Samsung Galaxy S23 Review – The Best Small Phone!

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So this is the brand new Samsung Galaxy S23 and it's probably one of the best Small phones you can buy today it Retails for 7.99 yes there's a lot of Other phones for cheaper that offer more But they're not as small as this like You could buy a pixel 7 Pro or a pixel 7 Or a sue Zenfone but there's nothing Like this that completes the entire Package in a 6.1 inch device now Unfortunately I don't have a Galaxy s22 To compare it to but they did make some Design changes for one the camera Housing that used to be on the s22 is Now gone it's no longer there it's more Of just a clean flat back and then you Have the camera rings around the cameras It's a tiny bit lighter at 5.8 ounces Compared to 5.9 on the previous model You have Gorilla Glass victus on the Front and the back of the phone so it's The latest durable glass that you can Buy for this device of course you have The aluminum framing which feels nice And Polished it's not a slippery phone And because of its size it just feels Very easy to hold in one hand now the Big difference this year is they have a Faster fingerprint scanner like it is Pretty quick to log in now and usually Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are Usually on the slower side this one's Quick not as fast as Optical not as fast As the physical fingerprint scanner on

The side of a fold four but it's fast Enough that I don't have too many Complaints you have the standard stuff You'd find on any Samsung device so your Type c Port you have your slot for your Sim card and then of course you have two Speakers on the phone that give you External sound now the sound on this is Really good for a smaller phone it's not Going to beat the bigger s23 Ultra but It sounds exceptional for a smaller Device [Music] Now if you are picking this up make sure You get the model with 256 gigabytes the Good news is Samsung's offering a Pre-order value that allows you get to 256 gigabyte version for the exact same Price as the 128 one and the reason why I say that is not only do you get more Storage but the 256 gigabyte version has Faster storage in general that will make A big difference if you keep this phone For years to come the next little change Is the display even though it's still Rocking 120 hertz display with a 48 to 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate just Like the previous one the difference is The brightness so it's technically using A different panel this can get up to 1750 knits a peak brightness compared to 1300 nits in the previous device this is Really important if you're using this Device Outdoors or if you really want to

Appreciate HDR that extra bit of peak Brightness will help out it's a gorgeous Display and quite frankly I can't tell The difference compared to the s23 ultra They both look incredible in fact I have The s23 ultra right here and this will Give you an idea the size difference Compared to both of these phones like This s23 Ultra is obviously a two-handed Phone like it's a big phone you're Buying this for the battery life you're Buying this for the biggest screen You're buying this for the best possible Samsung Experience the little guy is for The one-handers and I don't feel like You're losing much by using the smaller Version of this compared to the bigger One like I use this phone day in day out And I don't feel like I'm messing much From the s23 Ultra except for the bigger Display like there's times where I'm Like I wish I had a slightly bigger Display but then there's times I'd carry The s23 ultra and be like I don't like Carrying this big thing in my pocket I'd Rather carry and hold something like This so these are the kind of trade-offs You have to decide for yourself but just Like the s23 ultra you are getting the Same processor it's the Snapdragon hn2 For Galaxy so it's technically using a Slightly higher clocked CPU compared to The regular hn2 and even though it's Using the same processor as the ultra it

Doesn't run as fast this is a smaller Body it heats up a little bit more it Doesn't have the room to dissipate the Heat and obviously doesn't have the same Cooling capabilities is this going to Make a difference in your day-to-day Activities absolutely not this is for Like the hardcore Enthusiast who's Playing Pub G all day and needs the Maximum frames per second because he's a Maniac like that's when you'd want to Use the s23 ultra and the other little Change is the battery size like this got Bumped up to 3 900 milliamp hours Compared to 3700 in the previous version So not only do we have a bigger battery But the Snapdragon hn2 is more efficient Overall like if you are hardcore heavy User you're gaming taking photos you're On the phone all day you can probably Expect around five to five and a half Hours screen on time if you're more of a Media M to light user like I am you can Easily get six and a half to seven hours Of screen on time like I did now Unfortunately it doesn't have the same 45 watt fast charging that the bigger S23 Ultra has you're kind of stuck at 25 But of course you can always just sip Slowly and use wireless charging instead I've never had an issue where I felt Like I needed fast charging on this Device I feel like 25 watts is more than Fast enough for me but I know some my

Audience wants the fastest charging as Possible if you have a little change is The front-facing camera on the previous Model it was 10 megapixels but on the New s23 it's been bumped up to 12 you Can shoot 4K and all that stuff but the Front-facing camera does take good Photos I compared it to the iPhone 14 And I found the 14 just had more natural Skin tones whereas the s23 tended to Make my skin look a bit yellow it wasn't Terrible it wasn't a bad pick I still Think it looks good it's just it's still Not doing a good job with the color Balance all right so now you're looking At the front facing camera on the Galaxy S23 versus the iPhone 14 Galaxy can do UHD 30 whereas the iPhone 14 is stuck at HD 30. you guys let me know which one Sounds better and of course which one Actually looks better now the software Experience has been fantastic Samsung One UI 5.1 on a smaller phone looks Incredible it feels nice and tight it Feels clean it just looks and functions Amazing now one thing that's been kind Of controversial is the camera layout It's the exact same one as the s22 so 50 Megapixel wide lens you have your 10 Megapixel telephoto and then of course a 12 megapixel Ultra wide lens now Samsung Did say they improved the computational Photography low light photo should Perform better I don't have an s22 to

Compare to but I did compare it to the IPhone 14. overall the camera feels just As good as the s23 ultra I found that Outdoors the color tones tended to be a Bit more on the cool side compared to The warm look on an iPhone 14 and the Camera computational photography does Match up to the bigger s23 Ultra now you Will get slightly and I mean ever so Slightly better photos on the s23 ultra But not by much after talking about Nighttime photography it was really Trading blows with the iPhone 14. the Shots looked great with both devices I Found that the s23 tended to do a lot of Smoothening of the picture which means Less noise whereas the iPhone 14 did Less smoothing but you got a lot more Digital noise in the photo in terms of Indoor shots that's where this phone Kind of fell apart depending on the Lighting it could really throw off the White balance I did turn off scene Optimizer for a lot of these shots to See if that had an effect and for the Most part it helped a little bit but it Still got tricked Now video is Interesting because I did find the Stabilization to be slightly better on The Samsung device but the overall color Reproduction is still better on the IPhone 14. it's just richer there's more Dynamic range it just holds the crown For the best video even to this day not

That this is bad like this takes great Video but you can definitely tell There's a difference when it comes to Action mode or steady shot Again the Galaxy and iPhone both do a Great job but in this situation the Samsung phone actually looks a bit Sharper and cleaner because it can shoot At a higher resolution so here's the Thing this is obviously not the best Bang for your buck phone when you Compare it to devices like the pixel 7 Pro and pixel 7. but this is the best Small phone you can buy right now it Pretty much has everything you want in a Small phone like it doesn't really cut Corners on anything sure you can argue Fast charging sure you can argue a QHD Display but I disagree QHD on a phone This size really doesn't make a Difference you cannot tell the Difference on a 6.1 inch display and I Feel like if you don't mind having a Smaller device I'd personally just save The money and buy the regular Galaxy s23 Over the bigger s23 Ultra I'd only go For the bigger one if you want like the Best Samsung Experience if you want the Bigger display and bigger battery and Yes you could make the argument for the S23 plus but I feel like when you get That close to the ultra you might as Well just go big and go home that's my Review of the s23 let me know if you

Want me to compare this to any other Devices in the comment section down Below like the video if you liked it Subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in the next one

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