Razer Blade16 & Razer Blade 18 – They Finally Did it!

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So today Razer announced two brand new Gaming laptops the Razer Blade 16 and The Razer Blade 18. I'm cool with this I've always wanted a 16-inch version of The 15 inch model but the kicker is They're transitioning to a 16 by 10 Aspect ratio now granted they're not Really deviating from the design like You've used a Razer Blade laptop before It's gonna pretty much look identical It's going to light up with the green Snakes on the back and it's going to be A full CNC aluminum chassis but there's Not much of a difference in terms of What you get between the 18 and the 16 Inch version for example both of these Laptops will have very identical ports On the left hand side you're going to Have the power connector a USB a 3.2 a Type c Port which will be Thunderbolt 4 And a combo audio jack the big Difference though is that on the 18 inch Model you get an RJ45 Port it's going to Be 2.5 gigabits so if you want that Port You got to go with the 18 because the 16 Is not going to offer it there's no Ports on the back but on the right hand Side both laptops have an SD card slot Type c so only one Thunderbolt 4 port on Both laptops usb-a and an HDMI port now Here's the thing Razer is introducing Their Gan Chargers so if you buy a model With the 4060 or 4070 that's going to be Using a 280 watt Gan charging brake if

You buy a version with the 4080 or 40 90 It's going to be using a 330 watt Charging brick these charging bricks are Massive I'm happy Razer is using Gan Chargers because it's going to take the Weight distribution lower it and make it A little bit more easier to carry these Things around now granted if you don't Want to carry these big charging bricks If you're taking these things to school These type c ports will offer power Delivery up to 100 Watts so you can Obviously travel with something much Lighter now weight distribution is Obviously different if you buy the blade 16 you're looking at 5.4 pounds which is Obviously heavier than the previous Razer Blade 15. I would have loved if They could keep it under five pounds but Unfortunately due to the Heat and the Power of these gpus and CPUs they need Bigger chassis right it just needs to Stay cooled properly if you go for the Blade 18 it stays around seven pounds Which is pretty much identical to the Previous razor blade 17. now granted if You're really into external sound the Blade 18 is gonna have six speakers but You only get four on the Razer Blade 16. Now opening up the laptop will continue To be easy by using one hand and you're Gonna have that very familiar keyboard To type on it's going to be 1.1 Millimeters of travel distance you're

Gonna have a massive glass touch pad the Keys are going to be full of RGB and Obviously it's going to be perky RGB so You can customize each and every one to Whatever color you want but the displays Are going to be the focal point of this Laptop now if you do buy the Razer Blade 16 it's going to have an actual shutter At the top where you can just like Physically close the webcam both of These devices are going to have infrared Sensors so you can visually use your Beautiful mug to log into your laptop But the 18 will not have a shutter and Probably because I imagine most people Will be buying the 18 to use as a Desktop replacement whereas more people Will be using the webcam on the 16 Because it's lighter and easier to Travel with but display options are Fantastic if you buy the 16 inch version You are going to have a mini LED option And you can get it anywhere from a QHD Display all the way down to full HD Obviously continuing with that 16 by 10 Aspect ratio and you have the potential Of a high refresh rate all the way up to 240 hertz now if you go with the 18 inch Model there's no mini LEDs so forget About it but all of the options are at Least QHD and they do have a couple of 4K panels if you want something a bit More pixel dense so regardless of Whether you buy the blade 16 or 18 the

Specs will be identical they're both Using I9 13950 HX Intel CPUs these are Unlocked super powerful but the GPU Options defer depending on the SKU you Buy they all come with a 40 60 40 70 4080 or a 4090 and if you opt for the 40 60 or 40 70 the tgp tops out at 140 Watts if you go for the 4080 or 40 90 Regardless of chassis that tops out at 175 Watts now you can get this with up To 32 gigabytes of RAM it but of course It's upgradable to 64. ddr5 4800 Megahertz and the display option really Comes down to your own personal Preferences but you will get a very fast Gen 4 nvme SSD and both models include An extra slot if you want to increase The storage now this is not going to be A cheap laptop I don't have prices but This is Razer they're Boutique they Create these beautiful gorgeous products So expect this to be very very expensive Now even though they share very similar Specs I still think the blade 18 is Going to be a little bit faster let's be Honest here there's more fans inside it Has a bigger chassis so cooling should Technically be better when you have Better cooling with this processor or The GPU tops out it could sustain that Performance for a bit longer these Intel CPUs are expected to perform anywhere From 10 to 12 faster when it comes to Single core clock speeds and anywhere

From 30 to 40 percent when it comes to Multi-core speeds I don't know how much Better these 40 series gpus are in Laptops but if it's anything like the Desktops this is going to be a nice Performance bump compared to last year's Gpus just like previous Razer blades it Will be easy to open up it will be easy To upgrade ram will be upgradeable Drives will be upgradable Wi-Fi will be Upgradeable but the difference though Internally comes down to the battery Size so one would think with the Razer Blade 18 that you're getting the biggest Battery but that's not the case because Just like the blade 17 Razer is using a Third fan where the battery is located That means they have to split the Battery into two and when you do that You lose a little bit of battery life so You're looking at a 90 to 92 watt hour Battery in the blade 18 and a 95 watt Hour battery in the blade 16. personally I think this is a wise choice because Let's be honest here most people are not Traveling with their seven pound laptops To get the best battery life I'd rather Have the better battery life in the Blade 16 because that's the one I'd be More likely to travel with plus the Extra cooling is more than warranted Because for most people this blade 18 is Going to be a desktop replacement There's also one thing in the marketing

Materials I noticed it says ambient Noise 50 decibels I'm assuming that at Max load the loudest that these laptops Will get will be 50 decibels now some of You might be saying that's really loud Matt well it's not because for gaming Laptops it usually averages around 53 to 55 decibels when these things are under Float so if Razer can keep it at 50 this Is definitely an improvement now granted I'm mostly excited for the Razer Blade 16. this is a product I have been Waiting for Razer to make for years Having that 16×10 display the SD card Slot the same performance as the bigger 18 inch version is something I've always Wanted of course I'll be reviewing both Of these laptops so make sure you get Subscribed to see that like the video If You enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in The next one

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