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All right so apparently ksi's setup is Finally complete and a lot of you guys Reached out and want me to react to it I Was going to react to it as soon as I Saw the video so now that I have some Time on the weekend we're gonna Dive Right In and see what the legend himself Is rocking for his setup let's begin So since I'm reacting to setups in this Video I thought this would be a great Opportunity to save you guys some money On setup gear if you're planning on Upgrading so we're gonna be looking at Some awesome deals from Best Buy who is Also sponsoring today's video If you're Looking to grab a new mouse for your Setup the Logitech Pro X super light is Currently discounted for all four of the Colors and if you need a keyboard as Well the Logitech g915 light speed is a Good pick it's a full size Wireless Mechanical keyboard with RGB and clicky Switches but if Razer is more your style The Huntsman mini 60 has a nice sale Going on as well if you need to update Your potato monitor Best Buy has some Awesome deals on gaming monitors Starting with the AOC G2 which is a 24 Inch 144hz curved monitor with freesync Then we have a 27 inch LG Ultra Gear With a 165hz refresh rate that's also Discounted quite a bit but for those Looking to jump ship and pick up a super Ultra wide monitor the popular Samsung

Crg9 is also on sale you guys can find Everything I mentioned and more deals From Best Buy in the description section Down below Okay I'm gonna eat some coffee for this One So this is the one building KSI setup It's on Constantine's Channel I'm Actually subscribed to this channel on My main accounts so I'm kind of familiar With the type of setups that constantly Builds but if I'm being honest based on The thumbnail already it seems a bit Basic to me when you're comparing it to KSI right like you have to have a setup That lives up to his reputation so Um I'm kind of judging a book by its Cover here and you know you're not Supposed to do that so I'm hoping to be Surprised I'm hoping to see some really Cool elements or custom mods done to the Setup so let's go myself and con had a Few discussions about all the options And cool features we could Implement Okay so it looks like he is working with Someone to help design Uh this setup I know this guy I saw the Room tour before the setup went live so I think this guy was in charge of Designing the rest of the room whereas Constantine was mostly focused on the Side and then had 3D renders create oh We even got 3D renders okay it's a Present to JJ

The renders look pretty cool and Approved and after weeks of hard work And determination the room was finally Ready to reveal its impressive new look So let's skip forward to the actual Setup build sprinkle a few touches okay I think you're good to use it um is is He good to use it yeah 90 it's 90 90 Complete Can't hold up This is not oh my god well this is all Like high level oh my God boy high level Is it though let's see what kind of gear Now you can control them you can be like Oh I don't want them like this right so Like if I want to like make it really Dramatic and be I can be like oh okay Yeah now it's serious See that part already is really cool the Fact that he connected all the lights Together and gave KSI the access to Control the lighting right at the setup Is is really awesome I like that Wall is really cool I like that I like the texture on it we can raise This table up so sick I can meet you Stand up yeah yeah you can stand up go Nuts Tell me about your previous recording Like process I'm gonna do a Reddit video What do you do I'll put the Reddit here I'm here so I'm just like All right so then I'll stop recording on

OBS then I'd stop my camera yeah I'd Take the SD card You take your SD card out yeah and then You'd put it in I'll put it in there Yeah okay so if you still want to do That I've got an SD card reader for you Here very cool and you just go okay but You ain't got to do that anymore what Buttons is you've got to press so let's Close all these programs actually no I Can't because I'm recording this imagine All of these programs are closed okay You press basically you see this button Right here uh yeah bang oh my god bang Wait where's the delay there's an Internet welcome to 2022. Well normally When I do it there's like a 10 second Delay and then it goes okay no no no no No no no no no no no no oh my God so Yeah so the Synergy is there I like that It's a very functional setup with tons Of synergy which is very important Uppercase obviously because he's back to Making videos again so that should be Like on the top priority 4ks I set up Um let's finish watching this and I have Some things like the software and then The second button you press is to record So all you have to do drag your butt Here into this room and press two Buttons okay so that's your right Display this display here okay I'll Switch that over today oh my God You have three screens this is game how

Is KSI never had three screens before my Guy and then this is your consoles oh You have a console remote do you want to Switch oh they're in the back Wait wait you're just pressing buttons And it's just happening yeah welcome to The setup World KSI this is what Efficiency and Synergy is all about my Guy you can do all that with a high-end Setup so It's it's cool seeing ksi's reaction Because it's like he's a little kid in a Candy shop first time experiencing all These all these equipment and how fast You can transition between streaming and Consoles and all that stuff so it's Really cool to see that reaction yeah It's easy for you so if I want to record My console it's just boom listen we'll Sit down with you and we'll go through It bro my guy's been living in la la Land for such a long time so I'm glad That he's finally up there because this Is a lot to take in right now yeah he's So adorable bless him Oh I'm sorry my phone battery is low Because I'm so popular and everyone Always calls me Um No yeah Oh you've got airpods yeah you just put Your airpods on there If you have an Apple Watch if you have An Apple watch

Oh my God all my cards all my cars oh my God oh my God oh my God look at this Screen now guys brain can't handle all Of it It's cool Drop down green screen Hey No no If you miss your old self Oh my God it's just so that's cool it's Just so easy Once you learn all the Buttons and what all the software does As well I'm just there like okay so I Can just play on the PlayStation just Yeah or Xbox while standing I can do Reacts I think you're always going to have this In standing mode yeah because that's Quite like there's just so much more Energy I'm such an active guy I feel Like I've unlocked a new level Legit like that was a really smart idea Going with a certain stand desk for sure I think when you're sitting down the Energy is a little different the vibe's A little different you're more relaxed Now when you're standing you're more Active you're moving around so there's More the video is more energetic more Enthusiastic so but the fact that you Can still have the option to lower it if You want if you're just sitting down Chilling you know playing a game it's Really nice to have that option and you

Can see the stars whoa we got Rolls Royce up in here like Rolls Royce Ceiling Lamborghini wallpaper geez oh Lamborghini Mike As an arm on it oh bro your camera is Not that camera how much do you think That camera is uh 900. there's a couple Of things we've done to keep it true to What you already have okay so like your Audio your microphone this is a fresh Microphone it's a new one but it's the Same one I'm curious why they didn't put That on a boom arm and it's right there In front of the keyboard not that Curious size using the keyboard as he's Talking but you know the fact that he Has everything else mounted I kind of Expected him to mount the uh Mount the Uh the microphone as well I didn't want To touch it no I hear that I hear it There's all the wires oh so that's why We've been here for so long taking so Long the cable management yeah there's No one there's nothing on your floor oh It's nothing's touching the football Where's the extension lead so yeah You're gonna have a brand new keyboard There's a guy called glasses he has a YouTube channel where he only builds Keyboards on them okay so this guy is Like serious about Keepers Yeah yeah he's gonna come in we're going To sit down oh my God he's gonna like Talk a nice custom keyboard okay you

Know when you go into a car dealership I'm so glad he got a new freaking Keyboard like a custom keyboard instead Of one of those Crappy like Razer Corsair keyboards yeah Yeah Yeah yeah yeah kudos to Constantine for Taking uh taking KSI to the next level On that so I'm impressed but this is Unreal thank you guys We did it we did it thank you to Visitors man well like smashed it okay So let's talk about the setup real quick Um Yeah it's a badass setup I'm not gonna Lie this is a dream setup for a lot of People out there I know a lot of people Would kill to have something like this Samsung constantly did a fantastic job With it beautiful execution really nice Choice on the desk Um I know the little touches honestly Just the fact that it can control the Lighting and he has access to the SD Card reader he can start streaming with A click of a button like the Synergy is There absolutely functional aspect of The setup is Top Notch and I'm very Impressed aesthetically I feel like That's where this setup is a bit Underwhelming Because again this is KSI setup we're Talking about right the the most popular Content creator YouTuber from the UK so

I was kind of expecting Maybe something just a little bit more To kind of match his reputation uh when You break it down it's a very It's a very simplistic setup triple Monitors send stand desk excellent cable Management by the way very impressed With that but there's nothing really God it sounds like I'm like Salty or something but I'm not it's just I was expecting some more modding some More custom stuff done to the setup so When it comes to the modern layout I'm Not too big of a fan I feel like it Looks so much nicer when it's all Connected but I can kind of see why he Did this he needed to make space for the Camera and the microphone and also so You can move one of the monitors away so We can access the consoles in the back But the monitors are not aligned the Least he could have done was maybe Aligned the monitors or gone with the Same model I feel like one of these is Bigger than the other and it just it Just feels it looks wonky is all I'm Trying to say other than that you can Kind of see some of the cables like from The middle monitor you can see some of The cables from the peripherals this Does look like a wood top I don't know If that's steel underneath the table top But Um if it was just wood and it was easier

To drill through I would probably make Some some holes in there to add the Cables underneath it instead of going Across the desk that's one thing I would Have done differently like yeah over Here you can see all the cables from Like the audio interface and the Elgato Scream deck kind of just wrapped up Together another thing over here as well I don't like how the headset is just Chilling there on the desk and also it Looks like he plugged in some cables on The front panel of the PC you never want To do that aesthetically that just Doesn't look good I would have rather The cable underneath the desk and into The back of the PC you can find the same Exact ports on the front panel of the PC In the back as well depending on of Course what motherboard you're using but I would assume he's using like a High-end system oh which by the way I Don't think we even Went through the PC specs that's Unfortunate but yeah another thing I Would have done is maybe worked on the Keyboard cable it looks a bit weird like That especially we have such a nice coil A nice custom cable like that look how Wonky the cable is just kind of going Across that's a very simple fix by the Way so I don't really care too much About it he did do a good job in kind of Wrapping the cables together so like the

Cables from Elgato stream deck the Microphone and the auto interface old Meet into one single line he wrapped it And he sleeved it across the desk so That's pretty cool also where is the KSI Logo on the wall I thought I saw Something like that on the thumbnail I Feel like I got partially click baited Here I feel like that would have been Really cool here to be honest I'm sort Of like KSI logo or a sign right above The setup it's looking very bare I know He added some acoustic panels to sound Treat the room which makes sense so I Would kind of make that logo or side Kind of like embedded inside so it Doesn't affect the sound treatment of The room but yeah I feel like there Could have been something done about the Setup the fiber optic stars on the Ceiling the custom them wallpaper and Even the LED lights going across the Ceiling over there all look really nice Together and really again excellent work On the cable management but Again I just feel a little a little Underwhelmed I know the style of Constantine I've seen the setups he's Done for sidemen and so I kind of know What to expect but I feel like I was Expecting them to kind of push out of His comfort zone to do something a Little more creative a little bit more Crazy just because it was KSI but maybe

That's just me and I'm overthinking it Especially considering that he took so Long on this setup right I don't know How long it took maybe you guys can let Me know in the comment section but from My understanding it took months to build Something like this so I'm also taking That into consideration if this was done In one day or a couple of days I'd be Like holy crap he pulled it off he did He worked a miracle over here but the Fact that it took so much to do this I don't know I don't know another thing I would have done differently was Mounted a microphone on a boom arm so That you can give KSI the ability to Move it wherever you want so just kind Of leave it on the desk like that Next to floating monitors and next to a Floating arm that's holding a camera It's just It doesn't align right the Aesthetics Don't they're not consistent enough like You have everything floating why not Have the mic floating as well but I Would definitely love to know what you Guys think about KSI setup in the Comments section below and the reason Why I'm so harsh by the way obviously if You guys subscribe to the channel you Already know what kind of Standards I Have when I host a setup or show and all The setups that I build on the channel So I kind of have a different standard

Compared to Constantine and I know you Guys do as well Um anyone who's kind of stumbling across The channel watching this video for the First time you guys are probably Thinking I hate this person or I'm very Salty when that's not the case you guys It also pains me so much to see that he Tucked away the PC in the corner that's That's one of the things you don't want To do when they set up you guys the PC Is such a big part of the setup it's What powers the entire setup in the First place you got to show some Appreciation to that especially if it's A custom PC which it looks like it is Because it's got a clear side panel You want to admire it right you don't Want to just dump it in there in the Corner I don't know what specs it's got But I would have done a really nice Custom build maybe even a custom water Cool build and the perfect spot for that System would have been right there on The top right wall I wouldn't put it on The floor because obviously it's a Sit And Stand desk oh okay that's probably Why you did it Because the floor or the desk Rises so It would pull on the cables if it's Mounted on the wall I was still mounted On the wall but I've gotten some extra Slack some extensions to make sure that There is enough length where the desk

Can rise and lower without pulling on The cables I feel like that is such a Missed opportunity to be honest and It just feels like he took the easy Route I feel like Constantine took the Easy route can you imagine how much more Difficult cable management is going to Be if you do Mount that PC on the wall And get extension cables for everything Elgato stream deck microphone camera all The monitors that's a lot of extra work I don't know how much time Constantine Had for this setup but I would have loved to see him take that Extra step because it is KSI setup but Yeah yeah instead My overall rating for This setup is Is an eight I'm just judging the setup Itself and not the room the whole room Together is probably a nine I would say But it's just the little things like the Attention detail with the cable Management the spacing and the height Alignment of the monitors stuff like That could definitely be improved and I Was just expecting a little bit more Customization or mods I guess but yeah a Really nice setup for KSI nonetheless Well done constitute All right and now we'll do it for Today's video as always if you guys are Enjoying these types of React videos let Me know by tossing a like subscribe for More setup content coming your way and

I'll see you very soon in the next one

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