Tesla Cybertruck finally begins production! #shorts

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Detective Dev

Where the hell is my cyber truck I've Been waiting for this damn thing for Years you guys I don't even remember the Day I placed the order actually I lied I Was able to pull it up November 22nd of 2019 it's been over three freaking years Since I put a deposit for the Cyber Truck well to my surprise only a few Days ago someone spotted what looks to Be a beta prototype of the Cyber truck Driving around Palo Alto in California I've heard people spot them in the wild Before but this is the first time Someone actually took pictures and video Of it Tesla should be starting its Production this year so it makes sense That we'll start seeing more of them Being test driven I honestly can't wait For this guys I've been waiting many Many years as most of you know so I'll Be definitely doing a video on it but There's still a lot of time left so let Me know in the comment section what Types of videos you guys want to see on The Cyber truck

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