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What's up you guys I'm Tech Source Welcome back to another episode of setup Wars this is the first episode of the Year I hope everyone had a great start To the New Year if you haven't set a New Year's resolution Now's the Time let me Know what you guys want to achieve this Year in the comment section down below And save this video that way you can Come back at the end of the year and see If you're any step closer to your goal But yeah with that said sit back and Relax I got a jam-packed episode for you Guys let the setup Wars begin [Music] Foreign [Music] Tech Source mouse pads are finally Available we got space hex coyoto dusk Dawn and three different colors of erupt Check them out at store Or click the link below Kicking after episode we got Jacob who's A college student from Georgia it took Him a total of two years to build this For school work and gaming and he built It using two Walnut countertops to form An L desk for the primary monitor he's Using a 34 inch ultrawide that he Mounted against the wall while the Secondary 27 inch is hooked up to the Desk yet again we are seeing this layout With the monitor spaced out apart to Make room for the speakers but I also

Like that he added a riser underneath to Bring up the speaker height and it's Also a nice platform to keep some of his Other gear organized for peripherals He's using a steelseries Apex Pro tkl That's paired with a Razer basilisk and During gaming he brings out the hyperx Cloud stingers and the siren mini Microphone for audio input looks like we Have a Signum rack underneath the desk To help out with cable management and a Ton of cable clips were used to group Them together I like how the PC doesn't Take up a lot of space on the desk it's An H1 build with some pretty decent Specs we have an i7 10700k paired with An MSI RTX 3060. it's definitely got Enough juice to keep up with 100 144hz Ultrawide the 3dr panels with the neon RGB strips is a nice touch to add a bit Of Decor but it's been done many times Before if you really want to separate Your setup from the crowd try and come Up with something more unique you can Even use the same stuff that you already Have but create a different pattern with It to stand out it's still a pretty sick Setup to start off the show nonetheless Thank you Jacob for sharing this with us This next setup is such an amazing Example of space optimization I always Hear people complaining about not having Enough space to build their dream setup You'll be surprised at how much space

You actually need for a fully Functioning setup in order to Successfully execute a setup like this Measurements need to be very accurate You guys so that's why I recommend Starting off with a simple 3D model or The very least take down the Measurements of the space and compare Those measurements with the gear that You're buying you can tell Jacob Definitely planned for all of this Seeing as how precise everything is I Mean the length of the desk matching the Exact width of the wall to the shelves Up top I mean everything just fits so Well like a glove also the setup looks Full and complete yet it's not cluttered Because everything is organized and Spaced out very well we got a single 32 Inch 270 Hertz monitor hooked up against The wall freeing up some extra space Underneath to store some of his other Gear we also got a Corsair K65 RGB Mini Keyboard and an extra fee M4 Mouse with Clean cable work through the desk and Into a power strip where everything is Plugged in the rest of the bulky cables And power strips are actually hidden in A cable box that he put underneath the Desk it's crazy how much effort he has Put in the cable management here if Streamers like Nadia put in half the Effort that Josh put into his setup this World will be a much better place looks

Like Jacob doesn't have any speakers for The setup and instead use the extra Space to add a couple of Philips hue Light towers for some lighting dude These things are 220 dollars a piece Don't tell me you spent 440 dollars on a Pair of lights please tell me that you Got them as a gift because I know we're At 440 could have gone to a better GPU You currently have an i7 11 700k paired With an RTX 3070 and while the PC looks Amazing you're not taking advantage of Your monitor's resolution and refresh Rate you have a Quad HD 270 Hertz Monitor my guy a 3070 is not strong Enough to push games on that monitor you Could have used that extra money and Upgraded to an RTX 3080 TI instead the Paladin RTX 3080 TI would have not only Performed way better than the 3070 and Would have matched your PC's color Scheme but you would have had 480 left Over to spend on anything you want so Technically you still could have bought The light bars if you wanted to Personally I would have used that money Towards some really nice custom cables For the PC but that's just me the only Audio source for the setup are the Corsair virtuoso is with the built-in Mic although I think a pair of creative Pebbles V3 would fit beautifully with The setup you can put them right Underneath the Monitor and it will match

The colors nicely the white color will Go well with the wall and the gear while The brown accents will complement the Desk regardless I would say that this is Hands down my favorite setup so far of The year it's so simple yet effective And beautifully executed there's Definitely some questionable choices Without a doubt but I love the direction Of the setup and there's definitely Potential to improve thank you Jacob for Blessing our eyes with this setup we Have not seen in a desk PC setup for Such a long time I think the last one Belonged to mukman from episode 221 over Two years ago who also ended up taking On the seal of approval but we haven't Really seen any since then well two Years later and we have another PC desk Battle station except This one belongs To Paul who's an MMA coach from BC Canada and I poop you not you will never Guess what the setup's primary purpose Is it's not for productivity or watching Or streaming content hell it's not even Used for gaming pulse spent eight months Building the setup to provide a nice Backdrop for his YouTube videos I can't make this up that's literally What he wrote in the notes that is the Ultimate Flex in fact this entire corner Of the room was custom made just for a Backdrop the false walls the beams the Decoration the lighting the whole theme

Was based on Asian culture around the Bronze Age which also gives off a pretty Cool steampunk look as well this entire Thing is basically a very expensive set For his YouTube videos but we'll get More into that in a bit even the Monitors are there purely for a backdrop There's a 49 inch super ultra wide Underneath a 48 inch 4K OLED TV Jesus The desk was custom made by Paul and it Was inspired by the original Lian Lee Dk05 desk there are a lot of Similarities like the shape of the desk And the legs but he added a few extra Features of his own like quick access to Both compartments on each side of the Desk where he keeps his power supplies And most of the cables but the coolest Feature of this desk is definitely the Built-in hydraulic lid that is Controlled with the button on the side Inside here we have two separate system Sims one for gaming and one for Streaming and I like how each system has Its very own colors the left gaming System has a 12 Mana UK with the Gigabyte Vision RTX 3090 while the Streaming PC has a ryzen 9 3950x with an RG strix RTX 3080 TI both very high-end Systems capable of playing any game and Screaming but wait a minute Ed you said Paul doesn't use this setup for gaming Well that's only half true you see Paul Doesn't physically game at the setup but

Instead uses the PC to power the games He does play on a giant screen so this Is where he plays and streams his VR and Racing Sim games to his audience and That's one hell of a setup as well I Mean he built these pretty cool beams on The ceiling where he routed the cables From the setup to the green screen area And there's even a pole in the middle That is able to move around with him There's an extra monitor a go XLR PS4 And the camera that's used to capture A-roll that is one very impressive setup I just wish you took the photos on the A600 instead of your potato phone but It's not a big deal thank you Paul for Sharing this awesome battle station with Us I'm not sure what exactly caught my eye First here the cool dragon scale looking Panels on the wall or the Dual mirrored Lily gaming PCs either way this setup Has my full attention so this setup Belongs to Robin coming all the way from Germany he's an electrician for alarm Systems and it took him about 50 hours To build this setup for the purpose of Gaming streaming and content creating The setup is built on a custom tabletop That's being supported by two Alex units But it looks like there is a headboard Of some sort hooked up against the wall Where the dragon scale panels are Attached to with a few Gobi Glide bars

Up top for lighting he did make some Space on the headboard to mount all Three of his marners we got 27 inch Displays with a 160 Hertz Quad HD in the Middle from Asus I actually really like How we mounted the streaming gear so Check this out the Elgato key light and The camera are hooked up to the monitor Arm using articulating arms while the Mic is attached underneath the monitor I Really love this look it's so clean Everything is floating all the cables Are hidden because he ran them through The headboard and tucked them away Behind the Alex units moving on to proof Rolls he's using an Rog strict scope Keyboard with two pairs of mice the G Pro super light for the gaming PC and The row cat for the screaming PC so it Looks like he's definitely using a USB Switch with his keyboard to swap between Both of his systems speaking of which we Got the gaming PC over on the right side And it is one hell of a system Jesus That looks gorgeous we have a 12 700 KF Paired with an Rog strix 3080 and I just Love how consistent he is with the color Scheme even going as far as to add a White USB 3 adapter cable to replace the Black one excellent choice of Parts no Doubt on the opposite side we have the Streaming PC that's equipped with a 10700 KF and an RG strix 1050 TI while The colors are not as consistent as the

Gaming PC it's still a very clean build No doubt he also has a PS4 tucked Underneath the tabletop for when he Wants to play console games so overall I Love the aesthetic of the setup I really Do I think Robin brought over a few new Elements that I haven't seen in a setup Before and it's very refreshing to see Something different but I feel like it Wasn't executed properly there was such A missed opportunity to do something Really cool with those dragon scale Panels like come up with a nicer design To complement the setup it looks very Sloppy and all over the place some areas Extend longer than others while some Spots are missing panels I mean I love The idea but I think you could have done Better another area that could have been Improved are the alignment of the Monitors I mean it's not as noticeable To the untrained eye but you can Definitely see the middle monitor is Lower than the other two instead of Having to drill through your wall a Second time to adjust the height of your Monitor I would recommend picking up a Vase adapter instead in fact I mentioned This exact thing in the last Cool Tech Video where you're able to adjust the Height of the monitor so easily without Having to drill extra holes give it a Watch if you missed it I highly Recommend it for anyone who has wonky

Monitors other than that I love the Setup I really do it's got so much Potential to become something better the Pegboard is a nice addition for extra Storage and decoration and the custom RGB logo on the ceiling is a great way To add some personality to the setup Thank you Robin for sharing this with us What would happen if you give a die-hard Star Wars fan forty thousand dollars Well it will look something like this a Fully decked out man cave guaranteed to Keep you entertained through another Pandemic should it ever happen again I Don't care who you are where you're from This is every Gamer's Paradise I got Over a hundred pictures sent over for This submission and a freaking Spreadsheet with the products listed Along with their price and the link to The product are you freaking kidding me Right now I got respect for this guy Already imagine bringing over a girl and Showing her your big shiny sword or Hell The entire collection in the dining room If that doesn't drop her panties I don't Know what will Did I mention it's got RGB so yeah this Is pretty much the living room area That's the first thing you see when you Walk into Ryan's home a smart TV with a Few consoles all mounted against the Wall with a one-to-one replica of cloud Sword from Final Fantasy VII hanging

Right above the TV right across from That is the dining room area which looks Like a set Straight From A Game of Thrones episode if you ever wanted to Know what it felt like dining in the Roman Empire this is as close as you can Get if you're lucky enough to get past The dining room then you get to see Ryan's happy space a high-end battle Station on one side and an entertainment Setup on the other with a super cozy bed Which is perfect for a bit of Netflix or Chill Disney Plus or thrust maybe some Hulu and do you or even some Amazon Prime and have some fun time regardless Of what you choose to do Ryan's got the Lighting to set the mood for you so what Is all this for anyways you might ask And how long did it take Ryan to Complete the setup well for starters Ryan is a software developer from Florida who built the man cave in his Span of 8 months because you wanted a Place where you can just chill and hang Out playing games and also get some work Done we have a quad Marta layout for the Main setup triple 27 inch 4K displays on The bottom with a 34 inch ultrawide up Top and for the MacBook setup he's got Another 4k monitor hooked up for Peripherals he's using a Corsair k95 Platinum with two pairs of mice the Glaive RGB pros and the dark core for Backup it's nice to see that even with

The overwhelming amount of gear Ryan Still cares about the cable management He made a few cutouts to help route the Wires from the peripherals and the mouse Pad through the desk while the rest of The cables underneath the desk are Hidden behind the backboard I thought This was pretty cool he added a shelf Underneath the table to separate some of His gear and keep them hidden we got his Router an external hard drive and a Nas System with 56 terabytes of hard drive Space the laptop setup is powered by a Macbook while the main battle station is Powered by a custom PC featuring The I9 9900k and RTX 2080 TI considering you Have triple 27 inch 4K monitors I would Definitely recommend upgrading your GPU At some point the fact that the PCI Cables have RGB already should tell you How obsessed Ryan is with RGB if you Couldn't already tell by the entire room Of course tons and tons of lightsabers Are added to the walls with RGB strips Nanoleaf panels I mean this guy has it All along with a pretty hefty electric Bill I assume I really hope your home is Equipped with solar my guy in fact here Are all the remotes that he uses to Control the lighting in his room Although he mostly uses Google Voice to Activate the lights in the room anyways So there are two more entertainment Setups that he built there's one right

Behind this main setup that's mostly Used to play on retro consoles like the Original Ness and Super Nintendo while The main entertainment area is set up in Front of his bed where he can kick back And watch movies or game on his PS4 There is a butt load of Collectibles Across the room ranging from Star Wars Helmets to figurines and even some Final Fantasy stuff but you guys get the idea If very impressive 40 Grand man cave no Doubt thank you Ryan for sharing this With us as always guys I appreciate your Time let me know in the comment section Which of these setups was your absolute Favorite and if you guys are new here Consider subscribing because I do host Setup Wars every other Monday thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Very soon in the next one Can't tell if my shirt small or if I've Put on some weight to be honest Maybe a little bit of both who knows [Music]

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