Razer Blade 16 Review – The Best Display on a Gaming Laptop!

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So this is the Brandy Razer Blade 16 and It's packed with an RTX 4090 and a lot Of people are excited that Razer is Making a 16 by 10 16 inch laptop I am Too but that's not what sticks out for Me it's the display this is a dual mode Display and according to Razer it's the World first and this is something I've Always wanted in a laptop because it has Two native resolutions so that means you Could use this laptop at UHD plus get The best pixel density possible on a 16 Inch display and use it at 120 hertz so You still have a high refresh rate but If there's a game that's a little bit More graphically intensive you can lower That refresh rate to its second native Resolution which is 1920×1200 and play At 1080p but at 240 hertz now technically you can do This on any display just by lowering the Resolution but the problem is when it's Not a native display or if it's not a Native resolution the pixels end up Looking pretty bad like 1080p on a 4K Channel on a regular one doesn't look Great but when it's a native resolution It looks really good and I was playing a Lot of games at 1080p on this and it Looked fantastic like don't get me wrong You're still gonna have slightly more Pixelized text because it is 1080p but The actual game quality looks incredible Now the thing is 1080p gets a bad rap

But takes it to the next level is the Fact that there's a mini LED panel in Here like this is a gorgeous panel it Gets extremely bright up to 675 nits of Brightness and SDR mode but it has Peak Brightnesses over a thousand and I Actually played a lot of games in with Hdr on and it was beautiful like fake HDR like 400 or even 600 doesn't look That great but when you have like a Thousand and above it just looks so good Now if you are used to a Razer Blade 15 And you're thinking of getting a 16 the Overall form factor is pretty similar in Some ways like the width of the laptop Is almost identical like the 6 16 inches Obviously a tiny bit wider but the big Thing is it's going to be deeper because Of that 16 by 10 display whereas the old Blade 15 kept a more traditional 16×9 Aspect ratio you are also going up in Weight like this laptop is around 5.4 Pounds plus you add the charger Thankfully the charger is a Razer Gan Charger so it's a bit thinner than most Other bigger bricks that we're used to But you are adding a bit more bulk than Your traditional 16-inch notebook the Ports are also fantastic like on the Left hand side you have your proprietary Power connector that you're used to two USB a ports you have a type c Port this One is not Thunderbolt but it does Support power delivery up to 100 Watts

You have a combo audio jack and then on The right hand side you have your Noble Lock HDMI port which is 2.1 another USB A port and then you have a true Thunderbolt 4 Port the thing I like About this guy is you don't lose out on An SD card slot which was only usually Reserved for the 17-inch model but They're also keeping it on the 16 inch Model along with the 15 inch version it Is a bit thick like this is not a thin Laptop but I'm glad they went a bit Thick just because there's just so much Power in here and if they were to Sacrifice the thinness you would Obviously get less performance like the 15 inch model is significantly thinner But again you're just not getting as Much performance with the 15 inch Version opening it up is just like any Other razor you can do it with one hand The hinges are fantastic they're nice And tight the one thing that I do like Is the materials that they use like this Is true hardcore aluminum like it's Thick it doesn't feel cheap like some of The Alloys I've tested on other laptops Like it doesn't feel plasticky it feels Like a true proper aluminum chassis now It does pick up a lot of fingerprints This is like what you expect when you Buy a Razer laptop like these things are Black laptops you're just going to see Them everywhere like here's a grease

Spot from like 25 years ago it's still There on the touchpad so you're going to Be constantly wiping this thing down but That's just what you get when you buy a Black laptop touchpad is absolutely Massive the keyboard feels just like any Other Razer keyboard either you love it Or hate it I don't mind it it's not my Favorite gaming keyboard it feels a bit More on the productivity side just Because the shallow distance or sorry Key travel distance is so shallow but it Does have a good enough click that I Think most people would be happy with it But as usual Razer always Nails the RGB Like their synapse software may not be The best software overall but the one Thing that it does do well is RGB Speakers there's four of them now and They sound really good not better than The Razer Blade 18 and obviously not Better than a MacBook Pro 16 but overall They stand their own the new thing this Year though is they do have the 1080p Camera which is fine but there's a kill Switch like you can just flick this on Or off if you want to disable the webcam Which is kind of new to Razer laptops There's no fingerprint scanner which is Standard but you can use facial Recognition to quickly log you in now For a 16 inch notebook this thing is Absolutely stacked like you have the I9 13950 HX processor paired with 32

Gigabytes of ddr5 RAM you have the Nvidia RTX 49d with a tgp of 175 Watts 2 Terabyte nvme ssds but the price point Will put a lot of people into shock Because this is not a cheap machine okay This is expensive but look when it comes To actual performance the RTX 49 in here Performs as it should but it's not Beating out the RTX 49 that you'd find In something like the MSI gt77 like that Thing is 45 times thicker than this it's To the point where you might as well Just buy a desktop computer but for a 16 Inch notebook that's still travel but With like you could totally take this on The road it puts up some really nice Performance numbers and it doesn't Matter if you're using this for Content Creation or if you're using this for Developing code or strictly gaming it Does every single one of those things Very very well but the one area the 40 Series truly shines is with dlss 3.0 the Two together really do improve the Overall performance of a game like Taking cyberpunk for example right Regular frame rates 48 frames per second Even with Ray tracing on And on Ultra I'm able to beat out the Original frame rate which is really Incredible if you turn Ray tracing off And just leave dlss on the frame rates Are even better and I really hope this Technology is implemented and more games

Coming out in the near future because People who have a 40 series card maybe a 4060 for example will be able to play Games that are are really visually Demanding and meant for more powerful Gpus and that will just open up gaming To more people but when you are Switching back and forth between the Dual mode display it's not as easy as Flicking a switch you got to go to the Synapse software you got to select 120 Hertz for the UHD Plus or 1920×1200 and It does require a restart so every time You do that you will have to restart the Computer the mock switch is not baked Into synapse anymore which may be a good Thing you have to go into the Nvidia Control panel for the most part there's Three different options you can choose From automatic Optimus or you can choose Nvidia GPU but the only thing I don't Like about this laptop is it's a bit Warmer than most other laptops out there It does get hot but not hot enough where It's uncomfortable it just feels warm And look when I check the temperatures And I check the numbers nothing was Overheating it wasn't thermal throttling It wasn't hitting 100 degrees Celsius Yes it would spike up into the 90s but Then after a few seconds it would steady Out in the 80s and it would just Center There for a while clock speeds did get Reduced but not to the point where our

Performance on this was unacceptable now Because it gets warm fans do have to go On custom mode where you crank the CPU And GP to its full potential I never Bothered overclocking it there's no Point like the thermal limits of a Laptop can only be pushed so far Especially to chassis this thin but if You are using custom fan noise will be Over 50 decibels and as soon as you load A game the fans will kick on and they Will go over 50. if you don't want to Hear any fans or you want the fans to be Lower I suggest balance mode you will Lose some performance like you're Dropping down to around I think 135 Watts tgp which is still more than Respect effectable and it actually is Still faster than last year's blade 15 And it's fine if you're playing most Lighter titles but if you want the Fastest performance you gotta leave it On custom also I tried my best to get This thing opened up usually it's never A problem for me to open a Razer laptop It's straightforward but for some reason This specific unit the screws were in so Deep and so tight that it made it very Difficult to remove them and in the Process I ended up stripping two of the Screws now this is what you'd expect in Any Razer laptop there's a vapor chamber Cooler inside there's two slots for Storage they're both populated right now

And get good read and write speeds Swappable Wi-Fi card and then of course You have a 95 watt hour battery and I Was averaging about five hours of use Before needing to charge now should you Buy the blade 16 and well most people Are probably not just because it's so Expensive but for me personally having That dual mode display is everything Like I hope to see see more gaming Laptops utilize this technology because As someone who loves to game but also Works like as a content creator being Able to flip back and forth between 1920 By 1200 and UHD plus is a dream come True But you could make the argument that Building a PC and buying another laptop For travel is cheaper and you're Absolutely right you totally could it Really depends on your situation maybe You're in a cramped space and you have The money and you want something 16 Inches but as powerful as possible for Gaming then this is it maybe you're Someone who travels and moves locations Every three months you know like a lot Of people work and they have to move Every three months you can't carry a Desktop computer with you this would be A better alternative anyways that wraps Up my review if you have any questions Let me know in the comment section down Below links to this laptop will be in

The description I hope you liked the Video if you did feel free to hit the Like button if you're new to the channel Subscribe and I'll see you guys in the Next one

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