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Today I'll be reacting to the best Setups posted in the battle station Subreddit and since 2022 is finally over I'm really curious to see what were some Of the best setups that were posted on There let's begin Take your battle station to the next Level with the courser zenyon flex the World's first bendable OLED gaming Monitor with a blazing fast 240 hertz Refresh rate and a .03 millisecond Response time on a massive 45 inch OLED Display you can take your gaming and Productivity to the next level do you Prefer the game on a curved display no Problem just grab the handles and bend The monitor you have complete control on The curvature of the monitor the OLED Panel provides the best colors with deep Blacks and exceptional viewing angles Perfect for watching content and Creating content the zenyon flex is the Ultimate monitor that does it all to Learn more click the link below so we're Going to start right at the 5000 votes Mark because the list just goes on Forever until the lower numbers and I Feel like if your setup gets at least 5 000 votes on the subreddit then it's Worthy enough to get featured so Starting off we have a setup straight Out of a toolbox this one's got Creativity I like that you mount to the Monitor and the speakers against the

Toolbox but it doesn't look like it's Functional unfortunately he's not able To close the lid because the speakers Are not mounted on the actual lid Portion so if you were to close it it Will hit the speakers The mouse is also in a very Uncomfortable spot you have to like dig In your hand to use it I mean plus one For the Pokemon stickers and creativity But you threw functionality out of the Window with this design this guy gets it In the comments section buy a trackball Mouse so you don't have to do comma Sutra positions with your wrist I feel Like it could have been executed better 4 out of 10 for me all right this next One is from Philip kovas this one got 5000 votes as well and already I'm not Liking the monitor layout you know if You're going with dual Ultra rides it's Never a good idea to put them side by Side that's a big No-No not only do you Have the bezels right smack in the Center but there is just too much Horizontal screen real estate you always Want to Stack Ultra rides to optimize Your field of view not to mention this Dude isn't even using a mouse pad I'm Shocked that this setup even has 5000 Votes starting to question people's Tastes and setups on Reddit it's uh it's A clean setup but it's far from Efficient once again I do agree with the

Top comment here staring at the bezel Smack dab in the center makes me sad Have you thought about having one Centered and the other off to the side Even that layout is a lot better than How he has it now imma give it a 7 out Of 10 though okay this one looks pretty Badass it looks like a pretty Decked Out Racing Sim setup actually no it's a Flying Sim setup based on the Controllers and the joystick but what a Hell are the monitors oh it's a VR setup That's actually pretty cool but what's The point of the actual physical Controls if it's VR is it just for Aesthetics or can you actually press Them in real life while using the VR Headset maybe someone who's experiencing These types of setups can let me know in The comment section this is actually Pretty cool imma give it a 9 out of 10. Hey fancy seeing you here my guy I mean I shouldn't be surprised to find a few Seal of approval area owners on the sub Reddit I mean I've already said what I Needed to say about Jalen's setup in Episode 316 I'm just surprised at how Low the votes are this setup definitely Deserves more than 5 000 upvotes I would Say at least 7K maybe even a 10K Mark Okay what in the CIA is going on here What is that monitor layout Jeez look I've seen a few hexa modern Setups in my lifetime but this one

Definitely Takes the Cake it's like a Scene from The Matrix movies you know That scene where Neo is talking to the Architect I'm getting those vibes from The setup he's either a stock Trader or He works with NASA from home like this Is a work from home NASA setup there's No other explanation look he's even got Two chairs one for him and the other for The astronomer I'm guessing from a Functional standpoint I don't see how Either of the three monitors on the top Are a good idea this dude is definitely Getting a good neck workout at least Make the outer monitors angle the bit Oh maybe that's why he has two chairs he Literally switches chairs to get from One side of the desk to the other that Actually makes more sense this guy's About to hack into Gotham City I can see It I can see it this is a six out of ten For me the fact that this setup has 5.2k Votes is is beyond me I I feel more bad About the dog in this picture than the Person who owns this setup I get that You're in a budget and this is all you Can afford but dude put some love and Care into your workspace the least you Can do is wipe the dust off your Speakers and the midi keyboard I think the dog's reaction pretty much Sums up how I feel about this setup I Really hope the dog is getting treated Better than your workspace my guy

That's a shame this is a two out of ten For me see this is how you do an ultra Wide setup you stack them to optimize Field of view I don't know how on Neptune's seventh Moon this setup got 5.2 K votes but I'm Not surprised anymore to be honest 5 out Of 10. if my Grandma had a passion in Setups this is literally what her setup Would look like she loves knitting Random stuff all the time and she loves Plants I mean this setup embodies her Spirit like I can see how this one got 5.2 K votes it's it's a straight up Vibe It's so different and unique to what we Normally see and for that I applaud this Person do what you have to do until you Want to do what you want to do I think I just had a brain aneurysm There has to have been an easier way of Saying follow your dreams I like this setup you know what I mostly Like it because it's so different I Would recommend a small mouse pad for Your mouse but other than that I mean It's a nice cozy setup I would say seven Out of ten hey here's another seal of Approval setup this one was actually More recent this is a mic setup from Episode 319 I believe this guy shocked Us all with his 3D modeled and custom Setup I mean the attention the detail The dedication that went into the setup Was absolutely inspiring uh you guys

Have to check out the video if you Missed it It's hands down one of the best setups I've seen so far definitely worthy of Being on this list 10 out of 10 for me Easy okay this one looks very similar to The other one we literally just checked Out although I have to say this one looks way more Cluttered to a point where it's just too Much going on for my taste it feels like Someone had a bunch of little Knickknacks laying around and it decided To cram it all on their desk space That's what it feels like to me the Microphone is in an awkward spot half The desk lamp is hanging off the Monitorizer I mean It's just too much I can see how this is Cozy and comfortable for a lot of people And I don't mean to bring you guys down By any means I mean everyone has their Preference obviously but for me I'm just I'm not feeling it to be honest I think The other setup should have been ranked Higher than this this is a 5 out of 10 For me all this setup is actually pretty Cool looks like we have a quad monitor Layout with dual systems Um it looks like a streaming setup oh There's another there's another setup in The back It looks like a racing Sim setup judging By the chair but let me see if I can

Find another angle of this okay yeah It's definitely a racing Sim setup That's actually pretty sick I'm digging It as far as your main setup is Concerned I'm not a fan of the modern Placement uh it's a bit wonky for me I Love keeping things centered and Symmetrical as do a lot of people Um so the top Monitor and the left Vertical monitor throws off the balance Of this setup also for some odd reason The extra long wrist rest bothers me why Is it so long uh also there's just way Too much extra mouse pad space on the Left side there is one thing for sure he Is pretty much set for winter my guy Doesn't need to turn on the heater in This room the setup will do it for him Seven out of 10 for me okay forget about The NASA setup we looked at earlier boys And girls that does not even come Remotely close to Winter sprinkles setup So apparently he's a technical media Producer at a local TV station and this Is the setup he uses to coordinate local Newscasts If one person is in charge of the setup Then I am extremely impressed there was No way one person with two eyeballs can Navigate through this sea of monitors I Would lose my mind if I was there like My head would probably explode can you Imagine scanning through each monitor Constantly over the course of eight

Hours I don't know how long his shift is But I mean this has to be a multi-person Setup right if I had to guess at least Three people use this setup but if any Of you guys work at a TV station correct Me if I'm wrong in the comment section Below please I'm dying to know but for The most part it's actually very Organized I'm very impressed that they Were able to keep it this clean judging By how many freaking monitors there are It certainly lacks personality but then Again it is a new station but other than That it's not bad it's a six out of ten For me oh I love what this person did With his bedroom closet Oh that's so cool He removed the doors and he converted That entire area into his workspace you Know I see a lot of these on setup Orders but this one has the best Execution hands down I can't tell if that's just wallpaper or If he added panels but it complements The space very well and the fact that he Continued the hardwood flooring and the Molding into the closet space just adds To the overall look like he made the Space look so natural as if it's an Extension of his bedroom and that's What's so impressive about this setup It's functional it's classy it's got a Bit of Personality with excellent Cable Management you can definitely tell a lot

Of thought and planning went into the Setup It's an easy 10 out of 10 for me Excellent use of space well done this Next setup is a straight up Vibe my Mind's got more custom keyboards than I Have gpus it's definitely a nice thing To Showcase you know especially when It's something you work really hard Towards I know they ain't cheap so it Probably took you some time to save up And build these over the past few years The setup itself it's badass I love the Monitor layout both are mounted to the Desk we got a light bar up top piecing The corner I mean everything looks to be Organized quite well on the desk Not much else will you talk about it's a Pretty badass setup it's a 9 out of 10 For me [Music] Why Why Apparently six monitor setups are more Common than I thought however I have to Give it to this guy for actually Combining them together look at how much Better this looks without any nasty gaps Between all the monitors and also very Clever on what you did with the Wallpaper he inverted the bottom ones so It looks symmetrical to the top ones I gotta give you some points for that One judging by the joysticks on the

Table this appears to be another flight Sim setup I don't even know if that's Possible to combine six monitors like That for a flight Sim games is that even Possible if so that is one hell of an Immersive experience if you ask me Everything else in the setup pales in Comparison to the hexa displays and Honestly it's a bit underwhelming when You take away the monitors My man's using a cheap 15 boom on for Christ's sake like where is the balance In this setup To 6 out of 10. This setup looks familiar it was on a Setup Wars Episode but I can't remember Which one I know this because of the Crate on the wall I can't forget that Apparently a single 49 inch Ultra ride Isn't enough for this guy he had to Sandwich it by two more vertical marners But you know what I love the aesthetic Of this setup it's nicely balanced it's Got a lot of really cool Collectibles That make this setup Stand Out compared To everything else this is an easy 9 out Of 10 for me damn this is quite the Flight Sim setup you guys I've noticed There's so many flight Sim setups here On the battle station subreddit uh There's a lot going on here I mean my Mind is decked out with a massive TV and A 27 inch vertical mode for multitasking There are as many buttons and knobs here

Than there are in an actual cockpit look At how many macros this guy has on two Separate Elgato screen decks three Separate dollar stream decks actually Damn you flight some people really go a Lot for your setups that's admirable It's also nicely organized I mean I Can't find anything wrong with this Setup to be honest It's a 9 out of 10. this setup is Freaking clean I love the Cozy Vibes Everything from the furniture choices to The wood countertop and the deck around The wall it was nicely put together Nothing really sticks out and that's how You know the person has really good Taste and Decor there are panels on the Wall kind of bother me because they are Not symmetrical in design but other than That it's a very clean setup I do love The color of the wall it adds a nice Contrast to the rest of the setup and I Can guarantee you that this setup Wouldn't look as good with a white wall The tiny PC is also a nice touch and it Balances with the Xbox console on the Other side but where is the side panel My guy I'm not sure why it's removed and The guts are spilling out it kind of Ruins the whole sophisticated and Minimal Vibes he was going for but It's a very minor thing also one thing That grinds my gears is when people put Their chair right smack in the center of

Their setup Why do you guys do that like I rather Have no chair in the frame than have a Chair that blocks off a chunk of the Setup but that's just me Eight out of 10. This is both the coolest setup and the Dumbest setup I've seen at the same time So many stupid choices that went into This setup but the view though That's a hundred dollar view right there You definitely can't get any closer to Nature than this But what about rain or bugs or wind Certainly Mother Nature has something to Say about this setup I mean it's cool Don't get me wrong I just don't know how Practical it really is not to mention You have no mouse pad you have no mouse Cable management is looking like my Pubes during the pandemic nothing here Makes sense and I feel like this was Done just for the attention and it sure As hell worked because it got 5.5 K Likes this is a 4 out of 10 for me I Don't know why this setup looks so Familiar I'm pretty sure I saw this on Setup ores also only because I Remembered a side floating table and the Custom shelves of the Collectibles and Mangas Um it looks like the exact same setup With the same gear too triple monitors Custom piece in the corner nanoleaf

Panels the only thing that kind of Sticks out to me and I think this also I Also mentioned this in the video was That one Center pole I feel like it Could have been pushed more towards the Back considering that's where the Monitors are mounted so that's where Most of the weight of the desk is being Right there in the middle you're forced To put your legs around it and it just Feels awkward to have a pull between Your crotch but other than that it's a Spectacular setup no doubt easy 9 out of 10. yo I finally found Elon Musk set up From Mars this one Doesn't even have a roof all jokes aside I do love the custom work that went into The setup it looks very sci-fi and Futuristic and I'm all about those vibes I do love the glossy table top the wall Mounted PC uh the star ceiling it really Helps tie the whole theme of the room Together but What's with the drawer underneath the Tabletop doesn't that get in the way of Your legs when you're sitting that looks Very uncomfortable if I'm being honest But you know what I would love to see More angles of this setup I'm very Fascinated with this whole room so Golden Sun from Reddit if you're Watching this video I invite you to come On setup Wars there's a link to a video Where you can watch to learn how to

Enter but yeah this is um this is an 8 Out of 10 for me very nice Okay I feel like now we're getting into The crazy setups these all have 5.7 K Votes or higher so there's gonna be some Juicy ones in here I love the look and Design of this setup a lot the floating Drawers with the RGB lighting look Freaking cool and the whole brick Wallpaper adds a nice backdrop for the Entire setup see how the chair is pushed Over to the side like this is how people Should post their setup picks on here I'm just saying I'm not a big fan of how The middle monitor is higher than the Other two and how far the speakers are Spaced out I feel like you should at Least angle them towards you but other Than that I love the setup I do the Lanterns on the wall are a very clever Addition Uh and complement the brick wallpaper Very nicely this is one aesthetically Pleasing setup to look like and I would Love to see this on setup orgs as well So if you're watching please send in a Submission this is a 9 out of 10 for me Okay I take back what I just said about The crazy setups I think we're taking Two steps forward and one step back here What the hell am I even looking at this Is like those pod gaming setups but on a Super tight budget my man built the Monitor mounts out of these rustic pipes

And some pieces of wood you know what That's actually pretty clever but I Don't know how I feel about this setup Itself it definitely looks like a cozy Setup no doubt that angle of the chair Looks very comfortable I'm afraid I'll Never leave once I sit there but you Know just for the creativity I will give This a 7 out of 10. minimalism to the Max this one is a is a one and done kind Of setup all you really need is a single Ultra ride monitor forget about the Multi-modern setups forget about the Extra gear that's all you really need For a fully functioning setup but Imagine if the modern was mounted on the Wall and you don't see the arm That would have looked way cleaner than I'm just saying but yeah nothing really Exciting or unique about this setup it's Just super clean Super minimal it is an 8 out of 10 for me and I'm losing my Voice already goddamn Okay this one's an interesting loft bed Setup I would assume the top area has a Bed of some sort but The setup itself doesn't really Complement the space it looks like a Cabin judging by the wood materials and The outside but the setup sticks out way Too much especially with a black and red Gaming chair Why you could have gone with a nice wood Countertop you know maybe even speakers

With wood accents like the edifiers so Much wasted opportunity here I feel like This setup could have been so much Better but instead it falls short okay So I did some digging and here are the Actual pictures of the entire place just Like I mentioned earlier it is a cabin In the middle of the woods which is like The perfect setting for a cozy theme Setup this looks nothing like that you Know whose setup would be perfect here Sprite setup it's got the Vibes the fact That this got almost 6K votes and is Ranked higher than the other setups We've seen is mind-boggling like this is A three out of 10 for me such wasted Opportunity to be honest Ladies and gentlemen I thought I've seen It all but damn This just keeps on getting better and Better I legit thought he had an amazing View outside of his backyard but it Turns out he's got four Ultra wide Monitors yes that is not A typo we got two stacked Ultra wides With two more Ultra wides in vertical Mode because why the hell not I don't Know what makes me more mad the cringy Mouse pad or the ancient desk that looks Like it's about to fall apart surely if You spend four thousand dollars on Monitors you could afford a better desk This is a prime example of someone Mixing new with old something I highly

Advise against I would have gotten a Better desk first before hooking up Those expensive displays the mouse pad Doesn't even look like it belongs there Did you take that from a 12 year old's Fortnite setup I do however have the Perfect mouse pad for you either forest Or UFO will fit perfectly with a theme If you want one for free hit me up on my Discord server but the setup itself is a 4 out of 10. it's purely for show all This setup is very creative I'm a huge Fan of portal I love the portal mirror That's that's very clever actually Adding RGB lighting behind the mirror Gives it a a portal look and after that It's just a matter of finding the right Angle to get that infinity look I love It the rest of the setup matches the Theme very nicely really nice execution On the setup it's a 9 out of 10 simply Because of the creativity talk about a View wow this setups views everything I didn't even pay attention to the setup But the view was what got my attention First I feel like you can put a Hot Wheel set up in front of these windows And it will look amazing but the fact That the setup also looks so damn good Just amplifies the presentation that Much more I really hope there are some Curtains hidden somewhere because the Sun glare can get kind of annoying Really fast but yeah fantastic setup no

Doubt 9 out of 10 for me all right all Right all right I Gotta Give My Boy Savannah feature I believe this is the Second and updated setup that he sent Over for setup Wars but he is planning On redoing it a third time so looking Forward to that submission my guys Um I mean what can I say I really like The Vibes of this one it's calming it's Easy on the eyes and the fact that the Dogs match the color scheme was a nice Little bonus this one's a 9 out of 10 For me I recognize the setup from Anywhere this is my boy five percent Gamer setup he was featured a while back On setup orders I can't remember which Episode but I absolutely love the Creativity that went into this setup From the mix of acoustic panels and the RGB lighting I've seen a ton of acoustic Panel designs on this show I'm sure a Lot of you guys have as well but this Guy took you to the next level Completely he made something that not Only looks amazing but also complements The space something that isn't easily Done one of my favorite setups in 2022 No doubt 9 out of 10. damn these racing Sim setups are getting at hand and I Thought I've seen the craziest one yet But God damn this one's absolutely Decked Out apparently he dropped seven Thousand dollars on everything minus the Software I don't know how expensive the

Software is but that is one hell of an Expensive setup I don't even see the PC Anywhere I'm curious where he mounted it If I had to guess it's probably off to The left side where it's at a frame or On the right side behind the seat but Damn that is that's sick That's sick this is making me want to Build a racing Sim setup this is a 9 out Of 10 for me so this setup I've seen Many times on Instagram scrolling Through the reels it's such an eye candy Setup I mean the execution on this Is spectacular I absolutely love what he Did with the nanoleaf panels he added Two separate kits and he split them Using a wall shelf so it gives off this Illusion of continuity the color scheme The choice of gear the Symmetry I mean Everything works so well together such a Jaw dropping setup I would love to get More angles of the setup uh so for ziku I'm sorry if I'm butchering your name if You're watching this video please toss An application set up for us man I'm Sure a lot of us watching this video Would like to see more of this setup This is an easy 10 out of 10 for me Probably even seal worthy to be honest Let's go I know that's set up I know it It belongs to a very handsome man I'm Just kidding uh I'm honestly surprised That this setup even got to the front Page of Reddit while only being 75

Complete this was before I added not Only flinds and I flipped the top Ultra Ride Upside down and it's still got nearly 8 000 votes I could only imagine how many Votes my current setup will get once I Posted in 2023 I'm just waiting to Upgrade my PC with a 4090 and then I can Submit the pictures but I'm going for 10 000 votes and I hope you guys can help Me out once it's uploaded but yeah my Rating for this setup is an 8 out of 10. It could use some personality what in The Frankenstein of setups is going on Here I think the title of this post Really sums up what went on here this Setup is a concoction of nine plus years Of lurking and writing down ideas and Just throwing it all on the same desk This is the most extraordinary and Eccentric setup I've ever seen and I Didn't think you put those two words Together in the same sentence there's a Lot going on I feel like the setup is Trying to be a lot of things and only Succeeding at a few it doesn't have any Laser mice it looks like he's using Those weird uh trackball type mice which Tells me it's probably used for a Specific profession where a traditional Laser mouse is not efficient oh wait it Does have a regular Mouse it looks like Okay so he's got options there's an Elgato scream deck flipped over to its

Side his custom PC is tucked away behind Him and for some reason he has three Custom keyboards sitting on cake trays I mean yeah hey uh if it's functional For you which it does look like it is Then good for you I bet this setup has a Ton of synergy because of the way the Gear is laid out but aesthetically it's All over the place and for that I'm Gonna give it a 7 out of 10. okay I Recognize the setup too it belongs to my Boy Ryan from PC Battle Stations I love The look of the setup if I'm being Honest I think you did a fantastic job On the accent wall in the back they do Something about Black Walls that This works so well for some reason Especially if you're going with a Lighter color in the front the contrast You get from that is just it's gorgeous These accent walls are becoming very Popular in the setup field I'm starting To see them pop out everywhere I am Actually very interested in doing one Myself from my wife setup with like the With a great color scheme but we'll see How that turns out this is a very easy 10 out of 10 for me finally we are Seeing some wall mounted PCS I thought I Was the only one here So this one looks like a custom frame That was made by Misfit himself and he Designed it so it matches the desk Um

I mean I do love The Rustic pipes that You use to give a bit of an industrial Look and the custom sensor panel he Added but I feel like he should have Gone hard line with black satin tubes And maybe a symmetrical design I've Never seen a custom loop with two Radiators side by side it's still a Badass setup though I'm gonna give this One a 7 out of 10. I'm guessing the only Reason why this setup got 8.4 K votes Was not because of the setup itself Or the picture quality but because of The barn door mod on the TV the fact That he's able to slide the TV over to His racing Sim setup is pretty damn Creative this also saved him a lot of Money in having to buy a second display So that mod itself is pretty cool but The setup itself is atrocious it's it's A six out of ten I like this closet set Up a lot actually it looks more complete You can tell the owner put in a lot of Effort making the spaces by decorating The walls with like various keyboards And other Collectibles the fact that it Was able to fit in a fully functional Setup and such a tight space while also Personalizing it is very impressive and Not easy to pull off my main question Though is how hot does it get in there Because Clauses don't have vents right So I'm curious where all the hot air Escapes to unless you live in Iceland or

Alaska I would imagine the heat would be An issue at some point but it is a Badass setup nonetheless and it's an Easy 9 out of 10 for me okay I can see Why this one got so many votes but I Don't agree with it because of the Execution for starters the RGB Cloud Thing is super cool I approve the Downside to that are bugs and spiders They love making beds and cotton so That's something you have to watch out For especially if you're not doing any Maintenance to it And I think the RGB application is super Dope by the way but the setup itself is Where I have some questions the floating Shelf all around the wall was a very Good idea but why did you use black Brackets instead of whites the white Ones would have blended with the wall a Lot better the acoustic panels on the Wall really don't do anything I've had Them before they're super thin they do Absolutely nothing in terms of sound Treating so they're mostly used for Aesthetics but the design that you have On the wall is very basic it doesn't Really complement the rest of the setup At all in fact the bottom half of the Setup looks way better than the top It's starting to sound like a setup for This episode so I'm just going to end it There but yeah it's a very cool concept But I feel like it could have executed a

Lot better it's a six out of 10 for me Okay this next set I've got 16.4k votes And I can honestly see why he's got a Massive TV sandwiched by three Ultra Lights I've never seen this layout Before so the shock factor is there I think the bottom one is a super ultra Wide but it's a flat panel instead of a Curved which makes sense you know I Would love to see what the people who Called me out on my bottom monitor being At a weird angle think about this all of A sudden it's not so weird now is it the Setup is so massive he's got two monitor Light bars up top to compensate for the Extra length low-key though the bottom Model would be perfect for a taskbar It's just a shame that it's not a touch Screen otherwise that would be perfect But when you take a step back and really Look at it the rest of the setup is a Bit underwhelming when you take away the Monitors I mean this dude is using an Omen pre-built PC which is one of the Worst pre-built PCS you can buy it's Worse than Alienware I have to give this A 6 out of 10. and finally the moment We've all been waiting for the setup With the most votes of 2022 Yep looks About right I'm not even mad I'm not Like this is the best fat session setup I have ever seen there's nothing that's Gonna top this you just gotta invest Into some Windex and paper towels

Because you're gonna need it after every Session functionality wise I mean Yeah it's there you got your main TV for Coding and your secondary TV in vertical Mode for multitasking it's a really good Display layout if I'm being honest I Just don't like the chair it's too low To the ground like what are you doing With your knees are you sitting Crisscross or your legs straight out I'm Confused I also love the side tables That you have for your keyboard and Mouse but I don't think they're big Enough you barely have enough space for Your mouse I would invest into a Gigantic food tray if one exists that Way you have plenty of space for both Your keyboard and mouse and any other Crap you want to use with your setup but I mean this is a six out of ten for a Regular setup but a 10 out of 10 for a Fab setup All right those are all the best setups For 2022 if you guys enjoyed this video And want me to do these quarterly or Bi-weekly let me know in the comment Section down below thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you very soon in The next one

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