half of the steering wheel would Have blocked this otherwise really Impressive view of all of the things That the car sees and displays so it

Displays the road the signs the other Vehicles around you pedestrians I'll Fire the camera up again when there's a Lot more impressive stuff to show but as Of right now we're taking an entrance Ramp to a new highway and then we'll Have to do an exit and another entrance Which is interesting light forces Steering wheel Uh what else oh there's a camera up here In the middle of the car and what I've Noticed because I've had this beta for Maybe two weeks now is if you look away From the road for too long that camera Will notice and it'll start beeping at You and tell you hey look at the road or I'm going to pull over and stop doing The self-driving So that's good to know there's some Construction signs up here I think it Sees them let's see it let's see it Merge there's a truck behind me I might Have to take over it I'm gonna take over So that's a pretty good instance of an Unusual set of things on the road I'll Re-engage here Uh that it just didn't seem to pick up Where if you were driving it would Arrive at those unusual things and I'm Sure if I wasn't as embarrassed I could Have just let it figure that out for a Few more seconds But I'd rather not do that I'd rather Just let it do its thing

On roads it's comfortable with But as you can see it sees those cones Over there And it is going to try to take this exit And I don't think it's going to get this Okay let's let's see what happens it Says upcoming land change with some Cones I would be really impressed and that Construction detected navigation on Autopilot limited says that on the Screen and yeah I'm gonna have to take Over it did not know that it had to take That exit there Uh that's fine But what I do know is The actual highway driving part Is typically it's Forte So this is what I'm calling the full Self-driving beta But what I've Used in the past is just a much more Limited version of what Tesla calls Autopilot most people don't understand That that's literally just basically Traffic where cruise control Um And I mostly only use that on highways When it's like stop and go traffic and It's annoying to drive So let me turn it back on Auto steer temporarily unavailable Interesting how about trying it again Okay that time it did get mad at me

Weird So here comes the merge there's a car Behind me he let me in cool And now there's a toll booth coming up Which I think it can also handle because It's basically just staying in its Lane But we'll see about that I mean I have Easy Pass so it should follow the car in Front of me cool Apply light Force got it I'm sorry I'm Sorry toll booth detected So it knew it was a toll booth But it did that right And here's another look at all the Things it sees in front of me lots of Cones The stripes on the other side of the Road New Jersey drivers just doing Insane things that's fine And now it sees that the speed limit is 35 miles an hour but I think when it Gets on this highway it's going to know To bump up to Highway speed So it takes this turn Kind of slows down a little bit But now we're on the highway and it's Bumped up to 65 miles an hour and it Ramps up to the appropriate speed this Is stressful This is not uh what you would hope which Is like taking the stress out of driving And just being a passenger and looking Around and having a good time this is a

Lot more making sure the car doesn't do Weird things Um okay there are three settings here if I go into this uh settings for autopilot On the car you scroll down full Self-driving beta has either average Chill Or assertive for the driving profile Now it's sitting here in the right lane Behind the CRV I'm going 58 into 65. It's pretty chill But I do have it in assertive mode and It says that changes your follow Distance and more frequent speed lane Changes and will not exit passing Lanes So Theoretically on the next four and a Half miles of Highway if it sees a gap It will move over into a faster passing Lane to pass this CRV I also still have a little bit of Control here Because right now it sees 65 mile an Hour as its Max and that's actually Totally in the flow of traffic right now But I'm going to bump that up To the 10 over that it's comfortable With To 75. So if it finds the gap As I sit behind this truck here in a not Great spot If it finds the Gap it will overtake It'll change lanes and it will stand a

Passing Lane because it's in assertive Mode Maybe I've been like hovering over the brake Pedal this entire time Okay This is much more reasonable Uh parts of the drive what I also Noticed is You know you're putting your destination To enable this full self-driving thing Uh but it often doesn't know exactly When to end the navigation it might Arrive at like a parking lot Or a pullover on the side of the road Where it thinks the GPS location is Where your drive is supposed to end But it doesn't know to get into a Parking space I mean we'll get to the Studio and we'll just see what it does Um but I have a feeling we're not going To end up in the parking spot I usually Park in we'll find out when we get there Though See a little bit traffic up ahead Another Tesla I wonder if they're Self-driving Probably not Uh but so far it has not found any Reason to change lanes yet or pass this CRV even though it's set to 75. it's Been comfortable sitting at 65 totally Reasonable So yeah this is this is what it's like

Getting driven around by the car I mentioned elon's promise at the Beginning Elon's promise was kind of along the Lines of uh These cars eventually becoming Robo Taxis which is obviously a very far out Promise and a a very optimistic looking Future But theoretically you spend most of the Time not in your car you'd commute in The morning you drive home in the Afternoon and the rest of the time the Car just sits around and does nothing For you so what if your car would drive Like a lift for you or drive like an Uber for you while you're not using it If self-driving was good enough that Could actually work Uh yeah I don't think it's that good yet I would not feel comfortable sitting in The back seat of this car without the Ability to intervene as this very moment Uh there are some cars passing me a Little bit weird in the lane here kind Of ping-ponging back and forth between The lane changes and now it's finally Deciding to Lane change confirm Lane Change into faster so use the signal to Do that So I hit the signal to confirm that I Wanted to move into the faster Lane Now I'm in the faster Lane and it's Going to finally pass that CRV in the

Middle cool Honestly I'm totally fine with it on a Highway I feel much more comfortable With what it does in these very obvious Roads that don't have construction that Are well lined I will also note though that Tesla has Moved their systems entirely to Vision Based meaning they just use the cameras No radar No lidar And we're doing this in a pretty Comfortable set of driving conditions Visually the sun might be in my eyes or Whatever but like this is well lit There's not a whole lot of crazy things Going on but what if it was snowing Or what if it was just white out fog or There was a lot of rain and it was hard To see the lines on the road I kind of wonder if full self-driving Takes a meaningful hit in functionality If it just works worse there Uh either way It's signaling an upcoming Lane change Now to go back to the right lane because My exit is in one mile Now a human driver would confidently Just slow down and pop in there right There it's deciding not to do that it's Going to keep following this truck and It has 0.9 miles to get over it to the Right lane so it's passing this truck And this is one of those things where

Like The advantage of an electric car is the Instant torque and the ability to just Position yourself on the road anytime You want I would have made this Lane change a Long time ago but it's saying now Confirm Lane change to follow root and Use the turn signal to confirm So I'll hit the signal but now it's got To really figure out when to get over I'm going to show you actually what it's Showing me on the screen which is it's Kind of picking a spot right now wow That is assertive That was an assertive move right there Okay That qualifies as assertive it picked a Spot on the road It put the blinker on and it did a Little Jersey slide That was the best thing I've done so far All right one last highway exit and a Toll here Now I think the speed limit is about to Change but we'll see it's got to put the Blinker on here There you go exit Stay on the lane thank you And we're about to hit some heavy Braking I'm not going to interrupt Okay good very nice The car sees a lot like it's very clear

It can see three four five cars ahead of Me and it can see the brake lights on All of the cars around me so it knows When cars are breaking before a human Would even recognize it it Instantaneously Instantaneously sees that which is super Cool Uh so it can theoretically respond to Things faster than I could but here Comes the exit ramp Nothing too insane here apply a light Force to the steering wheel yeah I'm Still here I'm paying attention don't Worry It's a big wide Lane this is a little Sloppy But it works It works and I think that's kind of the Motto of full self-driving beta right Now It's kind of sloppy But it works Dot dot Okay coming around this last turn We've got a little over a mile to go to The studio It's behind this van it sees the van and It's about to hit one of the hardest Merges In uh In the entire state of New Jersey which Is like Two to five and then five to two

Now it's gone this is not going to work If it doesn't see that it's yet there's A cone here it's not con yeah I'm taking Over So that was bad there's a cone over There I took over and I also need to be Back over to the right which this car Did not position itself well for so I'm Going to go back into the correct Lane Here And get around these potholes And re-engage So two disengagements so far One for traffic cones on a highway that It had a really hard time recognizing to The point where the trucks behind me Were slamming on their brakes and Beeping at me And two was for a cone a single cone Blocking one lane of a multi-lane merge With a toll booth Admittedly not typical driving but as I Hopefully merge here I'm gonna again hit The gas pedal I didn't disengage I just Hit the gas pedal the accelerator pedal To give it a little oomph uh to make Sure it got into that merge because it Was about to hit the brakes and I was About to get beeped at by another truck This is the home stretch here And I don't think there's any more crate Actually there are a little more Interesting pieces of the drive left to Go and then we'll see how it decides to

Park But Yeah so far I feel like I'm kind of in The same place as where I started before I got the beta which is I'd watch some YouTube videos And it looked like it would be Comfortable on a highway and not much Else It looked like it kind of just Wanted to Swerve to avoid that trash bag Which is interesting And I've even noticed it do some kind of Human things which will be like if You're on a road with a shoulder you Need to get over you need to get over oh You're going to the next one cool I'll I'll be driving on a road with a Shoulder and a biker on the shoulder And it'll move over a little bit in the Lane to give the biker more room I think That's cool Do not hit the brakes here there's a Truck behind me Thank you Cool Uh so it does some interesting human Things and I believe that those are Programmed in and I'm glad that they Work But it does some also like Embarrassing Old lady things it maybe it's just Embarrassing because it happens to be a

Car that's capable of like great driving Um Okay one last turn here blinker thank You I was just dealing with these trucks now This actually could get dicey Yep truck is right on my bumper it can Go around here But it's waiting that's fine I'll see what it does at the stop sign But I'm gonna guess one more Disengagement that's my prediction Man My heart rate is definitely higher During this drive than the average Normal drive to the studio It's a lot It's a lot Breathing I don't know let me know what you guys Think in the comments about Whether or not you trust a system like This I mean I think it's pretty clear You wouldn't want to be in the back seat But even if you have a car with this Full self-driving beta which I will say It is a beta and it is not widely Available and it's Here we go here's the last bit why are You so far behind the truck human driver Would have moved up by now Truck has to do weird things so let's Let the truck do weird things Yep truck has to go now you go

Now you go Now you go truck is still being slow so I am still being cautious Yep go ahead autopilot's creeping Forward checking visibility go ahead I won't disengage I'm not embarrassed I'm just driving like an old lady It's fine I think I just see the the grill of the truck Like four inches from my back bumper Like are you gonna go or not That's that's the experience the Autopilot beta experience but yeah it's Beta so you know would you trust this Type of thing if you have the ability to Take over or would you just drive like a Normal driver I mean I live in this is New Jersey people don't have that type Of patience Uh this truck's going kind of slow Because I think it's about to turn And so I almost guarantee someone's going to Beep because the truck is just stopping In the middle of the road But I guess everyone can see that it's a Truck and we're just kind of okay with That What is the truck doing if this truck Backs up I am absolutely screwed please Don't back up Please don't back up Please don't back up there's the beep I

Promised And he's stopped in the middle of the Road he's got his hazards on And I don't think that this car knows What to do I believe I will have to do my predicted Third disengage after this truck flies By me Yeah he's just got his hazards on all Right I'll just go around him Not sure what happened there Good luck to you with whatever you're Doing all right Let's see how it decides to end the Drive so I'll re-engage And we can see We can see that there's one more stop Sign and then it sort of turns into a Parking lot and then it dropped a pin at The GPS coordinates of the end of the Drive Um so maybe it does decide to pull into The parking lot and then I can handle Parking myself but I'm just kind of Curious what it's going to end up doing Anyway Creeping forward Driving forward I've been shadowing the pedals this Entire time And now what I was going to pull into This parking lot well this is good Oh Chill

Chill Okay I think it's decided that it's arrived I'll give a credit this is the front Door That's that's enough autopilot for one Day for me I'm just gonna pull over and take in Look at I just want to open the camera One more time just to show you guys look At how much This car can see I'm in a parking lot right now with a Pedestrian with dozens of other cars and It sees every single one of them It sees that stop sign right there It sees everything there's a lot going On with these cameras and with the the AI processing all the data very quickly On the computers inside the car But I'm going to end it there let me Know in the comments what you think Self-driving or not you trust this thing Catch you guys later Peace

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