PC users finally have AirDrop!! // Intel Unison

Last Updated on March 14, 2023 by Detective Dev

PC users we finally have a proper Airdrop experience for PC and it was Created by Intel I've personally been Using it with my iPhone and I can Transfer files send texts get Notifications and make phone calls all You have to do is go to the windows Store and download the Intel Unison app Then do the same thing from the app Store on your Android or iPhone once Installed the Windows app will ask you To scan a QR code and you're fully Connected it uses Wi-Fi for files so It's not slow when you're transferring In Bluetooth for text notifications and Phone calls but here's the funny thing This laptop I'm using has an AMD Processor which means you don't have to Have an Intel laptop for this to work Now I know there's Windows Phone link Samsung flow and a few others but this Is the best one so far and the devices Don't need to be from the same company In order to work make sure to follow me For more videos like this

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