Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus Review – The Best Galaxy S23!

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So this the brand new Samsung Galaxy s23 Plus and I've reviewed the other two Devices that Samsung announced already But this one for some weird reason is my Favorite one out of the three and it's Weird because it sits at a very awkward Price point it's 999 dollars which makes It a hundred dollars more than the pixel 7 Pro it's 200 more expensive than the Regular Galaxy s23 but it's 200 cheaper Than the s23 ultra and not once Throughout this entire review did I feel Like going back to my regular s23 or did I feel like I needed to spend 200 more To have the ultra now don't get me wrong The ultra is a fantastic phone it's Obviously the best of what Samsung Offers right now beautiful screen but The thing is to me it's just a device That's much too big in fact it's even Bigger than the iPhone 14 pro Max like When you put the s23 plus beside the 14 Pro Max not only is it a shorter device But it's obviously less wide too the Ultra is bigger than this and look I Like big phones but I don't like them That big and this is a couple of things I think Samsung could have done better For one this display is a full HD Plus Display just like the s23 and I feel Like for 999 dollars that is a complete Cop-out this should have a QHD plus Display just like the ultra and look I Can't really notice the pixels I'm

Getting older maybe if I was five years Younger I would be able to see the Difference but I don't feel like this Display on the s23 plus is any worse Than the one that's on the s23 even Though technically the smaller s23 has a Higher pixel density the device itself Is pretty much identical in terms of Aesthetics it has a very flat look on The back you have your three cameras Sitting to the left it's not as bulky as The previous s 22 plus like it's a Little bit more flat on the table it Doesn't wobble as round as much the Sides are nice and smooth I find the Entire device so easy to hold so Comfortable in the hand it's definitely Not a one-handable phone like if you Want a pure One handable phone you got To go for the regular s23 It just fits And functions perfectly for a one-handed User but I do find this a lot easier to Use than the iPhone 14 pro Max or Ultra Like I could get away using one hand and Even though it's like slightly smaller Display wise I find the screen to be More than big enough the speakers on Them are stereo so you have one at the Top and the bottom but I do find that The sound quality is better on the plus Just because the body's bigger it kind Of makes this little chamber inside for The sound to resonate so it just sounds A bit louder than the regular Galaxy s23

Foreign And the other little tweak is you get Faster charging this has 45 watt fast Charging which is identical to the ultra Whereas the regular s23 only got 25 watt Charging now performance on all of the S23 models have been fantastic they're Using the exact same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Chip and it's the one that's been Customized for the Galaxy devices and I Feel like the plus is just as fast as The regular s23 but I do find that the Plus is a lot harder to get warm Compared to the smaller model and again There's just more room inside of the Body for heat to dissipate so I feel Like if you're buying one of these Devices and you're a hardcore mobile Gamer you're obviously going to want the Plus the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner Is fantastic like I've used some early Samsung Galaxy devices and it was just Inaccurate at picking up my fingerprint Scanner but we're at the point right now Where it's absolutely solid is it faster Than most Optical scanners that I've Tested out recently no but it's faster Enough that anyone won't notice the Difference the other thing to note is That this is a phone that has really Good cameras it's still using a lot of The same camera systems they've had on The regular Galaxy s22 but it's still Very good for 2023 they've improved the

Front-facing camera I think it takes Great shots not the best it tends to Make my skin look a bit too yellow but Depending on your your color your skin Tones it might work better for you the Actual camera photography I've already Done a comparison against the iPhone 14. It does a very good job of keeping up With it I would say that the thing it Does very well is give you a nice Vibrant photo to look at straight off The camera ready to post on social media Not every time does it do a great job You know sometimes it overexposes a Scene if scene Optimizer is on and You're indoors it could make what you're Looking at very yellow but overall it's A very consistent camera the only areas That I found that it got really tripped Up was when I was doing portrait mode it Would just be a bit too yellow for some Of the subjects I was taking picture Pictures of the one area that this does Excel in is video it's one of the better Android phones out there that takes Great video you can do 4K 30 4K 60 it All looks fantastic is it better than The iPhone no iPhone still is number one When it comes to actual video but this One does a very good job overall but Battery life is why you buy the Plus or The regular Galaxy s23 and I know this Screenshot only shows 5 hours and 20 Minutes of screen on time but there's 10

Battery life left I'm gonna call it six Hours of screen on time what you don't Notice is that I've been using the phone For over two days over two days of use That means I'm not a super duper heavy User I'm more of a light user so there's A lot of idle time there if you're a Heavy user and you're literally using This phone all day you can probably Squeeze seven to eight hours of screen On time using this device I definitely Felt a noticeable difference using the Plus over the regular Galaxy s23 it just Has better battery life overall is it Better than the ultra probably not but I Think it's close enough that I feel like The 200 more you pay to get that Slightly better battery life might not Be worth it for a lot of people so back To my original question should you buy The Galaxy s23 plus and we're going to Answer this in two ways one for the user Who wants to buy an s23 and nothing else And the other way for an individual Who's looking at all phones and can't Decide for themselves if I had to choose One of the three and they were all Equally priced I'd personally still go For the s23 plus it's a bigger phone and I felt the screen was big enough but yet It was a lot more manageable to use on a Daily basis than the bigger Ultra I also Found personally that I don't think the Ultra is worth two hundred dollars more

I don't use the S Pen the screen on the Ultra is better but it's not that much Better where I felt like oh my God I had To have it battery life is kind of Comparable and the camera improvements Are great the best Samsung has ever done But I feel like the cameras on the plus Are still good enough and quite frankly With all this stuff coming out about the Moon I don't think too many people are Going to be taking moon photos on the Ultra anymore because we all know now For sure that those pictures are fake But then we have to talk about value Because value is important not everybody Has 11.99 or 9.99 to spend on a phone And if that's you just buy the regular Galaxy s23 out of all three phones this Offers the best bang for your buck all The features are very similar to the Plus the only thing you're really losing Is screen size and battery life and if You don't care about having a bigger Screen you're going to absolutely love The s23 overall but the True Value Kings Come down to a couple of other phones Because this is priced at 9.99 you also Have the pixel 7 Pro for 8.99 and the IPhone 14 pro for the exact same price But then you can also talk about the Pixel 7 which is significantly cheaper Than all of these so there's a lot of Questions you have to ask yourself Before picking up any of these devices

But out of all three phones that I Reviewed I personally had the most fun With the plus I hope it answers your Questions let me you know the comment Section down below like the video if you Liked it subscribe if you haven't Already and I'll see you guys in the Next one

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