Razer Edge First Look, The Most Powerful Android Handheld Yet! Yeah It’s FAST, But…

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Yeah so yeah basically what we have here Is the most powerful dedicated Android Handheld system to hit the market and I'm seeing some really great performance Out of the new Razer Edge Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the brand new Razor edge handheld Android gaming System from Razer this is the Wi-Fi Version they also make a 5G version and When this was initially announced I did A video kind of showing off the specs Over on their website and at the time The Wi-Fi version and the 5G version Were listed with eight gigabytes of RAM But as it turns out the Wi-Fi version Only has six and they didn't fix their Website until a few days after a lot of People actually started receiving these Units so that was definitely a big Disappointment but it didn't persuade me From canceling my reservation when it Comes to emulation native Android gaming And cloud gaming six gigs on this device Is going to be plenty and really one of The main reasons I wanted to get this Was the CPU it's utilizing a Qualcomm Snapdragon g3x gen 1 and when it comes To these Android handhelds it's the most Powerful chip we've seen so far so it Should put down some really great Performance and I'm super excited to Test this thing out when it comes to

Native Android gaming and emulation of Course it's going to handle cloud gaming Quite well it does have Wi-Fi 6 built in And basically what we have here is the Tablet portion of the handheld that's What they're calling it over on their Website it's got a 6.8 inch AMOLED Display at 144 Hertz and this also has Active cooling built in so we shouldn't See any kind of thermal throttling with That new Snapdragon chip now of course This is touted as a handheld so the Controller is actually located here they Include a Razer Kishi V2 Pro and Basically the tablet portion of the Razer Edge kind of just attaches right In here over USB type c and I've always Been a big fan of these Razer Kishi Controllers ever since they released the Very first Razer Kishi I've also got the V2 but the pro here isn't much different As far as I can tell right now I will do Kind of a comparison in just a second But let's go ahead and unwrap the tablet Portion of the unit and yeah this is Actually a lot smaller than I thought it Would be I figured it would be a bit Thicker given that we do have active Cooling here with that Snapdragon g3x But uh overall looking pretty good we've Got USB type-c it also supports micro SD Card we've got our volume rocker our Power button and dual stereo speakers on This unit let's go ahead and get it

Booted up for the first time and as you Can see I mean it's got some bezels now I actually thought that these would be a Bit thinner they don't bug me as much as They do some other people but I'm going To tell you right now if you're already Using let's say a Galaxy s22 or you've Pre-ordered the s23 all you'll really Need to put something like this together Is one of these controllers you can buy The Razer Kishi V2 there are other Expandable or stretchy controllers on The market that you can pick up I'll Leave some links in the description but Taking a look at the overall specs for The CPU we've got that new Snapdragon G3x gen one this is an 8 core arm SOC We've got four cortex a510 cores at two Gigahertz three cortex a710 cores at 2.8 Gigahertz and one big cortex A2 core at 3.2 very reminiscent of the Snapdragon Gen 1 CPU but I believe we've got a Higher clock on that X2 core by about 200 megahertz and a little bit of a Boost on the adreno 7 130 GPU clock also But uh this does have active cooling Built in so we shouldn't see thermal Throttling and we will do some testing By the end of the video we've got six Gigabytes of LP ddr5 Ram with Wi-Fi Version or 8 with the 5G version a 6.8 Inch AMOLED display at 144 Hertz with a Resolution of 2400 by 1080. 128 Gigabytes of internal ufs 3.1 storage

Also supports a micro OSD card up to two Terabytes we've got a 5000 milliamp hour Battery and it does not come with the Charger you do get your USB type-c cable But no wall charger is included dual Stereo speakers with THX spatial sound Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.2 and this is Running Android 12 out of the box plus It did come pre-installed with Razer Cortex and Razer Nexus if you're not Familiar with Nexus basically it's kind Of a game launcher I personally like it And I do use it on my main gaming phone Because I use the Razer Kishi V2 with That phone also the tablet portion of The The Edge does have a really Sleek Design I kind of like the way they've Got this set up got a bit of a rounded Back here we've got easy access to the Power button volume buttons speakers on Each side and around back we've got some Ventilation for that built-in cooling System like I mentioned it does have an Active fan inside but once you slap it Inside of the controller we do have a Really nice looking handheld now it's Not much different than putting your Phone inside of something like the Razer Kishi V2 and speaking of that controller The design hasn't changed much when it Comes to the new pro model that comes With the edge but there are a few key Differences with the pro model it's got Built-in vibration Motors and a 3.5

Millimeter audio jack down here so yeah I mean there are some differences but The edge will fit in the original V2 if It ever came down to that Overall razer's website it doesn't Mention anything about quick charging This battery so I wanted to test it out I've got a watt meter here and outside Of the controller The Edge can charge at Close to 30 Watts we're right there 27 28 I'm just going to call it 30 but once We place it inside of the controller and We use that pass through USB type-c port It's going to be cut in half 15 watts Maximum fast charge on the internal 5000 Milliamp hour battery Getting right into the operating system This is running Android 12 and there are A few pre-installed apps obviously we've Got the Google bloat Google Drive and Things like that we've also got a few Razer apps and some pre-installed Razer Wallpapers that you can choose from but Uh it is Google Play certified so we've Got full access to Google Play and of Course you could use it without Razer Nexus but I personally do like using This I actually have it installed on my Main gaming phone right now also plus With the newest update we do have Controller mapping software for the Razer Kishi V2 Pro which we have here And the original V2 but it gives us some Recommendations on different games and

Applications to download plus we can Launch them directly from here now if You take a look at the very bottom we've Got a little toggle here and this is Going to be our virtual control we can Enable this per application or per game That way we can go ahead and map the Controller to games that don't natively Support controllers like engine impact We can redefine the button layout on the Controller itself and with the pro Version of the Razer Kishi V2 we do have That Rumble built-in or dual fiber Asian Motors we can set the intensity from Here we can also update the firmware I'm Fully updated right now but in the end I Mean if you've ever used an Android Tablet or an Android phone then you'll Be right at home with this device here We can install third-party launchers we Can install different applications like Netflix there's nothing really stopping Us from you know using this as a Full-fledged Android tablet or phone Without 5G The first thing I wanted to do was take A look at a few benchmarks and I kind of Faced this off against the Snapdragon Gen 81 and the Gen 8 II on the far left Hand side the Razer Edge single core 1132 multi 3269 I've seen some gen 8 Ones you know benchmark right around Here but as you can see what I've got in My inventory right now is beating it out

When it comes to the Gen 81 and Especially the Gen 8 II moving over to a GPU Benchmark we've got 3dmark Wildlife Extreme on the Razer Edge 1432 now this Has fallen far behind the Gen 81 I ran This several times on the device I let It heat up I let it cool down and 1432 Was the best score that I could pull out Of the Razer Edge this is a bit Disappointing given GPU performance is Well behind the Gen 81 right now And the final Benchmark I ran was antutu On the Razer Edge 717 672 as you can see that gen 81 is right There under 1 million we're at 988 000 And of course the Gen 82 1.3 million and If you take a look at the individual Benchmarks here CPU GPU memory and ux You can see that GPU score of the Razer Edge is well behind the Gen 81 but you Know the weird thing is they both have The adreno 730 so I do think something's Going on with the firmware right now Now it's time to see how the edge Handles native Android gaming and we're Going to start off light here with Minecraft 16 chunks and we can reach 120 FPS with this game got a few dips into The low 90s but overall really great Performance and the controller here just Works with games that natively support Controllers on Android but you will run Into some games where you have to use

The built-in mapper like Call of Duty And ginshin impact unfortunately Call of Duty only supports first party Controllers from Xbox and Sony so with Razer's new mapping software we can Actually get it working with basically Any game and we're at high right now Running at 60fps you can play this all Day long and I really didn't doubt we Weren't going to have an issue with this Game here it's very well optimized So let's move over to one of the hardest Android games to run at least at high Settings 60fps and that's going to be Ginch and impact I'm not sure if we're Ever going to get official controller Support for the Android version of Kenshin impact it would be nice to have It that way we don't have to do any kind Of mapping but luckily through Razer Cortex we can go ahead and map these On-screen touch points and it makes it Really easy to play this game with the Controller super easy to set up fully Customizable and you can enable this per Game through Razer cortex so far been Having a really great time with this and Uh yeah I mean right now we've just Mapped the controls for gention impact On screen we can use the built-in Controller or the detachable controller Running this game at 60fps high settings At maximum I can't really get a super Stable frame rate at 60 but if you don't

Mind playing it at 30 you can go ahead And Max this out High still looks really Good in my opinion and it's fully Playable on this device I mean I'm Getting some really great performance at A ginch and impact on the edge when it Comes to Native Android gaming on the Edge I mean basically as long as you can Install the game it's going to run it at Full speed some of these higher end Games you might have to drop it down to High but we're getting great performance Next thing I wanted to test out was some Emulation and we're going to start off Here with Dreamcast Not a super hard system to emulate Especially using the re-dream emulator Right now we're at 1920×1440 with Marvel vs Capcom 2 and I Figured I'd take time here to test out This d-pad if you're familiar with these Racer Kishi controllers you know for the D-pad and the main buttons it uses micro Switches in my opinion it would have Been really nice if they used conductive Pads instead of micro switches but I Think they've done a great job with what We have here pulling off these special Moves is really easy with the Kishi And since we're here I figured if we Just go ahead and test out one more Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure 2 1920 1440 running at full speed FPS is up in The top left hand corner and I knew we'd

Have more than enough power to emulate These Dreamcast games as long as the Game's compatible with the emulator be It re-dream or fly cast it's gonna run At full speed So let's go ahead and take it up to PSP Using PPSSPP 5x resolution Vulcan Backend Tekken 6. I consider this a Mid-range game to emulate and of course We're at full speed FPS with this is in The top right hand corner I know it's a Bit hard to see but even at 5x with this Game didn't have any kind of dips Whatsoever so let's test out a harder Game this is kind of our go-to test Chains of Olympus Still using the Vulcan back end we're at 5x resolution no hacks on running Absolutely amazingly on the edge So seeing how well it's running this Game at 5x the easier to emulate stuff Can go up even higher but it really Doesn't make much sense you know taking Let's say Tony Hawk up to 10x on this Device given the screen's resolution but Uh you know it's really nice to know That we can do it if we wanted to The next thing I wanted to test was some GameCube emulation using Dolphin Emulator opengl back in and I'm using The development build from the official Website this isn't the build from Google Play we've got automotolista which is a Harder one to emulate running great so

This opengl is definitely where it's at Right now with the Dolphin Emulator and These Snapdragon chips they've done a Lot of optimizations with it but if you Wanted to go over the Vulcan for some Games it may help out I also tested out F0 GX on the hardest Track to emulate fire field uh when you Go into this with an Android device make Sure you definitely test out this track Here because a lot of the older devices Definitely fall on their face but with This here we're at a constant 60 and I Was really surprised by this just Checking out the benchmarks I didn't Think we get this kind of performance But it's definitely Trucking right Through and the final GameCube game I Wanted to test here was Rogue Squadron 2. so if you do any kind of GameCube Emulation you know how hard this can be To emulate even on x86 platforms on the New Snapdragon Gen 2 I can actually get This to run at 60fps with the opengl Back in but unfortunately as you can see We do get a bunch of dips here with this Game on the g3x And of course we had to test out some PS2 emulation but uh keep an eye on the Channel because I will have a full Emulation Showcase Video coming up using The Razer Edge there's just a lot more That I want to test here than could be Fit in this video but here's ether sx2

3x resolution opengl back in with Kingdom Hearts 2 running at full speed Not a super hard game to emulate so Let's take it up just a bit here to Gran Turismo 4. still using the opengl back In at 3x running at 60fps looking good So far with PS2 emulation using ethers X2 and with everything that I've tested So far I haven't even had to swap over To the Vulcan back in even with games Like God of War 2. now I will admit that At 3x resolution when there's lots of Particles on screen this does dip down So you might want to take it down to Around 2.5 x resolution but so far I Mean emulation is looking very solid on The Razer Edge full emulation Showcase Video is coming up got some switch some 3DS Sega Saturn all systems like that Will be included in that video and if There's anything specific you want to See running just let me know in the Comments below Now there is one last thing that I Wanted to show off this is actually Really important to me when it comes to My gaming Android phones or higher end Android devices and that's kind of Display over USB type c otherwise known As alt mode this monitor does support USB type-c video in and we can go up to 1440p it's a pixio px27 pro I believe I'll leave a link in the description but You could use a dock or an adapter you

Can pick them up on Amazon for a pretty Decent deal and unfortunately we don't Have a great desktop mode here you can Enable it from the developer settings But it's very Bare Bones so I'm going to Kind of experiment with that but we do Have at least screen mirroring and while We're using a wired connection like this We have zero latency so if you did want To connect to a larger display you could Always do it and run something like an Xbox controller connected over Bluetooth So first impressions here I do like the Layout I know some people are probably Going to be bugged by the bezels on this Uh tablet device right in the middle but We do have more screen space than most Phones on the market right now given the Aspect ratio of this AMOLED display for A dedicated Android handheld it's Definitely putting out some really good Performance but you know when you Compare it to newer Flagship devices Phones that you might already have in Your pocket then it is lacking at least At the time of launch I was actually Expecting this at least in the synthetic Benchmarks to kind of match up with the Snapdragon gen 1 and unfortunately in Those synthetic benchmarks it looks like It's falling behind so uh hopefully we Do get some more optimizations down the Road with firmware updates because I Know for sure that this chip does have

More to offer and by the way through all Of my testing I was in performance mode From the battery settings in Android This is not a Razer feature it's uh on All Android devices if you head over to Your settings battery you can turn Performance mode on didn't make much of A difference but I was hoping it would And speaking of performance mode there's Really no dedicated Hardware settings Here so we can't control the built-in Fan we don't have kind of an Eco or Balanced or performance mode so Hopefully that's added an updated Firmware because that could definitely Help out a lot of people but just going Into this device as a dedicated Android Handheld it's definitely the most Powerful one we've seen so far and I Can't wait to see what firmware it's Going to do down the road with this but That's going to wrap it up for my first Look video at the Razer Edge I've got Several videos planned so keep an eye on The channel next one's going to be a Full emulation showcase we've got a lot To test here but until then I'd like to Know your thoughts in the comments below Is this a device that you've been Interested in is this something that You're going to pick up have you Pre-ordered it is it too expensive is it Not putting out enough performance let Us know in the comments below and if

This is something you're interested in I'll leave a couple links in the Description but that's it for this one Like always thanks for watching

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