Steam Deck OS On An SBC? Yeah We Did It And This X86 Board Is Pretty Fast!

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Foreign okay yeah this is actually Looking really good very surprised by What this little x86 single board Computer can do with Steam OS What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again there's no doubt that There's a lot of people out there that Love the steam deck including myself This is actually my favorite handheld Gaming PC and it's definitely changed The game but you know besides the Hardware one of my favorite things about The deck is the operating system and in This video we're going to be installing Steamos 3 on a single board computer so This is known as the you do bowl or Udo Really depends on how you want to Pronounce it but I've actually had this In my possession for a little while I Did a couple videos on it when it was Initially released and this is actually Powered by a ryzen chip we've got four Cores eight threads with built-in Radeon 8 graphics and you know I actually Forgot about this until I was recently Going through a few things and I kind of Pulled it out and got the idea to go Ahead and install Steam DAC OS on this Board so at the time this was released It was the most powerful x86 singleboard Computer on the market and they did sell A case for it that kind of turned it Into a Mini PC and it's using an Embedded ryzen APU with a boost clock up

To 3.6 gigahertz on paper I mean the CPU Side of things with this little chip Here is kind of on par with the steam Deck CPU but the built-in igpu does Leave a little more to be desired I mean When you compare it to the new rdna 2i Gpus but either way we can install Steam Deck OS on this and I really was Interested to see how this little thing Performs on the channel we've run the Operating system on a bunch of different Mini PCS and desktop computers but we've Never tested it on a single board Computer until today and by the way this Is the you do bolt V8 they also made a V3 with a lower end Apu but this is the Most powerful one they released and with This we will have to add RAM it supports Ddr4 so we've got some so dim Ram here And I'm just going to install 16 Gigabytes now this is actually 3 200 Megahertz RAM and from the BIOS we can Actually take it up to that clock speed Which is going to help out with those Built-in Graphics when it comes to Storage this does have 32 gigabytes of Emmc storage soldered to the board we Could run the operating system directly From that but as you know with these Games we're going to need more storage So I opted to use a one terabyte m.2 SSD And luckily we've actually got three m.2 Slots on the bottom of this board plus There's a SATA connector on the side so

I could have went with a 2.5 inch drive Or even a 3.5 inch drive but I had this Ready to go and I figured we'd go ahead And install it on the you do bulb now When it comes to the operating system Obviously we want to run the same thing That the steam deck has on it and Unfortunately valve hasn't released Steamos 3 to the public yet at least Something that we could install on Different Hardware but luckily there's a Project right now over on GitHub known As Hollow ISO and what they've done is Actually taken the steam deck recovery Image reworked it so we can install it On all kinds of Hardware right now they Are having trouble with Nvidia and Intel Gpus due to the new updates to steam but Luckily we don't have to worry about That with this because we've got Built-in Radeon graphics and that's Exactly what we're going to be running With with I could install an m.2 Wi-Fi And Bluetooth module here but I'm just Going to go with these two dongles I've Got a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter and a Wi-Fi 5 adapter we've got two full-size USB Ports on the front I can plug these Directly into and you might notice I've Got a steam controller we could always Connect this over Bluetooth if we wanted To or use the included dongle that came With the controller but I'm not a huge Fan of it due to the track pad so I'm

Just going to be using an Xbox Controller connected over Bluetooth There's one last thing that I wanted to Do here we could just set this on the Desk like it is but I kind of wanted to Stand it up and like I mentioned they Did make a case for it it's actually a Really nice aluminum case but it really Does turn it into a Mini PC so what I've Got here are just some plastic standoffs These come in really handy for a lot of Different projects and I'm just going to Put a couple of these right in the Mounting holes that way we could Actually stand this vertically right on The desk so it is a bit front heavy I Wanted the longer ones sticking out of The front but with something like this That does work pretty well Now we're almost ready to get started Here but I did want to give you a quick Rundown on the specs for the CPU or the Apu we've got the AMD ryzen embedded V1605b 4 cores eight threads base clock Of 2 gigahertz and a boost up to 3.6 now From the BIOS we can adjust the TDP and I've gone to 35 Watts which is really Max in this little embedded chip out That fan is going to be basically at 100 The whole time but I wanted to get the Max performance out of this thing this Does have built-in Radeon Vega 8 Graphics at 1200 megahertz and I've Added 16 gigabytes of ddr4 at 3200

Megahertz All right so we'll go ahead and boot This up there's a little power button Right on the front here and uh that fan Should kick right on I've got it set up So it just kind of runs all the time It's not super loud I actually wish it Put out a little more air to keep it Cooler because at 35 Watts this thing Can reach you know up to 85 and even 90 Degrees sometimes with an open Air Configuration but I am really pushing This thing to the limit at 35 Watts All right so here we are steam os3 Running on the you do bold I've actually Gone through here and installed a bunch Of different games that I wanted to test Out and we do have the overlay that we Have on the steam deck the only thing we Can't change here is the TDP directly From this menu but we can from the BIOS And we are set at 35 Watts here just to Get as much as possible out of this Little board we also have access to System-wide FSR and we'll probably need It with these Vega Graphics I mean this Isn't a super powerful board the CPU Itself at 35 watts does a pretty decent Job but uh you know gpu-wise we're still Working with Vega here if we take a look At the information here we've got that Embedded ryzen CPU four cores eight Threads 16 gigs of RAM and those Vega 8 Graphics now these only go up to 1200

Megahertz kind of wish we could Overclock them but you know even from The BIOS there's nothing we can do about It so what we're going to do here is Just start off light we're going to go With some easier run stuff and then work Our way up And first on the list we've got cup pad Super easy one to run this even works on Very low end Intel chips I didn't have Any doubt that it wasn't going to run it At full speed and as you can see here We're at 60 FPS so really when it comes To these lighter 2D and indie games like Let's say dead cells or Shredder's Revenge we're not going to have an issue Running it on this little board with Steam OS 3. so let's take it up just a Bit Left 4 Dead 2 so I did run into one Little issue here and I've actually had This happen a couple different times While running Hollow ISO I can't get V-sync to unlock with this game no Matter what I do from the settings in The game or the steam overlight we're Just right there at 60 but it's doing a Great job and we're at 1080p maxed out Here with this game and the other source Game should run just as well portal Portal 2 Half-Life 2 all of those are Gonna run fine on the you do bolt V8 Foreign Fighting game in the mix so here's

Marvel vs Capcom infinite and initially My First Choice was Injustice 2 but it Kept crashing on me once you start the Game up and in the past using proton we Had that same issue and it has been Resolved but unfortunately I think it's Come back here with the latest updates To either proton or you know Steam OS Itself but I was able to get Marvel vs Capcom infinite up and running 720p with A low medium mix running pretty good now Initially once you start the game up you Will get a few stutters and I believe That's kind of proton caching the Shaders but once that's resolved the Game runs great All right so moving over to The Witcher 3. 720p low settings with FSR set to Performance we're right there in the mid 40s I actually wasn't expecting to get This kind of performance out of it but Of course we're not at 60. and even with FSR set to ultra performance we just Can't hit it so I'd say our best bet With a little board like this would be Lock this at 30 FPS but then we can Actually take it up to medium with no FSR and get a really nice steady 30 out Of it So here it is we're still at 720p but We're at medium settings no FSR locked At 30. now every once in a while I did See it dip down to 29 and of course you Know 45 FPS would be nice on this and we

Can hit that with FSR set to Performance But I do think that this looks a lot Better at those medium settings Yeah Next up project cars 2 one of my Favorite games for the rallycross and This was really impressive now we're at 720p with a low medium mix but we're in The mid 80s with this game here I know It's an older one but again we're Working with a lower end chip this is Kind of what we need to deal with right Now not bad still a super fun game to Play and I could actually play this all Day long on this little board and I Wouldn't mind locking it down at 60 but We do average 83 FPS low medium settings At 720p on this little setup Another one I wanted to test was Elden Ring and going into this I actually Didn't think it was going to be able to Even get out of its own way but we're at 800 by 600 so we've got a low resolution Here we are using system-wide FSR and we Can average 42 FPS might not sound like A lot to somebody with a higher end Gaming PC or laptop but on a singleboard Computer this isn't bad at all In the final game I wanted to test for This video was cyberpunk 2077 low Settings FSR set to perform at 720p we Averaged 34 FPS of course we're not Going to be able to hit 60 even with Ultra performance FSR and the lowest

Resolution on this little board but it Would be totally possible to go ahead And lock this down at 30 FPS we could Take a few of the settings up to medium And you could actually have a pretty Decent time with cyberpunk 2077 on the Singleboard computer So overall I think this little board did Pretty well with steam os3 now there Were a few games that I you know I had Some crashing going on there was nothing I could really do about it right now I Could have tried to reinstall the Operating system and re-download the Games but I already had so much stuff Downloaded I figured I'd just go ahead And Skip those and the main ones were Injustice 2 and both of the new Spider-Man games unfortunately Miles Morales and Spider-Man remastered just Crashed on me as soon as I got to the Main menu I tried verifying the file System using a different version of Proton but you know I'm gonna chalk it Up to drivers right now and steamos 3 at Least at the time of making this video Was never meant to be run on a board Like this but it's totally possible as You see but that's gonna wrap it up for This video really appreciate you Watching I thought it would be a pretty Interesting video to install this on an SPC and yeah I mean performance isn't as Bad as I thought it was going to be if

You have any questions let me know in The comments below and like always Thanks for watching

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