Rare Goodwill Hand-Held Find! We Found A 2DS XL, DSi XL, Pokémon At The Thrift Store

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Hey you what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again this is gonna Be a quick one but I wanted to kind of Get it out of the way because uh this Kind of does pertain to a lot of the Stuff we do on the channel uh recently I Was at my local Rescue Mission it's a Thrift store it's not Goodwill and this Is one of those places you can still get Some decent finds uh recently me and my Daughter went we found some old Cabbage Patch dolls from 1988 so we went ahead And picked those up and I'm always on The lookout for retro games and retro Computers in general now what you're Seeing on screen right now are my own Personal Nintendo DS and DS Lite in fact The original DS is my original DS from Back in the day and it still functions It's definitely beat up and the light Here has seen better days the hinge on It is basically destroyed I can still Use it still fully functional and I do Use it I personally love playing this With the R4 card but like I mentioned Recently I visited my local thrift shop And I came across a lot that I couldn't Resist it was 85 and with this I got a Lot of great stuff in fact this is one Of the best hauls that I've come cross In a very long time now first up we've Got some DS games I purchased all of This in a lot for 85 everything you're About to see

Now we've got a bunch here a lot of Stuff that's not great but I did get Some really nice gems we've got a Kung Fu Panda Wipe out Ninjago Jump start Legend of Lost Island Mario DS The Amazing Spider-Man Adventure Time Sonic racing A bootleg version of Pokemon Platinum But luckily there was a real version in There with it And Pokemon white so when it comes to The games not a bad little haul here Definitely happy to add all of these to My collection but that's not it because I got these games along with a couple of Consoles and I was kind of blown away When I saw exactly what we got here First up we've got a Nintendo DSi XL It's actually in really good shape a top Screen does have a little scratch on it And it's got a stylus included I know These are cheap but it's rare to see Them you know still in the holder there It's got a little Nick on the top screen But if I put a screen protector on it it Might kind of cover that up it's not Going to bug me too much and I'm Actually really glad that I got a hold Of one of these because I've never owned A DSi XL I always went with the light Version or just the smaller version of

The DSi And you know a couple months back I Actually searched eBay thinking about Picking one of these up but I saw they Were still around 90 so you know picking It up with these games here for 85 Dollars was a really great deal R4 card Will work in here and yeah I'm kind of Happy with this one here and at 85 bucks I would have been fine with what I've Got but there was another console Included and to tell you the truth I Really do think that you know the people Who worked there thought it was another Nintendo DS but it turns out I got a 2DS XL in this whole lot here for 85 dollars And this thing's in really great shape It is a US version we've got the orange And white uh Stylus is missing got a few Nicks on the body itself which is really Normal but the screens have screen Protectors on them so there's no Scratches on these screens whatsoever if There's any Nicks here it's probably Just on the screen protector I've Already spent some time with this I've Installed some Homebrew and I do want to Make a full video on this because I've Actually been having a blast running Homebrew on this system here and I'm not Just talking about running back UPS I'm Talking about other app applications Like retroarch we've got a quake here Open bore there's tons and tons of

Different Homebrew applications that we Can run on the 2DS XL or even a 2DS or 3DS and I really do think it's still a Viable console to run retro emulators on And different Homebrew applications so Like I mentioned I've been having a lot Of fun with this this has kind of been My main go-to for the last couple days And if you're interested in seeing a Full video on what a 2DS can do with Homebrew or even the DSi XL let me know In the comments below but that's going To wrap it up for this one I wanted to Make this quick video because I was Really excited about it it's a few and Far in between where I find consoles of Any sort at a thrift store it's been a Couple years and you know it's just Always cleaned out there's always Somebody there wanting to buy it up and Resell it on eBay for me that's not what I do I personally keep this stuff I like To collect it and in a span of going to The same store at least 18 to 20 times I Never found anything until now when it Comes to you know gaming consoles Retro Gaming modern gaming not even a Controller is usually on the Shelf now If you're already into the 3DS or DS Homebrew scene and you know some awesome Applications so that I should try out Let me know in the comments below but That's going to wrap it up for this one And like always thanks for watching

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