Stop Reading Megapixel Counts!

Last Updated on January 6, 2023 by Detective Dev

All right I hereby submit this as Definitive proof that megapixel counts In smartphone cameras does not matter so We did a super scientific test of the Best 16 smartphone cameras that came out In the last calendar year and it was a Side by side blind voting test you can See for yourself still at so 20 plus million votes Later the overall winner spoiler alert Was the 12 megapixel pixel 6A of course Dispelling quickly that you have to have The most expensive one to win but also Take a look at this this is a chart for Votes per megapixel and what you'll Notice is not only do the 12 megapixel Cameras all bubble to the top but There's a lot of roughly 50 megapixels In the middle and the worst performing Phone here was the 200 megapixel Moto Edge 30 Ultra so I mean really it's just Math clearly doubling your megapixel Count does not get anywhere near Doubling the quality of your photo so Honestly at this point my spicy hot take Is you should just ignore the megapixel Count in smartphone cameras entirely Unless it's something weird like two Megapixels or something

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