Raptor Lake Mini PCs Are Here! 5GHz 12 Core CPU! Hands-On The All-New NUC BOX 1360P

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Foreign What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today I'm pretty excited About this Mini PC because uh this is Going to be our first look at Intel's 13th gen mobile chips and with this we Actually have the brand new i7 1360p These are known as raptor-like pea chips And with this one we get 12 cores 16 Threads and a boost clock up to 5 Gigahertz and a super small four-factor PC now the first one to the market at Least the first one that I've been able To get my hands on is from ASRock Industrial this is known as the Nook s Box 1360p D4 now the D4 is really for The shape we have here they also offer Another one known as the D5 that will House a 2.5 inch Drive in the bottom of The unit but the D4 is the smaller of The two and as you can see I mean this Is a super small PC so inside of the Box Obviously we're gonna get the D4 Mini PC Here we also get a mounting bracket and Some mounting hardware and they include A 90 watt power supply which should be Plenty for this i7 1360 P now when it Comes to IO with this Mini PC up front We get two full-size USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports We've also got one USBC 3.2 Gen 2 and Usb4 otherwise known as Thunderbolt 4 Because we are working with an Intel Platform here and this does utilize 40 Gig protocols so we can get full speed

Thunderbolt 4 and it will support an Egpu we're going to be doing some Testing by the end of this video Checking out the sides not much going on Here have some ventilation on both but Around back we've got our DC power input Two more USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports we also get 2.5 gigabit Ethernet and two HDMI 2.0 Ports now all together we can do quad Displays on this utilizing both of these HDMI ports and both USBC ports up front And real quick I did want to mention That we do have a lit power button on The top of the unit now first thing I Wanted to do is just pull the bottom off Because this does come as a Bare Bones Unit I will have to add my own storage And RAM and I wanted to take a look at The internals I was kind of hoping we Would have enough room for a 2.5 inch Drive but unfortunately the D4 is Designed to only use an m.2 SSD and for This setup I'm going to be using 16 Gigabytes of RAM and a one terabyte Kingston Fury SSD as a lot of us already Know Intel 13 gen will support ddr5 or Ddr4 and with the D4 they actually went With ddr4 I guess to keep the price down For the end user it actually would have Been really nice to have ddr5 with this Because we do use this system memory as Vram and we're working with an igpu in This Mini PC like a lot of the other Ones on the market when it comes to the

Specs for the CPU we've got the Raptor Like P Intel i7 1360p 12 cores 16 Threads four performance cores up to 5 Gigahertz and eight efficiency cores up To 3.7 Graphics are going to be handled By an Intel Iris XE igpu this one has 96 Execution units and it's clocked at 1500 Megahertz I'm not sure of the difference Between the old XC and this one it might Just be a higher clock but but we've got Those 96 execution units so we've got The higher end version here this will Support up to 64 gigabytes of ddr4 at 3200 megahertz we can add one pcie gen 4 Nvme SSD it does have Wi-Fi 6C Bluetooth 5.2 and for this I'm going to be running Windows 11 Pro When it comes to overall performance or Using this as kind of an everyday Desktop PC very Snappy little system TDP On this is set at 28 Watts with a boost Up to 65 which definitely seems a bit High for the small PC but it actually Stayed pretty cool now we could use a Third-party app to kind of adjust that To our liking and I'd say around 35 Watts just across the board would be Really nice for this little system but I'm going to leave it at that stock Configuration web browsing really quick With that built-in Wi-Fi 6 and this new Intel 1360p handles 4K video playback Like a dream I mean 4K 60 HDR here on YouTube had a couple drop frames on the

Initial load in but that's kind of Normal for all these chips and you know Going into this I had a good feeling That this 1360p was going to work out Really well for kind of Everyday Use Even the 1260p was a decent chip that One also had 12 cores and 16 threads but The main thing here is multi-core Performance is up by about 25 on the 1360. through my testing so far single Cores look looking like it's up around Five to eight percent but when it comes To geekbench 5 we got a single core of 1812 and multi-core is over ten thousand So yeah I mean we've got a nice little Upgrade when it comes to CPU performance But I wanted to see if they upped the GPU performance on this because we're Still working with Intel Iris XE Graphics and unfortunately not much has Changed here with 3dmark night raid we Got a total score of 18 735 Fire strike 5091 and finally time spy with a 1915. with these synthetic benchmarks I'm only seeing around five to eight Percent gain and that really comes down To this being clocked at 1500 megahertz As opposed to the 1350 in the old 1260p Kinda wish this was using ddr5 Ram would Have helped out a bit but you know we're Still going to be testing out some PC Games and first on the list we've got Street Fighter 5 1080p medium settings

Not bad at all I mean we're getting a Consonant 60 throughout and on the 1260p I did have to drop some of these down to Low so we had a low medium mix on that Older chip so uh either driver Optimizations with uh Intel's drivers or Updates to the game has increased Performance a bit Next up we've got GTA 5 1080p normal we Can get an average of around 71 FPS not Bad definitely playable and you know With all of these games I would just go Ahead and turn vsync on just lock it Right there at 60 as long as we can hit 60 but the two games we've tested so far Are a bit older and they do run pretty Well on integrated Graphics so let's Take it up a notch to cyberpunk 2077. Now with this we did have to go down to Low settings we're at 720p and we can Only get an average of around 47 FPS out Of this one I was definitely hoping for A bit more and we could always take FSR To ultra performance but personally I Just don't like the look of the game I Mean it would help out we could gain About 8 FPS but in the end I don't think It would be worth it I also wanted to test out Spider-Man Remastered 720p low and it's trying its Hardest to keep right there at a steady 60 but we do get those dips under and Again you know we had to take it all the Way down the low we could go to very low

But the game kinda looks horrible at 720p very low Okay Next up we've got god of war and this Didn't fare so well 720p low we got an Average of 39 FPS I was actually sure Going into this that we'd get more out Of it than this I thought we'd be at at Least 51 on average but even at these Low settings with FSR set to Performance We really can't even get over 50 with it And the final game I wanted to test at Least on these integrated Graphics was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I like Running the built-in Benchmark I've set It to basic so we're at 720p most of the Stuff is at low and we got an average of 59 FPS with a low of 36. and we are Using Intel's XE SS scaling you could Try FSR but I don't think we're going to Get much more out of it with this game Here Now obviously when it comes to the Built-in Iris XE Graphics in this new 1360p we're not going to get great Performance with newer AAA games older Stuff is going to run pretty decently But uh we do have a little more that we Can add to this because we've got Thunderbolt 4 up front I've got a Razer Core X dock here with an RTX 3060 non-ti Variant just plug that Thunderbolt right Into one of the front ports here it's Going to detect that GPU and all of the

Video is actually going to be running Out of the GPU itself we're not going to Be using the internal HDMI on the mini PC And now instead of running God of War at 720p under 40 FPS we can jack it up to 1440p high and get an average of 73 FPS Out of this game so yeah I mean Thunderbolt 4 is amazing for these mini PCS but then you kind of got to invest In a thunderbolt for dock and a GPU but You can definitely up that GPU Performance by quite a bit Another thing I like to take a look at With these smaller PCS is total system Power consumption this can matter to a Lot of people depending on where you are In the world and this one does a pretty Decent job now with the TDP the way it's Set we can get on up there for a Mini PC But stock out of the box idle 9 Watts Gaming up to 54 and the maximum that I Could get this to pull from the wall While maxing out the CPU and GPU was 71 Watts we got a 90 watt power supply Where well under that limit and like I Mentioned you can use the third party Application to kind of limit that TDP to Around 35 Watts across the board and When it comes to Performance compared to The old 1260p on single core we're only Seeing about a five percent gain Multi-core 25 which is a significant Gain and the igpu performance is around

Eight percent more than the 1260p I was Really hoping we were going to get Better igpu performance and you know Just checking out the spec sheet over on Intel's website it only states that These are Intel Iris XE Graphics it Doesn't say the Gen generation or Anything like that I was kind of under The impression that we'd have a little Boost in performance and of course we Did but it really only comes down to Having that higher clock it's basically The same Intel Iris XE setup that we saw In the 1260p clocked at 1500 megahertz Instead of 1350 but that's going to wrap It up for this video really appreciate You watching definitely want to do a Little more testing and I'm waiting on Some new drivers for this igpu I mean There's a chance we could get a better Boost in GPU performance but you know From what we've got here with ddr4 I'm Not sure how much we could get out of it You know with just driver optimizations If you're interested in learning more About these ASRock industrial Nook box PCS I'll leave some links in the Description and if you've got any Questions let me know down below but That's it for this one like always Thanks for watching

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