Orange Pi 5 Hands-On Review, Finally, A New Affordable Yet Powerful Arm-Based SBC!

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I personally think it's pretty awesome To see how far these little arm-based Singleboard computers have come I mean Just a year and a half ago we couldn't Have ever run gention impact on Something like this Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the brand new Orange pie five now on the channel in The past we've taken a look at a few Orange pie boards uh some of them were Much better than others but when it Comes down to it this is definitely the Most powerful arm-based board that They've created and I have to say for The specs this thing's rocking it's Actually a really great deal when it Comes to these arm-based singleboard Computers now this is using the powerful Rk3588 and there's no doubt that this is A really great chip for a singleboard Computer and for the past six or seven Months we've taken a look at a few Different sbcs powered by the same SOC But all of those boards came in pretty Expensive I mean over a hundred dollars In some cases up to 250 dollars but with The new orange pie 5 they actually have A four gigabyte model over on AliExpress Right now for 68 dollars making this the Cheap cheapest arcade 3588s powered Single board computer on the market Right now and keep in mind you can

Actually opt to get one of these with up To 32 gigabytes of RAM but if you're Just going to be running Android and Playing some games on it I mean four Gigabytes is going to be sufficient you Want to go up to eight gigabytes of RAM It's only 81 so this is really Accessible and it's not much bigger than The Raspberry Pi 4 as you can see here I Always want to do a little bit of a Comparison now of course the Raspberry Pi 4 is going to have that Community Behind it but if enough people get their Hands on the orange Pi 5 then we can get Some really awesome development going on This board I've had about a week to test Out the orange Pi 5 and performance is Great in Android and Linux in this video We're going to be taking a look at both Operating systems but there are more on The way now this is lacking a few Features that a lot of people love to See in these sbcs like no built-in Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth you will have to use a Dongle or you could opt to use the m.2 Slot on the bottom but personally I Don't want to clog this up because it Does support an nvme SSD it'll give us Some really nice speeds with Linux and Android and that's exactly what I'm Going to be running from and when it Comes to IO we've got one USB type-c Port only for power they do recommend 5 Volts four amps but I've been able to

Power this with much less we've got a 3.5 millimeter audio in and out Jack Full size HDMI 2.0 which will support up To 8K 60 out 3.0 type c we've also got An LCD connector up top and one on the Bottom so two LCD connectors in total on The orange pipe we've also got a total Of three camera connectors One USB 2.0 Port we've got gigabit Ethernet One USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 Port this also Supports a Micro SD card we could use This for external storage if you're Using a different media to boot from Like the nvme m.2 SSD slot on the bottom This is only running at pcie 2.0 speeds But it's going to be a lot faster than a Micro SD card or if you wanted to you Could actually opt to boot from USB on This board Now when it comes to the overall specs Of the orange Pi 5 for the CPU we've got That RK 3588 s this is an 8 core arm SOC 4a76 cores at 2.4 gigahertz and four a55 Cores at 1.8 the GPU is the Mali g610 Mc4 like I mentioned they do offer a few Different Ram variants of this board you Can go with 4 8 16 or even up to 32 and They're all using LP ddr4x we have Support for a 2242 m.2 nvme SSD and this Is only going to be running at pcie 2.0 Speeds and I have tested a SATA SSD Unfortunately I just can't get it to Work hopefully this can be changed with Firmware down the road but I'm not

Exactly sure if it can be and when it Comes to operating systems at the time Of making this video we've got access to An Ubuntu build a Debian build and an Android 12 build but they also have Their own operating systems planned for This the last major release they did was The pi 800 and we finally got the orange Pie OS Droid version and the orange pie OS Arch version which are both being Worked on for this board in this video We're going to be taking a look at their Ubuntu build that's available right now And their Android 12 build First up we're taking a look at Linux Now this is their Ubuntu build that they Have up on the website right now this is Running from an m.2 SSD and overall it's Been really Snappy but I have run into a Few issues specifically with the Graphics driver I've updated Mesa here For the arcade 3588 and it seems that I'm not getting real Hardware Acceleration throughout the operating System now with video playback it seems To be working but when trying to run a Third-party application let's just say Ether sx2 for PS2 emulation it's not Detecting the GPU and the only way that I can run it in this operating system Right now is on software for some odd Reason and I do want to mention that This is version one of their Ubuntu Build and we do have Hardware

Acceleration with this chip but uh Unfortunately with this operating system It's just not working properly but uh I Gotta say I mean even without it working Properly in this operating system right Now this thing is still really Snappy Web browsing super quick I'm actually on Ethernet right now because I am using That m.2 slot on the bottom I could go With the U USB dongle for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if I wanted to but I've got Access to ethernet here and as you can See everything loads up really quickly I Mean even with the operating system the Way it is right now if you wanted to use This for everyday use let's say email Checking document editing even photo Editing and video playback then this Will work I mean we've got a lot of Power with this rk3588 but uh orange Pi Definitely needs to work on the Linux Side of things now I've actually had Really good luck with Android and this Setup but first I wanted to show a Little bit of video playback from YouTube and Linux Big Buck Bunny 1080P And I think we do have a few drop frames Here and there but this chip is capable Of doing 8K when it's set up properly so One thing that I really want to get into Testing is their new orange pie OS Arch Version hopefully it's going to be ready Next week that's at least the word that I'm getting right now with full Hardware

Acceleration so that's something I'll Come back to and yeah I'm actually Excited to see how Linux can really Perform on this board here now in the Past on the channel we've taken a look At a few of these boards with great Linux support so far and these are Desktop Replacements if you're not Looking to play Steam games on something Like this a normal person could Definitely use the arcade 3588 as an Everyday PC so we'll definitely have to Come back to Linux on the orange Pi 5 in A later video once they get some of These bugs worked out or at least you Know these driver issues sorted with This operating system But when it comes to Android we do have Full Hardware acceleration across the Board and this performs really well this Is the rk12 build so it's based on Android 12. and the one you download From the website isn't going to have Google Play pre-installed but you can Actually side load it pretty easily You'll need Google Play services and Google play I've got it set up here so I've been able to download a bunch of Stuff that we're going to be testing out And with this version of Android we do Have full Hardware acceleration across The board so we've got access to opengl And Vulcan and the first thing I did was Run a couple benchmarks geekbench 5

Coming in with a single core score of 539 Multi-2152 a little lower than some of The other boards that we've tested but I Mean we're right there in the ballpark With this RK 3588 I also ran 3dmark Wildlife this is a Vulcan Benchmark we Got a 4406 and I really did think about Running antutu but this is running from A Micro SD card and when that Benchmark Runs through the storage i o it's going To tank the score but these rk35 88s or Around 530 000 in antutu in my Experience performance on these chips at Least with Android is around where the Snapdragon 845 is which really isn't bad For an SPC Next thing I wanted to do was test out Some native Android game here's Call of Duty mobile and I'm using an Xbox Controller I've got a Bluetooth adapter Plugged into one of the USB ports here But this game performs great we're at Medium settings we've got the frame rate Set to 60. and as you can see this is Fully playable I mean the arcade 3588 Paired up with that g610 GPU does a Great job with Native Android gaming I Also tested Asphalt 9 and Minecraft Those are other games that are going to Run great Thank you and another one that actually Runs well is genjen impact now

Unfortunately we don't have controller Support with the Android version of Kenshin impact so I'm using my mouse to Kind of use the on-screen touch points You could go through and install a Third-party mapper if you want to but I Didn't bother doing it for this video We're at low settings 60fps and every Once in a while we do get a few dips Here and there but overall I'd say that This is also playable But I think where this little board Shines is emulation here's PSP Ghost of Sparta using the Standalone version of PPSSPP 2x resolution you know some Boards I've actually been able to take This game up to 3x unfortunately on this One the way it is right now we're at 2x Still looks great we've got Full Speed PSP emulation here even with the harder To emulate stuff Next up we've got some wheat emulation Using Dolphin Emulator and there are a Lot of GameCube and Wii games that are Going to run really well on this board Don't expect the full library but some Easier to emulate stuff or even Mid-range games do run at full speed And if you're familiar with this chip You know it also offers some pretty Decent PS2 emulation using ether SX too Here's Ratchet and Clank and I'm at 0.75 Resolution so we are under native using The Vulcan back end but with this I

Didn't have to enable any kind of cycle Skips we're still in safe mode and it's Not bad I mean we got a couple slow Downs here and there but running PS2 on An arm chip or a single board computer Like this is still pretty awesome [Music] So far the orange Pi 5 has turned out to Be a solid single board computer now we Definitely need to wait for some Software optimizations with this chip And this board specifically but uh Overall it's really not that bad Especially given the price here when it Comes to the model with only four Gigabytes of RAM you can pick it up for Around 68 bucks and like I mentioned There are other boards powered by the Same chip on the market but they range From you know 120 up to 250 dollars so This is coming in pretty cheap and I Really do hope more people get their Hands on this that way we can get some Development rolling out with better Emulation better performance in Android And specifically in Linux but I will Have at least one more video coming up As soon as we get the orange pie OS Arch Version now they should have full Hardware support there with that version Of Linux and I think it's going to Perform really well I'd like to know Your thoughts in the comments below I Mean would one of these at 68 dollars be

Something you'd be interested in picking Up especially for emulation one thing I'm looking forward to is something like Bottocera or some kind of Standalone Emulation front end for this chip here I Think it would be really awesome but let Me know your thoughts in the comments Below that's going to wrap it up for This one if you're interested in Learning more maybe picking one of these Up I will leave some links in the Description like always thanks for Watching

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