RTX 4070Ti First Look, Yeah It’s Got The Power But Is It Worth Buying?

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This thing is definitely putting down Some amazing performance 4K Ultra here With modern warfare 2. I mean this looks Awesome What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Taking a look at the brand new Nvidia 4070 TI now this is what I've been Waiting on Zotac was kind enough to send This over for review and this is their Amp extreme aerio version they also have The amp area and The Trinity that They're going to be offering over on Their website but this seems to be one Of the higher end versions that they're Offering right now for the RTX 4070 and Of course when it comes to these 4000 Series cards we're still working with a Pretty big GPU here as you can see Now like I mentioned the 4070 TI is Actually one I've been looking forward To and it really comes down to the price Compared to the other 4 000 series cards On the market inside of the box with the Zotac amp extreme area we're going to Get a GPU support bracket I'm actually Glad to see that they're including this With the GPU because they can get heavy And sag quite a bit if they're not set Up properly but having this bracket Really does help out we've also got that Newer Nvidia 4000 series power adapter And this does require the connection of Three eight pin connectors from your

Power supply it's recommended to use a 750 watt power supply with this GPU and Power consumption can get on up there to Around 285 watts in my opinion the Overall design with the Zotac version Looks really good it's got that istorm 2.0 cooler and this is actually a 3.5 Slot GPU so you will need quite a large Case to get this in there and real quick I just kind of wanted to give you a size Comparison we've got the RTX 3060 the RTX 3080 TI and of course the RTX 40 370 TI as you can see it's definitely a hoss And coming in much larger than the 3080. So the 4070 TI has 7680 Cuda cores and This Zotac version does boost up to 2 700 megahertz but they do have their own Proprietary overclocking software when Can get a bit higher 12 gigabytes of Gddr6 XV Ram it does require three Eight-pin connectors it'll pull up to 285 watts and so far I haven't seen it Hit that but it's getting real close and They do recommend a 750 watt power Supply When it comes to testing out this Zotac 4070 TI I'm going to be putting it in my Personal rig so when it comes to the CPU We've got the I9 13900k I know it's Overkill for gaming but uh this is kind Of my workstation slash gaming station And it works out great 32 gigabytes of Ddr5 running at 6000 megahertz and a Corsair RM 850 watt power supply now I'm

Actually taking my 3080 out just to put This in for testing and you know with The 3080 I was really happy with the Performance there but there was some Stuff that I really wanted to play at 4K I just couldn't do it with no dlss so Hopefully the 4070 TI does outperform That so I gotta say I do love what Zotac Is done with the RGB on this 4070 TI Looks really good here I'm not a huge Fan of RGB and you know I say that but I've got RGB in this PC it's kind of Hard to avoid it now in 2023 but yeah The card itself looks absolutely amazing Really hope it lives up to the Performance I'm thinking this thing's Going to put out Okay so before we get into testing give You a quick look here we've got the I9 13900k 32 gigabytes of ddr5 at 6000 Megahertz and I did want to check you Know the maximum clock on this 4070 TI I'm not doing any kind of overclocking But uh taking a look at gpu-z when I run A stress test on it actually jumps up a Bit higher than 2700 megahertz we're Actually at 2895 megahertz nice little surprise There and in this video I'm not going to Be doing any kind of power over clocking Or any kind of core overclocking with This GPU I'm really interested to see What this thing's going to do right out Of the box

And of course by the end of this video We are going to be testing out a little Bit of emulation I wanted to see if we Could do PS3 8K with this we'll also Test out some Nintendo switch but the First thing I did was run some Benchmarks taking a look at geekbench 5cl score we got a 214 462 and just to give you an idea of the Performance jump over the old 3070 TI That was sitting at around 147 000. now We're also coming ahead of the 3080 TI But right behind the 3090. Moving over to 3dmark fire strike we got A total score here of 42 776 and I've also ran the same exact System with that 3080 TI and even a 40 90. as you can see with this Benchmark We are coming ahead of that 3080 TI and Of course we're never going to come Ahead of the 4090 but the final one here Is time spy with a total score of 22 386. kind of the same thing here with That 3080 TI and that 40 90. and just Taking a look at these synthetics it's Definitely not too far off from the 3080 Ti so if you're already rocking a card Like that there's absolutely no reason To upgrade to the 4070 TI and really the Only reason I mention it is because the 4070 TI is actually only coming in 100 Cheaper than the older RTX 3080 TI Retail on that was 8.99 retail on the 4070 TI is supposedly 7.99 but now it's

Time to move over to some real world Gaming I mean we could run synthetics All day but I want to see what this Thing can do and first up we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales 4K very high no Dlss absolutely amazing performance now With most of this stuff I'm just going To go up to 4K we're kind of at that Point right now where yeah it's going to Run it at 1080 and 1440 no problem and With this one we got an average of 87 FPS so you'll see it jump up way higher Than that when we're up in the air but Down there where everything's happening We've got that average right around 87 Which isn't bad at all given that we're Not using dlss moving over to my Favorite racing game we've got Forza Horizon 5 4K extreme no scaling Whatsoever and this is one of those Games that does perform quite well in a Lot of different systems and with this 4070 TI I mean totally maxed out here With Forza Horizon 5. you can get an Average of around 112 FPS and of course We could drop this down to ultra but We're at those extreme settings 4K no Scaling Again shortly enjoy next on the list We've got God of War 4K Ultra no dlss I Thought we'd get a little more out of it Like it sits right now don't get me Wrong it is playable like this we got an Average of 78 FPS but given we're

Working with the new 4000 series card I Figured it'd be a bit more and of course We can get a lot more out of it by Turning dlss on just went to Performance Here and now we can get an average of Around 114 FPS and I'll tell you I mean Even go into performance at this higher Resolution it's really hard for me to Tell by my naked eye that there's any Difference between the resolution itself This looks really good like it is You know I had to throw Doom Eternal in Here in my opinion this is one of the Best optimized games out there I mean be It for Linux or Windows it just Basically runs on anything we're at 4K Ultra nightmare no scaling whatsoever And we can get an average of around 168 FPS Cyberpunk 2077 4K with the ultra Ray Tracing preset you got to keep in mind That this does enable dlss once you go There from the settings you can disable It but when it's disabled Ultra Ray Tracing this is going to get around 30 FPS now uh what I wanted to do here was Just take it down to let's say Ray Tracing low Still have dlss set to Auto that's what It is out of the box and we can get an Average of around 81 FPS now personally What I would do with a game like this is Just take it to ultra settings dlss set To balanced and just have a really great

Time with it we're going to average Around 81 set up like that or you could Run the ray tracing presets it's really Up to you Elden ring 4K Ultra 4070 TI is Definitely going to handle it as long as Your CPU can keep up now remember we've Got that 3 900k here so it's not going To be an issue and I'll tell you this Game looks absolutely amazing at 4K Ultra I mean we're maxed out here And the final thing I wanted to test was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. so I just Ran the built-in Benchmark and with this First run we're at 4K Ultra no dlss we Got an average of 82 FPS but we got a Low of 42. so uh you know with the Totally maxed out like that you will Have some dips when there's lots of Explosions going on but just taking dlss To balanced brings our average up to 149 FPS and we only got a low of 89 FPS so I'd say this is probably the way you Want to play it at 4k on the 4070 TI but You know we can always drop that Resolution down to 1440 take it to ultra No dlss and play it all day long and of Course you knew we were going to test Out some emulation and when it comes to Basically everything that I tested here Your CPU is really going to be the most Important part that 13900k is going to Run all of it just fine but when it's Time to upscale that's where your GPU is

Going to come into play here we have Zinnia the Xbox 360 Emulator with Forza 2 and we can get an average of around 250 FPS V desync is off here Next thing I tested was some PS3 but Instead of you know going to 4K I wanted To see if we could do 8K with this so as You can see we're at a 600 percent Resolution upscale 8K and I tested Skate 3 which is definitely a harder one to Emulate requires a pretty beefy CPU and The 4070 TI can definitely hang with the Big dogs I mean 8K PS3 emulation is Pretty hard to do we do get a few dips But I really do think it comes down to Driver optimizations right now and I'm Sure in the future we won't see any of Those dips and you know if I didn't have That frame counter on I wouldn't even Notice it went down two frames and the Final one I wanted to test here was Yuzu For some switch emulation from the Settings you can go all the way up to 6X Resolution which is around I think 12K Maybe a little more but at 4X res we're At 8K and it does run these games at Full speed I mean we're getting great Performance here so uh switch emulation At 8K is possible on the 4070 TI So far loving the performance at the Zotac 4070 TI is putting out obviously Much more powerful than the older 3070 Or 3070 TI and it's actually coming in a Bit more powerful than the 3080 TI but I

Wouldn't run out and upgrade my 30 80 or 3080 TI to the 4070 TI if you've been Eyeballing the 3080 TI at a retail price Then I would kind of have second Thoughts and think about the 4070 TI if This is the kind of price point you want To be in and of course everything's Overpriced nowadays but I do think that This is a much better value than the 4080 or even the 40 90. I've got the 4090 and really haven't even used 60 of Its performance uh this is something I Could definitely get by with on a Day-to-day use case scenario for Accelerated video rendering emulation And of course PC gaming but that's going To wrap it up for this video really Appreciate you watching if you're Interested in learning more about the Zotac amp extreme aerio GeForce RTX 4070 TI I'll leave some links in the Description and I do have one more video Planned I actually want to use this as An external GPU over Thunderbolt 4 or USB 4 with some of the handhelds that we Have here I've been really interested to See how these 4000 series cards work Externally over Thunderbolt 3 or usb4 And I've tried the 4090 I didn't have Great luck with it but I do have a new Dock on the way and new cable so we will Test it out with this RTX 4070 TI if There's anything else you want to see Tested with this GPU or if you've got

Any questions let me know in the Comments below like always thanks for Watching

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