Samsung Galaxy S23 vs Pixel 7 – Should You Pay More?

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Now before I begin I just want to Apologize about the way I sound I'm Getting over a small chest cold so it's Making me sound really weird but I want To answer a question that I keep getting On my original Galaxy s23 review should You buy the s23 or should you buy the Pixel 7 and it's a great question Because the pixel 7 retails for 4.99 USD Whereas the Galaxy s23 retails for 7.99 That's a 300 difference are you really Getting 300 more of a phone if you buy The Galaxy s23 and it really depends on Your situation like from a design Standpoint you just can't beat the Smaller form factor of the s23 if that's What you're going for the s23 feels like A true small phone whereas the pixel 7 Is a little bit on the bigger side now Personally I prefer 6.3 inch displays Which is exactly what the pixel 7 has so For me this is the right size but for Others if you want like a true One-handable phone then you're gonna Gravitate towards the Galaxy s23 now Design wise they're very different like If I see someone holding a pixel I know It's a pixel right away because it just Looks so different it has this massive Visor on the back it's a chunkier phone It sticks out with its unique colors the Galaxy Device I gotta take a couple Looks I got a Dodge and weave right Because it just looks so similar to

Other Android phones on the market that You have to kind of like pay attention To really notice it now granted this is Not a big deal most of us use cases on Their phone but it's kind of cool that Google's trying to be different they Have their button placements in very Similar positions like the galaxy has The volume rocker at the top and the Power button below and then the pixel 7 Has it flipped I personally prefer the Button layout on the Galaxy Device my Finger rests naturally on the power Button that I can move it up if I want To change the volume but it's really not A big deal I do appreciate the fact that The pixel does put the SIM tray on the Side of the body I can't tell you how Many times me being a meathead Accidentally stuck a Sim tool into the Microphone Port rather than the hole on The SIM tray so if you do put your sim Card in here pay attention because I Know tons of people who have stuck their Little thingy in the wrong hole [Music] But the feel of these phones are very Different even though both phones are Rocking glass backs you do have a more Durable vectus glass on the Galaxy s23 Because it has more of a matte frosted Finish it's a little bit less slippery And the overall feel of a smaller phone Is just easier to grip in the hand so

You're less likely to drop it this feels A bit more on the slippery side like I'd Be more willing to use a case with this Than I would with the Galaxy s23 but Here's the thing when it comes to the Fingerprint scanner the pixel 7 is an Improvement from the pixel 6 but I still Don't find it to be as consistent as the Galaxy s23 it's faster on the pixel like If I'm just trying to log in and they Both pick it up correctly the pixel 7 is Faster but every so often I'll find out I have to like really push the pixel 7 More than once for my finger to register And sometimes that can be a bit annoying So with the pixel 7 I find that I prefer To use the fingerprint scanner but also Have face ID activated as a backup now Both displays are OLED but they're a bit Different they are 1080p they do both Have high refresh rates but it's only 90 Hertz on the pixel compared to 120 on The Galaxy s23 is this a big deal no It's not that big of a deal it's not Like using a 60hz display which I can't Use anymore 90 Hertz is fine yes I do Notice the difference between 90 and 120 But it's a small difference a very tiny Difference to the point where it doesn't Really affect my use of either of these Devices you do get a brighter display on The Galaxy s23 it goes up to 1750 nits Of peak brightness compared to 1400 on The pixel I do also like the look of the

Display on the Galaxy Device you have Less bezel around it but the Front-facing cameras are a bit different Even though they're both punch hole Cameras in the middle of the display you Get a 12 megapixel sensor on the Galaxy Device compared to a 10.8 cents answer On the pixel they both can shoot wide if You want to but for the most part the Pixel takes better photos in fact this Is probably the best phone at least for My nasty ass skin tones that do the best Jobs for taking selfies if that's your Thing I find that the skin tones look The best on the pixel it also does a Really good job of trying to be very Equal among different skin colors Whereas on the Galaxy devices it always Tended to make my skin look way too Yellow okay so right now you're looking At the Samsung Galaxy s23 versus the Pixel 7. you guys gotta let me know Which one looks better Obviously which one has the better sound And overall which one you prefer the Most Let me know in the comments below Speaking of tough times charging you Know like the pixel can only charge up To 20 watts compared to 25 on the Galaxy S23 and by no means are any of these the Fastest charging phones on the market Quite frankly it doesn't matter to me But I know a lot of you guys out there

That really love fast charging so none Of these device can do it super fast Obviously they both support wireless Charging and battery life is actually Very interesting because even though the Pixel has a bigger 4300 milliamp hour Battery compared to 3900 in the Galaxy S23 I found that battery life was very Equal between both of these devices Depending on the type of user you are You can get anywhere from five to seven Hours of screen on time seven if you're Super light with the phone six six and a Half if you're a medium user five hours If you're super heavy as for performance This is where things get very Interesting look if you don't play a lot Of games and you use your phone like Most people which is just to browse the Net use social media send out emails Text message take pictures they're both Really fast phones like they both feel Nice and fluid they don't get me wrong There's moments where I'm scrolling on The Galaxy device and it feels super Fast whereas sometimes on the pixel They'll be like a little tiny and this Happens every so often a micro stutter But overall the fluid experience on These devices are great now if you're a Hardcore gamer and you're and you're Trying to compete for the world Championship in Pub G then yeah you're Going to want a Galaxy s23 it has the

Faster processor it's way faster than What the pixel currently provides but Everything is not about speed anymore Because Hardware is so good now that the Processor you got yesterday still feels Just as fast today what really matters Is the actual experience and the Software on both of these phones feel Good I have nothing really big to Complain about with Samsung's one UI 5.1 It's a fantastic software experience you Know you can download good luck really Customize it there's a lot of features Inside of its menus that allow you to do Things that other phones can't but to me Personally and again this is subjective And only me I like the pixel software Better I think it looks cleaner I think It just makes a lot more sense I like The design elements better I also love The extra software features that Google Provides like for example you have call Screening you have on-device speech to Text translation which has some of the Best accuracy I've ever seen on a phone Period And if you're really into using Voice Assistant nothing does it better Than a pixel device but here's the weird Thing with the pixel phone you only get Three years of updates compared to four Years of OS updates on the Galaxy Device Plus five years of security you would Think Google being the company that Creates Android would give you the

Longest years of updates now the benefit Of getting the pixel though is you do Get updates right away like as soon as Android is released you can download it On your phone whereas with the Galaxy Device you have to wait for Samsung to Release an update and they tend to get Slower and slower to release that update For your phone as the age of your phone Increases the cameras on these devices Are kind of a Hot Topic because it Really comes down to personal preference They're both rocking 50 megapixel wide Lenses they both have a 12 megapixel Ultra wide lens the only difference is That the Galaxy Device gets a 10 Megapixel telephoto lens you can Optically zoom up to three times now you Can zoom up to two times on the pixel 7 But it's not using a telephoto lens it's Just cropping the main wide sensor to Get a bit closer but the picture Preference will depend on your style I Like the pixel better I think overall it Takes better pictures but straight out Of the camera without any editing the Galaxy Device does really well too it Tends to make photos look a bit more Poppy there's more Vibrance it's a Little bit brighter so straight ready to Upload to social media whereas the pixel Device is contrast here tiny bit warmer It feels more realistic like what I'm Actually looking at there's really no

Wrong answer here you either love one Look over the other or vice versa but They both take fantastic photos during The day I will say though and I've said This in my other reviews that the Galaxy S23 tends to have a little bit of Inconsistency when it comes to properly Getting the white balance right indoors Or when lights are going crazy it tends To be a bit too yellow or green Depending on the situation whereas the Pixel 7 just did a better job of nailing The white balance nighttime photography Is a little bit closer like they both Take great photos but again I find that The pixel 7 Does It Better with the White balance especially when you're in Situations with a lot of random lighting Like don't get me wrong there's a lot of Situations where the Galaxy s23 just did A much better job exposing the scene but The thing with the s23 at nighttime Which I truly hate is the fact that it Really Smooths out the image like Everything looks like an oil painting And I don't like that because when you Do stuff like that it just makes Everything look mushy and you start to Lose detail like even in some photos you Look at the ground the pixel 7 just Shows more information and I think That's very important but I will say Though that sometimes the pixel 7 tends To make nighttime look a bit too bright

So they trade below but overall they're Pretty close now if you plan on shooting Mostly video the Galaxy device can shoot Up to 8K whereas the pixel 7 can only do 4K now for most people that's really not Big of a deal but if you had to choose The quality of the video I'd still lean Towards the Galaxy s23 it just does a Really good job of shooting video Overall don't get me wrong the pixel has Come a long way way better than the Pixel 6 and the earlier models but the Galaxy s23 is still slightly better so Back to the big question should you buy The pixel 7 or the Galaxy s23 look the Galaxy s23 was the better phone in most Of these areas everything from the Display to the extra camera sensor to Faster charging the list goes on but Collectively all those little things I Don't think are worth three hundred Dollars more than the pixel 7 because The pixel 7 has its own top features That the s23 doesn't have I think if You're someone looking at these two Devices and you don't mind having a Slightly bigger phone you should 10 out Of 10 go for the pixel 7 each and every Time now not dismissing the Galaxy s23 This phone is absolutely incredible and I think if you're someone who wants like The best that you can get in a smaller Device because you want it to be as One-handable as possible or You Really

Gonna keep this phone for four to five Years so those software updates really Make a difference then yeah maybe spend The extra 300 bucks and get the Galaxy S23 but it's crazy how good this phone Is for the price and it's hard for me to Recommend something so much more Expensive especially now when things are Tight like say that 300 bucks use it for Something worth it you know like some Eggs because eggs are expensive that's What I would do if you have any Questions let me know in the comment Section down below like the video if you Liked it subscribe if you haven't Already and I'll see you guys in the Next one

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