SER6 Pro 7735HS First Look, We Got Our Hands A Powerful & Fast Ryzen 7000 Mini PC!

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again it's no secret That ryzen 7000 mini PCS have been Hitting the market and today we're going To be taking a look at the all-new B-link scr6 Pro this is powered by the Ryzen 7735hs and it definitely looks like a Promising little system now you might be Familiar with the scr6 non-pro version That was recently released with ryzen 6000 from b-link it was actually Utilizing the 6800 H I did a video on That actually did a couple videos one Running Windows one running Linux and Overall performance is great with the 6800h but with these new 7000 series Mobile CPUs or rather apus they are Packing a little more of a CPU punch When you compare it to the 6000 series Given that we do have a higher clock on This unit here I've always liked the Design of the b-link Ser series mini PCS I think they're super Sleek they look Really good and with this one here we do Get kind of a different color variant Now I will admit that I am a bit Colorblind but I only usually pertains To oranges and threads sometimes when I'm looking at this it's blue sometimes When I'm looking at it it's green not Sure if it's just me or other people are Seeing the same thing but there is a

Little bit of customizability that can Go along with this because they do send An extra top cover and I'll tell you the One on the far left definitely looks a Lot Bluer Than the one that's installed Right now but along with that and the Mini PC we also get a six foot HDMI Cable mounting bracket we've also got Some mounting hardware and they include A 120 watt power supply Now when it comes to i o up front here We've got two full-size USB 3.2 Gen 2 Ports a 3.5 millimeter audio jack and Usb4 this is utilizing 40 gigabit Protocol so we can connect an egpu and It'll also work in alt mode so if you do Have a monitor that supports USB type-c Video in and PD charging out 100 watt is What they recommend we can plug in just A single cable I personally refer to it As single cable operation mode but just Keep in mind you could also power the Unit directly from USB 4 if you wanted Taking a look around back we've got a 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port One USB 2.0 Port another USB 3.2 Gen 2 port and two Full-size HDMI ports both of these will Support 4K 60 out so in total we can do Three displays on the Ser 6 Pro now one Thing that b-link has been doing with Their new Ser series is adding this new Plate in the bottom of the unit as you Can see we can slide a 2.5 inch drive Right in here but you might notice we've

Got a fan and that's because this whole Whole system here actually cools the RAM And the nvme SSD in here I really do Like this design and hope they continue With it it's pretty easy to remove There's three screws and this will give Us easy access to the nvme SSD this Utilizes a pcie 4.0 drive and our dual Channel ddr5 as of making this video the Only configuration I'm seeing over on Their website is a 512 nvme SSD and 32 Gigabytes of ddr5 running at 4 800 Megahertz but this might change in the Future taking a look at the specs for The CPU we've got that new AMD ryzen 7 7735hs this is still based on Zen 3 plus But AMD is calling it Rembrandt R we've Got eight cores 16 threads a base clock Of 3.2 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.75 And this does offer a nice little bump In CPU performance when you compared to The 6800h but when it comes to the GPU We're still using the Radeon 680m so It's still based on our dna2 we've got 12 compute units and it runs at up to 20 200 megahertz in the 7735 HS this Mini PC will support up to 64 gigabytes of Sodem ddr5 running at 4 800 megahertz Like we saw when we pulled the bottom Off we can add one nvme drive and 2.5 Inch drive it's got Wi-Fi 6 2.5 gigabit Ethernet around back and for all of my Testing I'm going to be running Windows 11 Pro

Like I mentioned you can power this Mini PC from the USB 4 Port up front but they Do recommend a 100 watt PD charger and This comes in really handy in case You've got a monitor that supports USB Type-c video in and PD charging out all You'll need is a single cable so we've Got it plugged in here I'll go ahead and Boot It Up Give it a few seconds to initialize and We'll get right into windows with it Using a single cable And there we have it I need to log in And now we have this thing fully running Over just that single usb4 port on the Front and this actually come in really Handy with an egpu dock like the Razer Core that does put out 100 Watts so you Could actually just plug in this single Cable and have your HDMI coming out of The video card you want to pair up with This thing So I've gone through Windows updated all The drivers installed some games and Applications that we're going to be Testing out I've also taken a look at The BIOS and with the TDP here we're at 45 Watts got a boost up to 65 but from The BIOS there's really not many Settings that we can change we can't Even enable a different fan curve with The BIOS we have right now and this is Kind of an earlier unit hopefully that Changes in the future but overall I mean

It's set up pretty nicely very Snappy System I mean these ryzen 7000 series Mobile apus are really quick and if you Wanted to use this as an everyday Desktop you're not going to have an Issue whatsoever even when it comes to Like 4K video playback two displays 60fps it's gonna be just fine the unit That I have here has that 32 gigabytes Of RAM so I mean we've got plenty here But you know if you did want to pick one Of these up and save some money 16 is Going to be more than enough As you can see from cpu-z we've got that 7735 HS memory is at 4 800 megahertz for Some reason it's not showing up Correctly with this version a lot of new Stuff going on here but we've also got The Radeon 680m at 2200 megahertz so far I've been really impressed with the 7000 Series chips and now I want to get into Some benchmarks just to show you how This thing really performs And first we have geekbench 5 we got a Single core of 1459 multi 8925 keep in Mind this is using the stock TDP we Could actually up these scores by quite A bit using a third-party application to Up that TDP right now I don't think it's Holding that 65 watt boost long enough To get higher scores here and I think That really does apply across the board Here even for the GPU scores because uh With 3dmark fire strike we get a

6458 and the final one I ran here was Time spy And with this we got a 2669 and the last Mini PC that I tested With this same CPU was around 28.80 so Yeah I mean we're definitely working With a little less TDP at least the Long-term boost so we could go in and Use something like Apu tuning utility to Kind of take it up there and keep it There but I did want to kind of test This out in its stock form factor so This is what we got now it's time to Move over to some real world gaming And first up we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales 720p low settings this isn't bad And it's getting a lot better on these Igpus when this game initially released And even just Spider-Man remastered we Had real trouble running this game on These six adms even on 6000 series but Now at low settings 720p we can do over 60 on average Forza Horizon 5 is one of those games That works really well in a lot of Different systems I mean you don't need The super powerful GPU to run this and We're at 1080p medium settings we can Get an average of around 71 FPS And this is without any kind of Resolution scaling so we're not using FSR or AMD cast but if you wanted to get Up there in the hundreds even at 1080p Medium you could take it to Performance

With FSR and do it all day Next up we've got cyberpunk 2077 720p Low with FSR set to balance so this is Really good I mean I'm getting some Decent performance out of this we got an Average of 76 FPS out of cyberpunk 2077 On an igpu and I completely understand We're at 720p but this is a newer AAA Game Foreign A lot of the 3D fighting games that are On the market right now will work really Well on the 680mi GPU here's Street Fighter 5 1080p High other fighting Games I like to run on these apus are Injustice 2 and with that 1080p medium 60 FPS all day or even mk11 with a low Medium mix at 1080p Elden ring is just one of those games That gives us issues on integrated Graphics Now with uh the 6000 series Apus with the 680m and as you can see Here 7000 we're really getting close to Just being able to run this at a Constant 60 720p low I could still play It like this and be perfectly fine with It God of War 720p low settings we get an Average of 62 FPS but in some cases I Did see it dip down to around 58. this Is how it goes with this game unless you Want to enable Ultra performance with FSR and then it really takes that Resolution down it's super noticeable

Like that Go Go And the final PC game we're going to be Testing in this video is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare I just use the built-in Benchmark seems to get the job done I'm Using the recommended settings and it Actually sets FSR to balanced and we Could probably up the resolution a Little bit take some of the settings Down but yeah I mean this is also Playable on the scr6 pro And before I wrap this video up the Final thing I wanted to take a look at Was total system power consumption so While I'm doing my testing I have this Plugged into a kilowatt meter at idle Pulls around 14 watts average gaming 69 Watts and when stressing out the CPU and GPU to a hundred percent for an extended Period of time this did jump up to 88 Watts I mean not bad at all and the Cooling system can definitely handle it So first impressions here I love the Design I've always been a big fan of B-link's scr series I think it's Offering great CPU performance now with These Rembrandt r apus that would have Been really nice if AMD just went ahead And did our dna3 we're still working With our dna2 but for an igpu this is Putting out some amazing performance if I had to choose between the 6900 HX and

The 7735hs I would probably go with the 6900 Ajax given that we do have a higher Clock on the GPU but this is more Comparable to the 6800h and I would Definitely choose the 7000 series Variant over that every single day There's still a few things I want to do With this Mini PC uh mainly I'd like to Install some variant of Linux Manjaro or Maybe even steam deck Os or Chimera OS Let me know what you want to see on this Thing in the comments below and another Thing I'd like to do is just test the Overall e-gpu performance we've got 40 Gig usb4 up front it is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 so adding Something like an RTX 30 60 to this unit Would really liven it up but that's Going to wrap it up for this first look Video if you're interested in learning More about the b-link scr6 pro I'll Leave some links in the description and Let me know in the comments below what You think about Rembrandt R we're going To see a lot more of these mini PCS hit The market you know ryzen 7000 is this Something you're interested in are you Going to stick with ryzen 6000 like a 6900 Ajax or just wait it out for rdna 3 Apus to come to these mini PCS I'd love To hear your thoughts but that's it for This one and like always thanks for Watching

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