Steam Tips and Tricks – Part 1 #shorts

Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are a few steam tips and tricks That you probably didn't know about you Can actually bulk install and uninstall Games let's say you just built your Brand new pc and you don't have a Separate drive with all your favorite Games on them well you'll have to go Through every single one separately and Click install over and over again or you Could just hold down control and click And highlight all the games you want to Download then you can right click and Press install selected the same works For bulk uninstalling games you just Highlight them hover on the manage then Click on install selected you can also Use this exact same tip to create Collections quicker instead of creating A collection and adding games one by one Just highlight all the ones that you Want to add then right click and add Selected two then new collection and Then you can name it whatever you like Tip number three if you're not happy With your download speeds try changing The server region and as a bonus limit Your download speed to a certain amount That way you don't occupy the whole Bandwidth and let your little cousin Clap cheeks in Roblox

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