PS Vita Emulation On Android Is Here And Awesome! Play PS Vita Games On Your Phone

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today I'm going to Show you how to play PS Vita games on Your Android device using an awesome Emulator known as Vita 3K now this is a Real emulator I actually did a video on It uh using an x86 PC a few months back But now the developers released versions For Android you can actually install it On your device it's quite simple to get Set up but you got to keep in mind Vita 3K is still in early development so not All games are going to be compatible at The time of making this video over on Their website they state that 419 games Are playable there's a lot of games that You can boot up to the menu you can get In-game but out of all of the games that Were released for the PS Vita we've got 419 that will be playable with this Emulator but another thing to keep in Mind is that compatibility list was Really built off of an x86 platform be It all windows or Linux so even out of That 419 games right now at the time I'm Making this video we still might run Into some issues with those games that State their playable on Android but Either way look at it it's still really Awesome to see PS Vita games being Emulated on Android and if you want to Get this set up let's go ahead and jump Into it

So link for the website will be in the Description and one thing you got to Keep in mind is it's still really early For Vita 3K lots of information over Here they also have a GitHub page but One of the main things you need to check Out is the compatibility list Right here but this doesn't mean that All of these games are going to be Playable on Android either so uh 38 of The library is playable You can actually filter right here And just kind of go through the list and See if there's a game that you might Want to try out but uh right now we've Got a lot that do nothing some are Bootable some only get to the intro some Get to the menu some get in-game but 419 As of making this video are playable More added all the time so obviously With the simulator being how early it is With it we're not going to be able to Play every PS Vita game on our Android Device or even on a high-end PC All right so now that you've found a Couple games that are fully playable With 3K Vita it's time to check out the File format that we can use for these Games so personally I've been using dot Zip and Dot VPK and usually when you rip Your own games or maybe even find them They're going to be in a RAR format So with all of my zip games that I have Here originally they were RAR I just

Converted them over to dot zip to get Them to work correctly but it's still a Bit Hit or Miss because some of the Games that I ripped from my original PS Vita to VPK just won't boot up and they Are on the compatibility list for at Least in game so it's still a bit Hit or Miss but you know this compatibility Will increase over time but I've got all Of my games that I've been testing out On my internal storage of this device You can use external if you want to Alright so first things first we need to Download the emulator this is going to Be a DOT APK so from the Vita 3K website We're going to scroll down and you'll See we've got Windows Mac OS Linux and Android this is going to take us over to Their official GitHub Right now this is released to We're just going to download it Give it a second to finish up And once it's finished you can go ahead And install the APK I'm just doing it From my file manager Now we can open up the application From here we're going to choose our Language and the next step is really Important we actually need to install The firmware for the PS Vita and there's Actually two firmwares we need to Install you can download it directly From here but I've found that recently Using Google Chrome doesn't allow me to

Download the second firmware properly so I've been using Firefox and what I do is Just head over to the Vita 3K website Right in their get started section and The first one I'll download is the Official PS3 firmware then I'll download The font firmware the font firmware is About 56 megabytes and we'll take a look At those in just a second but I've got Them both downloaded you can always try To download it directly from here but Like I mentioned I've been having issues But we need to install both of these They're in my downloads folder You can install these in any order but As you can see one's going to be larger Than the other file format is pup So we'll go with the official firmware I'm also going to install the font Firmware which is around 56 megabytes Choose OK next we've got a little bit of Customization that we can do we can set Up the icon size and things like that I Kind of just leave it like it is I'll Choose next now we're successfully set Up but we've still got a few more things We need to do When he boot this up for the first time You're going to get a lot of information I recommend reading through all of it It's got click link so you can head over To their Discord their GitHub and their Official website but uh once we're Finished with that we need to create a

User You can set up any name you'd like I'm just going to go with user one Confirm okay and I'm going to Automatically log in so I don't have to Go through the process And there it is we're set up with vita 3K but obviously we don't have any games And there's some settings that I want to Go over I just want to show you what I Personally use on this device here and Uh to do that I'm going to go ahead and Plug this into my game capture so we can Get a better look at everything All right so I figured this would be a Bit easier to see I do have a on-screen Touch so you can see what's going on Here up at the top you can see we've got File emulation debug configuration Controls are held obviously check out Help you can go right over to the Website get all the information you need But now that we're up and running I mean We've got a few things that we can do Obviously we can head over to the web Browser there Trophies Got our settings not much that we can Change theme and background date and Time language what we really want to do Is play some games here so we need to Install some games super easy to do from File top left hand corner install zip or VPK remember file formats here are zip

Or VPK Select file I'm going to navigate to Where I have my PS Vita games Vita games And these are the games that I can Install right now I've got some zip and I've got some vpks I'm just going to tap on one of these Zips this is an Asphalt game it's going To install it takes a few seconds here And this was only around 800 megabytes So larger games will take a bit longer To install but as you can see archive Found compatible contents content Successfully installed now we've got Asphalt installed Let's go with another one Let's do a larger file Street Fighter cross Tekken And this is close to three gigs so it's Going to take a little longer to install And this is really going to depend on How fast your storage is on your phone But I really shouldn't take more than a Minute and a half two minutes There we go successfully installed and I'll do one more here It's actually a really awesome game This one is compatible and it actually Runs pretty decently on this device So I've got three Vita games installed I Can go ahead and start them up right now But we've got some more configuration That we can do Up at the very top emulation last used

App debug this is just going to bring up Some on-screen information for us Configuration settings and from here There's a lot that we can change but I'm Going to tell you right now the way this Is set up I actually haven't changed Anything and I'm getting really good Performance but this is a higher end Android device CPU Dynamic basically only option we Have GPU we've got the drop down and it's Just going to be default because you Know these phones only have one GPU Built in Vulcan is definitely going to Be our backend on Android but we do have Some internal resolution scaling that we Can do We can go all the way up to 8x But I found that on Android right now 1X Is really the way to go You definitely want to use Shader cache So make sure that's enabled From system you can set this up for pstv Mode if you want to but I'm going to Leave it here and uh you know your main Button can be your cross button or your Circle button I'm going to go with cross Emulator settings texture cache we've Also got a performance overlay that we Can enable now this phone here does have A built-in FPS counter and that's what I've been using but if you don't you can Always use that performance overlay

GUI grid mode so we can set it up for Grid mode if we want to and I do think That this looks good so I'm going to Leave it there we can have the GUI Visible or not I'm going to go ahead and Leave it like it is right out of the box And finally we've got our Network which I really haven't messed around with the Network on this just yet So basically on Android right now we do Have a little bit of upscaling that we Can do with these games and it really Depends if your device is going to Handle it or not Controls this is going to be very Important so if you want to use On-screen controls you can totally remap Them if you want to you can modify the GamePad layout I find you know the way It's set up it's kind of PPSSPP style Works out very well I'm just going to reset it there but Whenever I'm playing any kind of Emulators on my phone I really do like Having a controller I've actually tested A PS4 controller connected over Bluetooth an Xbox One controller Connected over Bluetooth and the Razer Kishi V2 personally I love the Razer Kishi V2 with this device here so that's My go-to controller for playing Vita Games on my Android phone So if you're like me you'll probably Want to use a controller I'm just going

To go ahead and plug this Razer Kishi V2 In My phone automatically detects it and The emulator actually detects it but if We go to controllers you can see that It's set up as null for some reason I Have to reboot the app once I connect a New controller but I should show up as The correct one So we go right back in here Controllers Razer Kishi and it's set up I mean we're Ready to play with the controller same Thing with a PS4 controller or an Xbox Controller buttons were already mapped For me Here's that asphalt injection game as You can see analog sticks working I Don't exactly know the controls but uh Yeah there we go Camera adjustment I think we've got our E-brake everything was ready to go for Me and uh you know this isn't a super Intensive game but there are other games That work that are kind of higher in 3D Games when it comes to the PS Vita like One of my favorites Street Fighter X Tekken So this game is compatible it runs at Full speed on this device at 1X Resolution but there are some special Effects missing from the game right now Hopefully we'll get kind of a customized Driver that allow us to get those back

But I really don't mind playing the game Right now like it is The device I'm on right now is the red Magic 8 Pro it's got the Snapdragon Gen 2 so it's one of the most powerful Snapdragon chips on the market but I've Also tested this on the Galaxy S21 and I'm getting similar performance might Have a couple more dips here and there Especially with a game like this but Overall everything I've tested so far Has worked on that device and that's Kind of where you come in now if you do Test this out on your Android device be It a phone tablet or even a PC let me Know the specs and how it runs in the Comments below that way we can kind of Get a feel for you know what's going to Run this emulator but that's gonna wrap It up for this one really appreciate you Watching and hope you get this Vita Emulator up and running on your Android Device uh links for everything that I Mentioned are down below if you've got Any questions let us know in the Comments below and like always thanks For watching

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