Reacting to the All-Time Best Gaming Setups from Reddit – Episode 2

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We're continuing to climb the ladder of The all-time best gaming setups from the Reddit Battle Stations we left off on Marijuana setup on the last episode so Welcome back buckle up and let's Continue [Music] So you just build a brand new shiny PC And you're greeted with this nasty Notification on the bottom right corner Of your screen well instead of going out There and paying full price for a Windows key you guys can actually get One for less than 15 that's right you Guys can get a Windows 10 Pro CD key for Less than 15 by visiting your or By clicking my link below and using my Code ts20 for that extra 20 off they Also sell Windows 11 and Microsoft Office keys and the same discount code Applies now once you get your CD key all You have to do is go into the activation Settings on Windows and put in the new Key and watch The Watermark disappear so Kicking off the episode we have Techniques Ice Cold battle station as he Calls it with 11.4k votes I count seven Displays in total if you include the Side panel of a PC as well because it Looks like he's using the snow blind PC From ibuy power man that brings back so Many memories how long has it been since I made a video on that but some of my Personal favorites are the abstract ink

Wallpapers I think there's like three Different ones that I really like and I Downloaded five years man time flies That's crazy anyways both setups do look Awesome I do like the effort he put into Hiding the wires from all the monitors And there's a good balance of function And form I don't know how the second Setup is powered though it looks like It's got a different set of wallpapers So I'm assuming there's a second PC Somewhere but he definitely has options Considering there's a PS5 and a VR Headset as well so this guy's decked out Pretty good very impressive when your Girlfriend starts sleeping over more Often the disrespect is real most my Audience can't relate but the makeup is I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to roasty Like that I'm just messing around I know For a fact most of you guys are clapping Cheeks online and offline but the makeup Isn't even the worst part about this Setup that's an easy fix the random RGB Script hanging out of your PC in the Back is what bothers me the most and the Fact that he has two headphones just Laying on the desk like that also who Does their makeup at the setup there are No mirrors it's like the worst place to Put on makeup this can't be the only Desk in entire house well well well look Who's back already ladies and gents we Were literally looking at this

Entertainment setup on the last episode But now we're getting a close-up of the Actual setup I just love that straw made Headboard I don't know exactly what Material it was I mentioned it in the Setup Wars video but it's just so unique And refreshing to see something Different and it's a three-year-old Setup too let that sink in for a bit you See we managed to mount both his Speakers against it it's a very nice Setup I have no clue why a setup from 2003 has been posted in 2022 but if it's Allowed then I guess it's fair game but I don't agree with the amount of votes It got I get that as a 10 year old setup But just look at the mess underneath the Table and I feel like the caution tape Is a bit too much I feel like you should Have just kept it on the edge of the Desk and not follow through with the Monitors too there's a lot going on here And honestly none of it makes sense the CRT monitors the clear acrylic PC case With Green Tubing and to top it all off We got a yellow wall with some random Strip of wallpaper whatever that is Going across the wall why do I have a Feeling that this was a contest to build The worst setup if that's the case this Person succeeded but I got to give it a Two out of 10. an extra point because The PC is water cooled and if you have Water cool PCS during the 2000s you were

Considered a badass oh I've seen this Set up many times actually I think I've Even posted it on my Ig I I love how Even all three of the monitors are but Notice how he cropped the picture just Under the table top so that we can't see The cable management I always thought The angle of this setup was a bit sus Okay I did some digging into his past Posts and I found a couple of pictures Showing the bottom part of the desk even Though it's a bit old this one is a bit On the darker side so I can't really see Much but this one has better lighting Okay Watchman definitely seems to be on Point but what's up with the legs it Looks like this setup skipped leg day That table top just doesn't mix well With those legs I'm sorry but the setup Itself you know it's really clean it Even looks like he had an extra monitor Up top and he picked up a microphone the Old setup is an eight for me but this New one is a nine hands down one of the Cleanest setups I've seen what in The Matrix is going on here wow our first Ever hepta monitor setup ladies and Gents this legit looks like the scene From matron tricks where Neo meets Cypher for the first time Whoa Neo You scared the bejesus out of me even The cable management looks the same I Gotta hand it to him for attempting to

Recreate one of the most iconic scenes From The Matrix though the execution Sadly falls short however this one is Just aesthetically pleasing to look at Wow I love the color scheme but more Importantly I love how consistent the Colors are looks like he's a YouTuber as Well considering he has a silver play Button up there but yeah I mean I love Everything about this setup it's so Clean and organized there's a bit of Interior designing expertise as well Like the choice in furniture and the Type of wall shelves he used mixed with A bit of greenery this guy definitely Has good taste and design I feel like He's managed to build a nice Studio that Has both function and form well done This one for some reason screams I'm More classier than you it's got Extremely cozy and sophisticated Vibes I Can bet my left nut he probably smokes Cigars I don't know if you your house Came with that wall color or if you Painted it but it really helps tie the Entire room together and it also Complements your furniture and the Paintings you have on the wall I love The location of the Elgato screen deck And how clean you kept the desk but What's up with the speaker location why Are they all the way on the left side of The room my guess is that you put it There on purpose because the white color

Might be clashing with your setup's Color scheme but that still doesn't Justify the placement you basically Chose Aesthetics over functionality I'm Actually obsessed with everything else About this room from the collection of The really nice custom cubes to the Painting of the Lions on the wall I'm Getting these mafia boss Vibes actually More like The Godfather meets rustic Interior design with a touch of shabby Chic very nice oh wow we actually have a More recent submission only three days Old what a surprise so first and Foremost the setup is apparently made For programming and he aims to make it As fast and comfortable as plausible Look I don't know Jack about programming I failed my second semester of C plus Plus from college and I dropped out to Work at Target part-time while I was Growing my YouTube channel but from a Setup building perspective I can assure You this is far from practical and let Me explain he has no desk first of all So he has no dedicated spot to put down His headset or drinks phone or really Anything he just has a tiny glass Nightstand which means he has to lean Forward and reach over to the table Every time he wants to take a sip of his Drink or grab something that's extremely Extremely annoying number two it looks Like he is leaning back on the chair

Which means the top area of the monitors Are going to be extremely useless for Coding reference material or just Reading websites or articles I don't Even know how he's able to use this Setup for coding maybe the Middle TV if He were to make the text big enough but Overall this is extremely unproductive However with all that said this has to Be the most effort anyone has put in a Setup with six monitors or more because Look at the cable management in the back Of the displays mind you it's only Laptop powered you can see all the HDMI Adapters he used for all the monitors That is insane that poor poor laptop is Being used and abused with all those Devices plugged in it this actually kind Of reminds me of that Meme with the Petite girls sitting on the couch and Then with all the you know what I can't Go there by the way is that a crane or Something up top I just noticed that I Was wondering how the monitors were Mounted I guess it's hanging from a Swing of some sort but yeah very cool Setup nonetheless definitely a flex No Doubt but I just not practical for Development Foreign It's not that I'm mad this setup got This many votes for being an absolute Troll but I'm more mad at the execution Like he didn't even try why is the mouth

So high up compared to the eyes can we Can we fix this please can we bring the Monitor down so it looks more natural Also I love that he didn't bother to Invert the right wallpaper to make it Symmetrical with the other eye can we Fix that too while we're at it if this Was executed flawlessly it would have Been an easy 10 out of 10 for me just For the creativity but the attention to Details just isn't there I'm sorry these Salt lamps are a complete scam okay they Do nothing in terms of calming you down I've broken a few monitors in my day While nerd raging having a salt lamp on My desk changed nothing but I gotta give Ramen some credit for staying very Consistent with the color scheme I Didn't even know they made purple salt Lamps that's actually pretty cool a very Clean setup oh look I found DC setup It's finally complete too looks like he Added a few more drinks to his Collection too I'm kidding this isn't DC Setup obviously did you really think he Actually finished building a setup no we Still got another 10 years I will say Though I don't like how close the cart Is to the desk I would constantly bump Into it as I'm moving around unless he Put it there just to take the pictures What's my guy drinking anyways oh we got Some Japanese whiskey over here the Hibiki sounds like it could be delicious

But what do I know I've never tried Japanese whiskey before tofu must be a Whiskey connoisseur I do love the Variety that he has here why am I Talking about the whiskey let's get back On topic here so the setup itself is Laptop power it looks like and it's Hooked up to an ultroid monitor on a Sit And Stand desk which makes the most Sense here given the awesome view that He has if he sits down he's not able to Enjoy the view and besides with all that Drinking it's probably a good idea to be Somewhat active there he is I was Wondering when I was gonna bump into Your setup my guy if I have any Functioning brain cells left in me I Think Havoc was featured in the same Episode as Bruno setup I can't remember Which episode number that was but I Can't forget that episode because all The setups were insane remember Bruno Set up with the insane digital desk and The key card access my mind was blown Away with those mods but Havoc setup was No joke either I mean the dedication This man has put into both of these Setups is remarkable and without a doubt Worthy for the seal of approval you can Actually see the plaque right on his Desk too it always makes me happy to see The seal winners proudly displaying Their award well deserved my guy this One's in a bit of an odd location looks

Like a very small Loft upstairs Overlooking the living room but it's Extremely narrow which can get quite Annoying when you have to stand up and Walk out from the space especially if You're using the blue setup but you are Mr toothpick after all so I don't see That being a problem but honestly I Don't see any other purpose for this Narrow Loft space in your home like what Else could you possibly build here like A small little Reading area maybe I Guess in a way you guys did really take Advantage of this space I'll legit Thought that was a TV in the back there But just a bunch of acoustic panels Slapped on the wall I don't know what The point of that was maybe instead of The panels which really do nothing in This case you could have decorated it With some wall shelves or pegboards even A few pictures or posters something that Will complement the space a lot more Than those acoustic panels also is it me Or do neither of the PCS have a GPU it Looks like they are both rocking the Integrated Graphics from the CPU but Yeah overall really good use of space if I'll be honest it could use a bit more Personalization but it's a very very Nice start I'm surprised this setup has This many votes I commend the quality of The picture but the layout just doesn't Sit well with me unfortunately the

Speaker angles are not optimal Whatsoever I love that he mounted him on The wall but they are tilted slightly Higher than they should be the top of This person's head is getting the best Sound experience compared to his actual Ears apart from that I'm just not into The three different monitors I'm sure he Has his reasons and that's completely Fine but I'm a man of consistency also He didn't even bother to align the third Monitor with the ultra ride apart from That reaching the top shelf is going to Be a pain in the butthole considering he Has to go over the desk and the Moderners and I fear that the thin Tabletop won't have the strength to Support his weight if he decides to Stand on it but overall it's not a bad Setup there's definitely room for Improvement here clean and simple just Like the title I mean what more can you Really ask for here I love the fact that He ran the cables through the wall or Did he actually there is a possibility That he ran the cables behind the right Speaker and then underneath the desk and Into the PC actually you know what no Upon further investigation it doesn't Look like there are any cables going Across the monitor to the back of the Speaker so yeah it looks like they went Through the wall one small minor Teensy Wincy recommendation just for the future

Would be to use cable clips in the same Color as your wall just so they don't Stick out as much but other that it's a Very very clean minimalistic setup Speaking of minimal here is a very Similar setup to the last it almost Looks like an updated version of that Setup we do have a bit more stuff on Here but for the most part it's still Organized quite well for those wondering How he's able to customize his desktop Screen like that he is using an app Called rain meter although I'm not sure Which plugins he is using if anyone's Familiar with the app let me know in the Comment section below and I'll heart Your response so it's easier to see but It's a really nice plugin forgive me for I'm about to nitpick a little bit first Off I just don't know what the point of The glass shelf is you're not really Using the space underneath it so why put It there in the first place is it just For Decor maybe possibly also call me Crazy but you have way more mouse pad Space for your smartphone than you do For your actual Mouse I suggest maybe Sliding the pad a little bit over to the Right Both very minor adjustments to an Otherwise very clean ultrawide setup Here's another really nice couples Gaming setup we got the whole custom Backboard thing going and both setups

Have similar layouts but different gear Both monitors and speakers are mounted Against the headboard and extra points On the inverted PC build on the left Side just so everything is nicely Balanced you'll love to see it there's Even a giant TV up top with its very own Sound bar most likely for watching Content or perhaps even console gaming I Feel like there were no corners cut in This setup I love the amount of effort That went into it well done Okay seriously Marquez I'm so confused honestly how is this Post even on Battle Stations when it's a Picture of a PC and what's worse it's a Pre-built from main gear you can't even See the setup it definitely pays having A lot of subscribers if this was some Average Joe's picture it wouldn't even Gotten a thousand votes I can guarantee You guys there's also nothing really Exciting about the setup we got a single Monitor keyboard mouse cables aren't Even managed I mean what even is this Let's not forget this is the same person Who made an excuse that you can't cable Manage a Sit and Stand desk roll the Clip you can't really cable manage for Both Heights Marcus no no you damn well know it's Possible okay there are tons of sin Stand as Marquez I love you man but I'm Sorry this is a 5 out of 10. nothing

Against the PC that's a pretty sick Pre-built system but show us your setup At least ladies and gentlemen here we Have the ultimate bat cave masturbation Station factorium the wank tank is my Favorite or simply the cockpit no Seriously that's what it is apparently Judging by the title it's a space Sim Cockpit but why did you take the picture On a three dollar fish eye camera my guy I see no vents up top this guy must be Absolutely getting cooked in here unless That thing over there against the wall Is an AC unit but I can't tell because Use the three dollar camera to take a Picture but a pretty cool concept either Way I dig it this is a pretty cozy setup With a lot of greenery it looks like He's using real plants too so he's Definitely reaping in the benefits which Is improved Focus decrease the Impressive moods and lessened symptoms Of anxiety also fun fact when your mind And body are relaxed it can improve your Blood pressure heart rate and cortisol Levels so the plants in this setup are Not just for Decor but they are also There to support cognitive Health it Looks like an artist or designer of some Sort so it makes sense having a tablet At an angle because it's just more Comfortable drawing on it that way Everything else looks to be organized Quite well he's using the Ikea Mickey

Desk which has a hidden compartment in The back that allows you to hide cables It's basically like a built-in cable box That you can open and close for Convenience I would eventually recommend Picking up a boom on for the Blue Yeti Just for convenience but it's not going To make or break this setup at all very Nicely executed all right we are Stopping at 12K votes in part two if you Guys are excited for part three make Sure to toss a like and make sure you Subscribe because we're going to Continue to climb the ladder to reach The best gaming setup on the Reddit Battle Stations thank you guys so much For watching and I'll see you very soon In the next one Thank you

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