RG35XX Hands On, An Awesome $50 EMULATION Handheld Can It Edge Out The Miyoo Mini?

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[Music] Foreign What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Taking a look at a pretty awesome Low-cost device from Amber neck known as The Rg35xx the price on this is coming in Around 55 over on their website and I'd Say it's a great low-cost pocketable Device but you got to keep in mind with These lower cost devices we're going to Be limited on you know how high we can Go with our emulation basically with the Rg35xx and the operating system it's Running out of the box we're only going To be able to go up to PS1 but we've got A lot of stuff that we can play here and It does all of it very very well now With the price point and the form factor Here this is definitely going to compete With something like the Mayo mini and if You're into a smaller device than the Myo mini would definitely be the way to Go but if you thought that one was a bit Too small then the Rg35xx might be perfect for you now Taking a look around the device over Here on the right hand side we've got Dual micro SD card slots a reset button And our power button moving up to the Top Top This does have many HDMI out We've also got two LED indicators over Here on the right hand side we've got

Our volume rocker and on the bottom here We've got a 3.5 millimeter audio jack And USB type c the button layout here is Pretty normal we've got a b x y menu Button start select and our d-pad now I Do have to say that the d-pad here isn't On par with some of the other Amber Nick Devices now I'm a huge fan of their D-pad design but with the way the shell Is set up on this it is a bit limited it Just doesn't feel the same as some of The other ones that we've seen in Something like the RG 355m now don't get Me wrong it is usable and we will be Doing some testing by the end of the Video totally works out great for Platformers and fighting games I just Personally don't think it's on par with Some of their other handhelds and Finally around back here we've got our Shoulder buttons and our trigger buttons Now some people are into this design Some people don't like it but you know With the power this thing's put now and The emulators available right now for The Rg35xx it works out out great now we Didn't need any kind of linear triggers Or anything like that it's just kind of The reach over to the shoulder buttons So this handheld is a bit different from Some of the other devices that they Offer when it comes to the operating System it's pretty locked down right now

It is based on Linux but there's not Much that we can do it's not using Android and it's not using emulation Station but when it comes to the specs We've got a quad core arm cortex A9 CPU The GPU is a power VR sgx 544mp we've Got 256 megabytes of ram a 3.5 inch IPS Display with a resolution of 640×480 it Is fully laminated and the viewing Angles on this are great also puts out Some really nice colors it's also got a Built-in vibration motor and a 2100 Milliamp hour battery now they're Claiming five hours of gameplay and I Could definitely see it get there if You're using the lower end emulators I've personally been averaging around Four hours with PS1 emulation on this Unit Taking a look at the operating system Like I mentioned it is a bit different From what we've seen in the past from Them it's not emulation station it's not Android this is a custom Linux operating System built for this unit we may see on Others in the future I think it does Work great for these lower cost devices We've got a lot of settings in here but It's just not as customizable as Something like emulation station now There are a few things that we can Actually change here to kind of make it Your own but uh not a ton now we've got An icon set we can also change the

Background with the icon set it's Basically the theme so if we head in Here we've got a few to choose from I'm gonna go with this I think it looks Pretty good so once we apply that our Main menu is going to look a bit Different there's also a few pre-loaded Backgrounds that we can swap to but Personally I like the black one I think It looks pretty good so just heading Into the PS1 section as you can see We're just going to scroll through here For some games we've got some artwork be It uh you know a screenshot or box art And right out of the box this supports PlayStation one we've also got some Vertical games CPS Neo Geo FBA hacks We've got some main games Game Boy Advance NES Super Nintendo Sega Master System we've also got Mega driver Genesis Game Boy Color Game Boy PC Engine Neo Geo Pocket color Game Gear And wonder Swan color so obviously we Are a bit limited we're not going to be Able to go up to Dreamcast and even if We could the hardware here just isn't Going to handle it but for what we have Here it does work great with this CPU And GPU combo and we've got to take a Look at the price too I mean coming in At 55 five dollars I love these vertical Handhelds I call them DMG style it does Fit directly in my pocket definitely a Bit bigger than the Mayo mini but some

People wanted something a bit bigger and This 3.5 inch IPS display looks great We've also got that front-facing speaker Overall viewing angles are awesome on This and yeah I mean for these lower end Games and everything that we've got Loaded up on here it makes for a great Little pocketable device I've been Really enjoying GBA on this unit another One I really like playing on this is PC Engine and when it comes to PC engine Emulation it basically runs on anything And yeah I mean the highest we can Really go with this right now is PS1 With the operating system we have out of The box now maybe in the future we'll See some more emulators added to the Same operating system or maybe some Custom firmware but for now we've still Got thousands of games that we can play And they all run really well [Music] So while playing any of these games we Can press the menu button and we're Going to get a few different settings we Can save and load here we've got five Slots to choose from for each game we Can load up really quickly you can reset The game from here and we've got a few Screen filters so right now I'm set in Fast mode I think it looks great like This we've also got a dot matrix mode Not too bad does work out really well With original Game Boy and Game Boy

Color there's a scan line mode and we've Also got HD which does smooth everything Out I'm not a huge fan of this usually I've just been leaving this in fast mode And I think it looks great on this Display Next thing I wanted to do is show off This d-pad I've got Marvel Superheroes Versus Street Fighter and this is the PlayStation 1 version so I could get Over to the practice mode but I have Been running a lot of CPS fighting games On this and they run great so uh like I Mentioned this d-pad isn't as great as Some of the other Amber Nick devices but It is totally usable and I really think It comes down to just the shell itself If there was a little bit of a concave Underneath that d-pad I think it would Be just as good as some of the others But as you can see here we can pull off Our special moves just fine it's really About that flat surface and just kind of Bottoming out when you're trying to pull Off those moves Now one thing I'd love to see in future Firmware updates if we ever get any is The ability to kind of change the color For Game Boy games right now it's just Black and white and from the menu we Don't have any settings it would have Been nice just to have a few different Colorization settings like uh the P Green maybe blue purple red but

Unfortunately the way it is we're kind Of stuck with black and white right now Now from the menu we've also got a Search function which does work out well For finding the game you want to play Because it really sucks scrolling Through a bunch of this stuff like for Instance blazing star was one that I was Trying to find in Neo Geo and I could Search for it start playing it directly From here and when it comes to Neo Geo Games I've went through a few of these Like the metal slot games and one of my Favorites is blazing star and this is One that I could play all day on this Little handheld But the main thing I've been messing Around with on the saying how this PlayStation 1 emulation and I'm actually Surprised at how well it runs now I Completely understand that PlayStation 1 Basically runs on anything nowadays We've got some really good emulators but It's pretty cool to have a device this Small in your pocket that you could just Pull out basically anywhere and start Playing your favorite PlayStation 1 Games even something like Tekken 3 runs At full speed I mean it's actually a Really enjoyable experience to play These PS1 fighting games and even racing Games on this handheld so in the end With a price point like this if you're Looking for a nice little pocketable

Device you can carry around with you Basically anywhere then I think that the Rg35xx is a great choice now like I Mentioned this one is bigger than the my Own mini so if you're looking for that Super small form factor then definitely Go with the Mayo but the Rg35xx does come in larger and a lot of People were wanting something like this At a price point around 55 and we Finally got it with this one but that's Gonna wrap it up for this video if You're interested in learning more or Maybe even picking one of these up I'll Leave some links in the description and If you've got any questions let me know Down below but like always thanks for Watching

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