Setup Wars – Episode 319

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Happy holidays everyone welcome to set Up Awards episode 319 I got a pretty Sweet episode prepared for you all so Sit back and relax and let the set of Wars begin [Music] We are kicking off the episode with some Synth wave Vibes first up is Josh she Was a student and graphic designer from Chicago Illinois and is gaming and work Setup you know I'm starting to see a lot Of setups with this model layout to Where they have the second display much Further away from the primary and Honestly I'm all for it if you're going With a t monitor layout and you have Desktop speakers this is pretty much the Most optimal layout to avoid awkward Speaker placement we got a 27 inch 144hz ViewSonic monitor as a primary and a Secondary 27 inch off to the side in Vertical mode for peripherals he's Rocking an RK 84 keyboard with a falcon Honeycomb gaming mouse and a really nice Mouse pad to tie the synthwave theme Together what's happening speakers he Does only a headset and a mic that he Brings over when he's gaming and I do Like that he took advantage of the extra Space from the L desk to store some of His gear instead of crowding the main Area for a bit of sound trading looks Like he covered the entire wall with Some acoustic panels and added a digital

Clock up top for some subtle Decor no Comp plates with the cable management Even though the desk does a pretty good Job in hiding the cables Josh spared no Expense in actually managing them behind The backboard so I got to give him some Respect for that packaging entire setup Is a custom build featuring an i5 11 600k and an RTX 3070 TI Founders Edition With a small cup of boba for some extra FPS I would eventually grab some cheap Cable extensions from Amazon to clean up The build but overall a very nice system To complement a very nice setup thank You Josh for finally coming on the show Up next is a very stunning white themed Gaming setup that belongs to Matt who's An engineer manager from Sheffield UK Now the first thing that caught my eyes Were the nanoleaf lines on the wall such A clean and symmetrical design that Really sets a nice precedent for the Rest of the setup what's really Impressive about this submission though Is that the original space for the setup Was a storage area that Matt tore down And we built into a viable space for This setup there was nothing but Concrete and Bricks at first he cleaned Up the area added drywall and some paint Before he mounted the kitchen countertop And skinned it in white vinyl to stay Consistent with the color scheme what an Awesome transformation and excellent use

Of space this was once again we are Seeing the same space dot monitor layout As before with a secondary 27 inch in Vertical mode that's used mostly for Discord and then we got the 34 inch LG Ultralight as the primary he did that to Make space for both his speakers and I Love that he mounted both monitors Against the wall for a real really cool Floating look he kept the surface at the Desk very clean by going with wireless Logitech peripherals but I'm not too big Of a fan with the headset stand location Since it's so close to the edge of the Desk he's got the cable hanging down in Front of the drawers now since the desk Is mounted on the wall the Alex units Were added to help fill in the space and Also provide additional storage I think Positioning the go XLR in the middle Underneath your ultrawide would have Been a better choice you already have a Cutout for the cables all you have to do Is run the headphone wire underneath the Table top and towards the front of the Desk but that will require you to use a Headphone hanger underneath the desk Instead of a stand the rest of the Cables are managed very well then again The desk was built with that in mind Lots of grommets were made to pass Through the cables and I love the Lighting strips he added behind the Small panel on the bottom I think the

Lighting on the setup is spectacular by The way it's not overdone and it's Nicely balanced from top to bottom and Since he's stuck with neutral colors you Can change up the theme anytime he wants This leads us to his custom all-white Gaming PC packing the ryzen 9 5900x and An MSI RTX 3080 a very clean build and An awesome gaming setup no doubt thank You Matt for sharing this with us I don't often get that many setup Submissions from people who use a Massive screen as their primary but when I do it's always a treat this is our Setup Spotlight of the episode Scott is An operations manager from the UK who Spent five days building this setup from Scratch for the purpose of just gaming We got a caribly countertop sitting on Top of two Alex units with some Capital Legs for spacing however I'm curious why He went with a green color when there Was nothing else in the room that's Green I mean it literally has a brown Drawer in the corner it definitely Clashes with the color scheme unless all The other colors were sold out from Ikea This color Choice makes no sense for the Primary display he's using a 43 inch Ores gaming Monitor and a secondary 15 Inch for multitasking that he keeps in The corner now for peripherals you did Take the wireless routes with the Logitech g915tkl nag Pro wireless mouse

If you have ten dollars laying around I Would highly recommend picking up some Isolation pads for your speakers to Prevent vibrations and also tilt them Slightly towards your ear years you will Hear a sound improvement with them for Gaming he uses the Logitech g533s with The blue yeti mic that's hooked up to a Boom arm personally I don't think Mounting your gear directly on the wall Is a good idea maybe back in the 90s or The 2000s but it's a little outdated Right now plus it just creates more Areas where you have to patch up your Wall before you move I would recommend Picking up a nice little pegboard where You can store some of your extra gear Instead not only will it look nicer and Complement your setup at the same time But there will be only one focused area Of drilling into the wall as opposed to Using multiple adhesive strips which Will do more damage to your wall after You peel it off it's much easier to Patch up smaller holes than it is to Repair drywall scrapes I've learned this The hard way other than that the cables Could use a little more attention I Think a few velcro straps would fix the Cables underneath your desk and a few More to keep the cables behind your PC From flaring up surely a high-end system With a ryzen 9 5900x and an RTX 3090 Dessert serves a little bit of love

Right I love The Bling look of the System but I feel like it doesn't really Do it justice in this case because the GPU is facing down you can't see the Crystals on the gravis card because it's Not vertically mounted also I would Definitely try and replace the bottom Three fans with more of those Crystal Fans for consistency and maybe pick up Some cable extensions for the GPU and The EPS cables since you've pretty much Done that for the 24 pin there's Definitely a lot of room for improvement If you do change anything about the Setup feel free to submit again thank You Scott for sharing Shifting back into sixth gear is an Absolute unit of a setup a true battle Station down to its core and just like All masterpieces it begins with a 3D Design not just for the desk but the Decorations the cabinets the posters the Floor I mean everything was modeled and When you look at the finished product Side by side it's scary how identical it Is so big props to Mike for the 3D model And the attention to detail that went Into this project in fact this entire Setup took six months to plan before a Single component was purchased and it Took three months to complete but There's a lot to go over so sit back and Buck a lot because you're in for a ride To start off let's introduce Mike so

He's a contractor from Washington State And the reason why I built this setup in The first place is so we can have a Space dedicated for CAD design Accounting work General productivity and Of course gaming so the main reason why Mike stuck with mostly dark neutral Colors was because he built the setup in His living room and that is right across From his kitchen which has mostly white Black and gray accents so you wanted to Set up colors to stay consistent with The rest of the house but if I'm being Honest it feels like there was some Editing done to the pictures it looks Like the saturation was toned down quite A bit to achieve this monochromatic look I mean isn't that kind of cheating since You're technically altering the way this Setup looks color makes such a big Difference in a setup now even though They're on any RGB lighting I still Would have loved to see what the setup Looks like naturally with the cold and Warm tones there was a lot of custom Work that went into this setup the desk Was Handmade by Mike himself and it Consists of two Acacia butcher blocks That were stained in carbon gray with Charcoal accents and then he cleared it In satin Furniture lacquer to achieve This super smooth dark surface but he Also custom made the legs as well it's Built out of steel which he also painted

In matte gunmetal gray to match the Aesthetic of the setup so the main Command center area has quad displays That he mounted to the desk we got two 27 inch Quad HD monitors in vertical Mode sandwiching two stacked 34-inch Ultralights with a light bar up Top This Modern layout is what I like to call TIE Fighter on steroids below that is Rocking an Asus Rog Claymore with a Logitech g502 mouse and a Tech Source Black Nexus mouse pad which really Complements the theme of the setup Really nice choice by the way if you Guys want to grab one yourself or many Other awesome designs like it make sure To visit store or just Click the link below my guy is also Rocking a pair of Kanto tuck speakers in Black for the primary audio another Excellent Choice by the way those Speakers are freaking awesome aside from The speakers he does own an Rog Delta s Headset for gaming and comms but also Has the hyperx cloud Pros for backup Just in case I really love how clean he Kept the surface at the desk there was a Lot of gear involved in this setup but You don't really notice it because you Did a really great job organizing Everything there's a dedicated pegboard On the adjacent wall that holds up all The extra controllers and miscellaneous Gear that are not being used but he also

Has a custom made drawer right above That where he stores everything else and Did you even notice the Wi-Fi router up Here that's probably the best place to Put a router if you ask me the cable Management is immaculate everything is Nicely grouped up together in the back Of the desk and channeled up against the Wall into the custom water cooled PC the Case was slightly modded to fit an eatx Motherboard and the GPU bracket was also Custom made out of aluminum to match the Legs of the desk he currently has an I9 12900 KF that's overclocked to 5.4 Gigahertz and an Rog strix 3080. however He is planning on upgrading to an RTX 4090 once that is available he did send This submission six months ago back in July so I'm pretty sure he made that Upgrade already I mean what can I say About this setup I love everything to be Honest I love the custom work I love the Small little mods like adding an RGB Strip against the backboard the custom Tinting for the nanoleaf panels and it's Even got personality I know Nick would Appreciate the alien movie posters on The wall I mean this setup has Everything you can really tell how much Passion and time Mike put into this Setup oh the planning the attention the Details the custom work I mean Everything is just spectacular Mike Congrats on taking home the 53rd seal of

Approval phenomenal worth my guy this Setup is the epitome of what a setup was Seal of approval should look like and it Should be the new standard moving Forward so toss me an email or hit me up On Discord to claim your plaque and a Free text Source mouse pad well done Wrapping up the episode is one of the Cleanest triple monitor setups I've seen On the show lately Robin is an I.T Specialist trainee from Germany and this Is the setup that he built in the span Of three years for the purpose of gaming And productivity we got triple 27 inch 144hz monitors hooked up beautifully Against the wall for that mesmerizing Floating look and then below that we've Got the sharkoon Skiller keyboard with a G502 mouse but what's up with the mouse Pad it's so Bland this would have looked Better if the setup was all white but Because you have so much color it just Sticks out more than it should I do like The small grommet you made for the Keyboard cable and the cute little Stream deck though for audio does look Like a small portion of speakers are Being blocked off by the monitors but he Does mainly use a Logitech G Pro X Headset since he's mostly gaming anyways The boom arm is tucked away nicely in The back until he needs to use it that's When he pulls it out from underneath the Monitors even though Cable Management

Has done well I wouldn't have used cable Clips because it just adds more time in Removing them when you have to upgrade Or swap gear I feel like two or three Small raceways would have done the job Just as good and required a lot less Work I would also spend some time and Fix the mess of cables you have behind The monitors you can always tie the Excess cables to the monitor arms using These magnetic cable clips that I Featured in last week's cool Tech video They come in very handy private entire System is a really nice NZXT build Featuring the ryzen 9 5900x and an MSI RTX 2070 super I think this is like the Third system in this episode with a Ryzen 9 5900x all in all this was a very Well executed minimalistic triple Monitor setup thank you for sharing this With us as always guys let me know in The comment section which of these Setups was your absolute favorite Unfortunately this will be the last Setup Wars for this year we will Continue in January of 2023. I wish you Guys a happy holiday and a happy New Year thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one [Music] Foreign [Music]

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