Setup Wars Episode 321 – Minimalist Edition

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We're going to be checking out some Super clean and minimal setups on Today's episode so sit back and relax And let the setup Wars begin [Music] Wouldn't it be cool to always have Access to anything you need 24 7 Wherever you are well with today's Sponsor pulls away you can do that Pulseway is an IT monitoring and Management platform built with a mobile First design you can monitor systems in Real time automate repetitive it tasks And Patch systems remotely from your Android or iOS device experience the Full power of pulse Way by starting a no Commitment free trial by using my link Down below Kicking off the episode is Connor and His very clean and minimal Ultra wide Gaming setup what you're looking at is Actually a 3D render of his setup his Actual setup looks pretty damn identical With the exception of the acoustic Panels that were swapped out with a Custom laser-cut Mountain design on the Wall everything else in the setup is Spot on and I absolutely loving The Vibes it's crazy to think that this Setup belongs to a 16 year old you Usually see a bunch of RGB and anime Posters but this one has a very mature Atmosphere we got a massive 96 inch Carly countertop with two Alex units for

Storage and support I just love how he Stayed very consistent with the warm Tones and Industrial theme with the Steampunk lamps for peripherals he's Rocking a Razer Huntsman tkl with an Iron claw Mouse and for audio he's got a Setup audio engine A2 Plus speakers Tilted beautifully towards him and a Dedicated mic for input it definitely Looks like Connor knows what he's doing Here cable is beautifully managed on Generate a desk with some raceways Leading up into the back of his custom PC that's equipped with a ryzen 7 2700 And an RTX 2070 super such a clean setup It's aesthetically pleasing straight to The point I love it nicely done Connor [Music] This next setup has quite the Transformation and change of scenery Compared to his last one back in July of 2020. I'm pretty sure most of us Remember this setup because of that Amazing view sandwiched by two ceiling High glass walls definitely a massive Change in scenario no doubt but the Setup itself got a nice makeover since Last time the big change being that he Finally built his first gaming PC with The help of the channel and it's got a Freaking monitor modded into it along With a few other mods which you will get Into later but first the desk setup he's Walking dual monitors with a 4K 28 inch

As the main and a 24 inch and vertical For multitasking and browsing both are Hooked up to a Sit and Stand desk from Uno notice he's using a sound bar Instead of two pairs of speakers this Way he's able to just keep it underneath The main Monitor and not have an awkward Speaker placement or awkward gap between The monitors due to the vertical display This is actually the most aesthetically Pleasing approach if you want to use Speakers with a t monitor layout he kept The surface very clean and minimal with Just a wireless keyboard and mouse while Everything else is attached underneath The desk we got the audio deck for his Headset and even the PS5 is under here I Like that even though he had the space To keep them on the desk he still Decided to mount them underneath to just Further contribute to the minimal theme He was going for cable management is Very impressive despite being a Sit and Stand desk he did an excellent job here He used what's called a vertebrae cable Kit to wrap the cables coming out of the Sub that way they extend and retract With the desk and the rest of the cables Are passed through a built-in cable rack Underneath the desk through a little Cutout and into the back of his PC which Is the most interesting thing about this Setup for me there are actually a few Really cool mods done to this PC that I

Want to go over real quick starting with The 14 inch display in the front it's Actually a portable touch screen monitor From wind mix-its and I'll link it below For anyone interested in doing the same Mod in their o11 mini you just need to Buy an angled HDMI adapter to feed the Monitor to the back of your GPU he also Modeled the case so it's able to fit in A full ATX motherboard and a 360 Millimeter AIO on the top in fact I'll Drop a link to the poets video where he Shows how he did both mods if anyone is Interested as far as Aesthetics go I Think the wall looks very bare you might Not have glass windows anymore but you Can still come up with some really nice Ways to add a bit of decoration but with That said I think the setup was still an Upgrade overall from your last Submission thanks for coming back on the Show Up next we have an industrial mechanic From Germany this is Rafael's gaming and Video editing setup that took about one Year to complete looks like the setup Was built in his attic judging by the Angled ceiling unless bedrooms like this Are common in Germany we got a custom Made corner desk with vinyl wrapping and A custom wall with those 3D art panels But looking at it from an angle you can See that it used a few metal brackets to Add spacing between them in order to

Hide all those cables behind it and also To add an RGB strip for some ambient Lighting the secondary setup is more of A workstation with a two in one laptop And a wireless keyboard while the main Setup has a 40 inch Ultra wide with a 27 Inch in vertical mode below that we got The dk61e keyboard paired with a Razer Viper ultimate with clean cable routing Across the desk using a few cable clips It doesn't look like the setup uses any Speakers but it does have a Corsair hs80 Headset and a dedicated mic that's Tucked behind the ultra item the PC Powering it all is a beautiful white Theme custom build inside the Corsair 4000d we got the 10 700 KF and an RX 5600x that's been painted in white very Nice mod and a very nice setup thank you To Raphael for sharing this with us [Music] This next setup is definitely pushing The boundaries of minimalism considering His rocking triple displays but the Setup still looks very clean so I'll Make the exception so this is William Setup and he built it for gaming content Creation and editing and it took him About three years to complete which Means he started his setup Journey when He was just 10 years old considering he Is 13 now I'm not gonna lie for a 13 Year old this is pretty damn impressive Most people might think it's Overkill

But I don't think so especially Considering he uses the setup for more Than just gaming I do like the model Layout though we have a 32 inch 165 Hertz as the primary a 24 inch up top as An overhead and a third one pushed off To the side for multitasking and Monitoring I don't know what it is with Minimalistic setups and not having a Mouse pad but I've noticed it's a trend For some reason same with the speakers Most minimal setups don't use any just a Pair of headphones or in Williams case Astro 850s that he swaps between his PC And Xbox William if you're watching this Video help and you're really serious About becoming a content creator or just Video editing in general I highly Recommend investing into a pair of Really nice headphones eventually I Don't have any complaints when it comes To the cable management I think you did A pretty good job keeping everything Organized underneath the desk and Finally we got the PC that's powering it All it's equipped with an Intel 10400f And a GTX 1070. even though the setup is Nicely executed there's nothing really Exciting about it that separates it from The rest of the crowd however for a 13 Year old it's one hell of a setup with a Solid foundation to improve upon I can Only imagine what the setup Transformation would look like in the

Next five years or so thank you William For sharing this with us and I'm looking Forward to seeing you back on the show One day Wrapping up the episode is our very First submission from a dentist that's Right Zach is a dentist from British Columbia Canada and this is the setup That he uses to work from home okay Matters saying that I should read the Setup's purpose real quick Um okay we got gaming editing 360 videos Which I'm not exactly sure what that Means modifying my patience Invisalign Treatment plans I'll be specific and listening to Tim Dillon scream at me in high fidelity Audio Who's Tim Dylan Oh God I'm probably gonna get roasted in The comment section for this Oh he's a comedian Why haven't I heard of him Anyways the setup is built on a custom Home Depot butcher block and it's been Finished with Danish oil and sealed with Three coats of water lock and finally Polished to 2 000 grit that is one good Looking tabletop if I say so myself it's Also very deep he has so much extra Space to work with I love the distance Between a monitor and the edge of the Desk while his peripherals also seemed To be a common theme in minimal setups

We got a wireless rk61 paired with a Logitech g703 Lightspeed for audio Zach Did not cheap out he went with the kef Ls50 studio monitors but switches to the Arctis pros for gaming speaking of which He games and listens to Tim Dylan Screaming at him on his custom water Cool PC that he built inside the o11 Mini we got a ryzen 7 5800x paired with An RTX 2080 TI it's a nice build but There's some questionable choices no Doubt like why did you go with a copper GPU block instead of nickel and what's Up with the bizarre fan configuration Why do you have exhaust fans in the Bottom and intake on the top the case is Going to fight for airflow since all the Hot air is going to eventually rise also You did a full custom Loop but you Decided to stick with the stock cables Why didn't you spend an extra 25 and go With cable extensions from Amazon They're super cheap surely that isn't a Problem considering you can afford a two Thousand dollar speakers right it just Seems like you cut a lot of Corners with The PC and as a result it overshadows The effort you put into the rest of the Setup especially since you've done such A good job with that said I do love the Effort you put into the wall it looks Like this was white before so you Painted it and you took advantage of the Very little space it offers by

Decorating it with wall shelves and Plants I would have loved to see the Same effort put into the custom PC but It's only a minor detail in an otherwise Very impressive setup as always guys let Me know in the comment section which of These setups was your absolute favorite If you want to see more minimal setups Like this on the show consider tossing a Like And subscribe if you're new here Because I do host setup ores every other Monday thank you so much for watching And I'll see you guys very soon in the Next one Recording audio three two one For episode three two one hey [Laughter] [Music]

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