Reacting to the All-Time Best Gaming Setups from Reddit – Episode 1

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You guys really enjoyed the last video I Did on reacting to setups from Reddit so I've decided to make this into a series And upload it in between my regular Setup course content so with that said Today I'll be looking at the all-time Best gaming setups from the battle Station subreddit let's begin Take your battle station to the next Level with the courser zenyon flex the World's first bendable OLED gaming Monitor with a blazing fast 240 hertz Refresh rate and a .03 millisecond Response time on a massive 45 inch OLED Display you can take your gaming and Productivity to the next level do you Prefer the game on a curved display no Problem just grab the handles and bend The monitor you have complete control on The curvature of the monitor the OLED Panel provides the best colors with deep Blacks and exceptional viewing angles Perfect for watching content and Creating content the zenyon flex is the Ultimate monitor that does it all to Learn more click the link below okay We're gonna start literally at the Bottom and make our way to the setup With the highest amount of votes kicking Out the episode is the one and only Nae Nae with her revised battle station that Just got over 10K votes I'm honestly not Surprised their setup was featured on Here she did take home the seal of

Approval back in episode 192 many many Years ago with her original setup that Blew up the internet and then she came Back on the show I think a year later or Later that year on episode 214 with a Completely revamped setup the creativity And originality that she brings onto her Setups is why she has earned the title Of the setup Queen I actually don't know If that's what they're calling her but That's what I'm calling her I also Consider a really close friend so it's Nice to always bump into her setup once In a while 10 out of 10 setup for me so This is pretty much what every Gamer Does when they move into a new place a True gamer before any furniture is Assembled they gotta put together the Setup so this guy definitely has his Priority suede although I feel like the Setup is missing if you buy boxes you Gotta at least get it off the floor my Guy there's no way you can use a setup Laying down on the ground I know the Picture is most likely just for clout And it clearly worked considering he got Over 10K votes but it's simply Unfinished one out of ten this next Person is certainly getting the D lots Of it Vitamin D that is with a direct slap in The face with those sun rays I could Imagine the sun glare being a nuisance Very fast I feel like you have to either

Wear sunglasses while using a setup or Limit the sun exposure to a few minutes Per day but you know what I love The Vibes no RGB extremely clean and Minimalistic setup I gotta give it a Seven okay this one's actually pretty Sick my guy built a wood PC case to Match the wood desk and it's water Cooled that's pretty damn cool it's such A nice build too but the setup itself is A bit questionable I just don't like how Close he is to the TV look at the Distance between the edge of the desk And the TV that can't be good for your Eyes or your neck I gotta get points on The cable management since you rather The keyboard and mouse cable through the Desk Um but I got to give it an eight though Simply because of the PC mod I haven't Seen that anywhere this next one got 10.2k votes and I kind of see it it's a Clean setup we got two ultrawide Monitors spaced out speakers on stands All the gear is nicely organized and we Got the PC in the corner with a bit of Decoration as well I mean This setup checks all the boxes it's got To be a nine for me I kind of see why This one also got 10.2k votes but also There's really nothing exciting about it It's the usual cookie cutter Ikea setups That we normally see but he did Personalize the setup very well and I do

Love the speaker location wasn't this on Setup Wars though I swear I remember Featuring this but I can't remember Which episode I remembered a vinyl Player but maybe you guys can let me Know in the comment section if you Remember the episode number but this is An eight for me this is the first time I've actually seen a model layout like This and honestly I'm not against it but I feel like you should have at least Tilted the bottom one at an angle so It's more comfortable to look at but Aside from that I mean it's a pretty Kick-Ass setup I do like the mic Placement as well I'm just not a fan of The acoustic panels it looks very simple But it's an 8 out of 10 for me Regardless this was a pretty sweet Entertainment setup he's got an 82 inch Samsung qled TV with an insane sound System those look like the jammo s809 Floor speakers and he's got a few more Speakers laying sideways right beside Side of the couch can you guys imagine Gaming on that couch with that surround System This was on setup ORS I remember now Because of the setup over there in the Corner I remember because of the scrub Material that was used to make the TV Stand and also the backdrop for his Setup what a pleasant reminder I feel Like we're going to see some classic

Setups on here from the show this is a 9 Out of 10 for me I feel suffocated just By looking at this picture you can Clearly see the side panels are taking Off from the PCS probably because both PCS are thermal throttling from the Amount of heat that's generated by both Of these setups I don't even see any Vents up top so I would assume this Place gets pretty toasty they'll Definitely save money during the winter But in the summer I really hope their AC Can reach the attic or wherever this Room is in nonetheless it's a very Wholesome setup for me it's a 7 out of 10. this one's a clean setup I love the LED strip integration in the wall shelf My guess is that he drilled a hole in The Shelf to pass through an LED strip And possibly run the cable through the Wall if so that's a lot of effort just To add an LED strip very impressive the Speaker cables are obviously ran through The wall as well but the dedication kind Of stops there because the monitor is Mounted to the desk and you can see the Cables underneath it I just wish he Stayed committed to the whole Wireless Look especially since he has the skills To pull off something this creative it's Still 8 out of 10 for me very clean Setup finally a monochrome setup I love How clean and organized this setup looks Although I would have flipped the

Vertical monitor so the thicker bezel is On the outside this way you still have Access to the menu buttons if they're in The center of the monitor but also this Way you can minimize the bezels between Both displays but other than that you Got a pretty clean PC and a very clean Setup it's a 7 out of 10 for me my dudes Spend more money on the nanoleaf panels Than his actual setup probably I don't Know the exact amount but that Definitely looks like at least Two thousand dollars worth of panels Look I got nothing against the Overpriced nanoleaf panels I even did Something similar with my last setup if You guys remember but you should have Used that budget for a better chair at Least right it's not to say this is a Bad setup I still think it looks pretty Dynamic but you could have been at least A little more creative on the Natalie Design instead of stacking them like Tetris The six out of ten for me how did they Set up even a 10.5 K votes what in The Jungle Book am I even looking at the Setup looks terrible I'm sorry guys and It belongs to a pubg player Why am I surprised awesome view but the Setup needs some work my guy it's a 5 Out of 10. this setup looks fascinating For some reason it's got the Joker color Scheme which I really like or I guess

Lex Luthor Green Goblin Hulk or even Thanos it depends on what comic book Character you prefer but it's a very Unusual layout it looks like he's an Artist of some sort and I would imagine This is the type of setup you would go For if you're drawing on a massive Screen I don't know I just love how the Colors pop for some reason the green Screen in the front with the purple and Green lighting give this setup a unique Look but I'm gonna remove a point for The finger in the picture I'm sorry it's Six out of 10 for me psychosity is up Next sysocity psychosity I think it's Psychosity this setup is very satisfying To look at I just love how perfectly he Aligned the top two Mariners with the Super ultra ride I feel like this is Hands down the best triple model layout If you're going with a super ultra ride As your main I feel like if you put the Two extra monitors vertically on the Outer edge of your super for ultrawide They're out of your field of view and They're a bit too far from you so I feel Like the next best option would be to do What size Society did basically flip Them sideways and put them on top of the Super ultra ride I just wish he turned The PC on so he can look at the Wallpaper but I would say this is a Solid 8 out of 10 for me it could use Some more personality or Decor yo now

This is a setup God damn I love love Love that backboard it looks like he Used two Carly countertops one for the Table one for the backboard this is such A clean setup perfect speaker placement Top monitor is flipped upside down to Minimize bezels all the cables are Drilled through the desk and ladies and Gents the PC is mounted on the wall over There on the left side I mean this is A perfect setup it's a 10 out of 10 for Me well done this dude really wanted a Pod gaming setup you know I love the Ingenuity that went into this I feel Like this is that one setup in the last Video but on steroids I wonder what he Could possibly use this setup for and Please don't tell me Roblox the modern Alignment just ruins it for me I'm sorry I feel like he should have gone with a Few curved monitors for that seamless Infinity look and also think the amount Of money you spent on the setup he could Have just bought a pod gaming setup a 7 Out of 10 for me okay this setup has to Be Brandon setup from episode 232 I Recognize that modern layout from Anywhere I just don't get the angle of This picture it doesn't really do the Setup Justice I'll show you guys what The room actually looks like from a Different angle so this one uh was Actually one of my favorite setups from 2021 uh the side table on the second

Setup actually folds down to free up Space for VR Gaming fun fact this setup Was actually Brendan's third submission On setup Wars and he took home the Seal Of Google well deserved 10 out of 10. oh My God literally they're set up right Above that was also featured on setup Wars five years ago I remember this Because of the shelf that he used for The setup and the very clean cable Routing from the back I had no idea this Was even on the front page of Reddit Until now the only downside to this Setup is that you have to use it while Standing up because the bottom shelves Won't let you sit on a chair I would say A 7 out of 10 is a fair rating for this Don't you think I legit thought this was A renderer at first it looks so freaking Clean the quality of the photo is crisp The setup itself is also really nice It's just a bit too empty for me but I Love how perfect the monitors are Aligned it also looks like he's rocking Dual PCS but he left them on carpet Which is a No-No at least put like a Piece of wood underneath it to prevent Dust and dirt buildup personally I think You should have put both PCS on the desk Because you do have the space for it and Maybe even do an inverted build for the Other PC just for symmetry reasons just Like um Robin set up from episode 3 320. You can't tell me those mirrored custom

PCS didn't look spicy it's definitely a Great start but I feel like it's Unfinished seven out of 10 for me I got Wood just by looking at this setup and I'm not talking about a trip to Home Depot either jokes aside I legit thought This was a custom wall built out of Wooden hexagon panels but if you look Closely it's actually wallpaper but that Still doesn't take away the fact that it Looks dope I would just put the monitors On stands so they're a bit higher from The desk but other than that it's a Pretty nice setup 7 out of 10. I like This setup what's impressive here is That the setup itself is pretty freaking Badass we got triple monitors with a Speaker mounted on the top and 3dr Panels with some lighting behind it I Mean it's such a clean setup but the Guns I mean you got to protect your virginity Right oh Jokes Aside absolutely badass Collection of Arsenal and it looks like He's locked and loaded judging by the Ammo containers on the bottom this is One person you don't want to mess with Imagine breaking into this person's home And you see this setup you're definitely Busting a 180 and you are hauling out of There as fast as possible but what's With the random frame picture who is That okay apparently it's Alex zedra and She's a character from Call of Duty

Um is that like your idol or something It's just so Random to be there also I Don't know if that's even legal in the State that you're from but you're Technically supposed to lock your guns In a safe if someone knows where you Live that's an easy target for theft That's like what probably 10 grand worth Of weapons I'm just saying but the setup Itself it's a 9 out of 10. this is a six Setup wow the color consistency from This setup is out of this world I love The black wall with the wood accents They complement each other so well Beautiful work on the custom wall Shelves with The Rustic pipes the modern Also looks like it's custom made and the Setup is powered by one of my all-time Favorite cases the motive Monument if You guys remember nothing in this setup Stands out like a sore thumb everything Blends in so well together the artwork On the wall That's centered beautifully Above the monitor everything is Symmetrical I mean it's perfectly Executed it's an easy 10 out of 10 for Me phenomenal work ladies and gentlemen We found Alfred this is modern day Outfit setup watching over Bruce Wayne And Gotham City I love that there is Barely any desk space and look at how Freaking close he sits to the modern Earth that can't be good for his eyes or Spying for that matter I really hope

Those four monitors are not attached to That flimsy desk one small earthquake Will end this man's career assuming he Has one what could you possibly use as Many monitors for if you don't work at The local TV station I count 16 monitors But I only see one PC how would Medusa's Cleavage is he even powering all these Displays I'm so lost I can smell this Setup just from this picture it looks so Insanitary this dude is probably a Discord mod on 100 servers and a Part-time hacker it's the only Explanation I'm pretty sure this guy Never leaves his house this setup looks Like his life I have to give it a 5 out Of 10 though it needs more monitors this Setup is like the Swiss army knife of All setups this guy literally has one of Each type of setup gaming setup music Making and photo editing setup and a Racing Sim setup looks like the only Thing he's missing is actually a VR Setup oh wait no he's got a VR setup Right there what he's never leaving this Room but then again who would this is Like an arcade but with setups you know What though he didn't do a bad job Putting it together I mean there's a Mess of cables over there in the corner But overall I would say it's maintained Nicely and it's organized ah yes here is One for the nature lovers out there if You're a plant setup kind of guy you

Might appreciate this one I do love the Fake plant wall and the built-in Aquarium displays that he built it kind Of feels like an exhibition Or um what's that word actually museum Museum it kind of feels like a museum Why the hell did I say exhibition he's Got a nice view as well perfectly placed Speakers clean cable work I mean it's a Beautiful setup what more can I say I Remember when the striped walls were so Popular back then everyone and their Mothers were doing it and it looked so Cool at the time but I feel like this Aged like fine milk the setup was done Three years ago so the timing of it Makes sense but it just seems like it's Too busy doesn't it maybe if he did that On one of the walls it wouldn't have Looked so busy but that's just my Personal preference by the way I don't Know how people still get upset when I Give my opinions on setups like you guys Do know you're watching a video of a guy Giving his opinion on setups right Setups are subjective you guys everyone Has different personalities different Preferences just because I say something Doesn't mean it's carved onto the Ten Commandments it's my opinion in my Opinion only I feel like I should put a Disclaimer at the beginning of all my Setup content just for clarification Well yeah this is a very nice setup

Nonetheless 8 out of 10 for me I bet my Blistering hemorrhoid at this setup got This many votes because of the dog pets Will always add a few thousand votes to Your setup so always always always Include a picture of your pet alongside A photo of your setup that's not to say The setup is bad I actually like to set Up a lot it's got a really good balance Of function and form The cables could use a bit more work and I'm not too big of a fan of the middle Monitor being a different size but Doesn't really matter at the end of the Day It's a 9 out of 10 for me and ladies and Gents we are ending the video with my Boy marijuan and his mesmerizing setup I Had no idea you're on here my guy well Deserved on 11.4k votes by the way this Setup was seriously something else he Got featured back in episode 231 I Believe uh which was over a year ago and He took home the 35th seal of approval I Just love the amount of synergy in this Setup every piece of gear had purpose And the cable management on a Sit and Stand desk I mean come on no-brainer Peter chromosio okay we're leaving off On 11.4k votes and we will continue Climbing up the ladder on the next Episode and I encourage you guys to Follow along because it's gonna get Spicy thank you so much for watching and

I'll see you guys very soon in the next One [Music]

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