ONEXPLAYER 2 – The Steam Deck has no chance!

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So this is the brand new 1X player 2 and I've never used the steam deck so I'm Coming to these portable handheld gaming Windows devices with a fresh set of eyes And I'm super excited about them because They've gotten so much better over the Past couple of years in fact there's so Many more times that I'd pick up Something like this over a Nintendo Switch depending on what I'm doing now What makes the 1X player 2 different is The ability to take off the controllers There's a little button on the back for Each controller which allows you to Dismantle it and then use it sort of Like you would with a Nintendo switch so Apparently they're going to be shipping It with a little device where you can Plug them in and use it as a proper Controller and then the idea is you just Flip over the kickstand like here and Then you have a portable gaming Experience unfortunately because this is A prototype unit these controllers don't Work when they're not connected so I Can't show you how it works but Obviously they do work when they're Connected on the sides they slip in and Out out exactly like a Nintendo switch In fact the quality of it is very Similar like there's a little bit of Wobbliness but no different than you'd Find on the Nintendo switch like I can Do this all day they're not going to

Disconnect now this is a big Point okay Like this Nintendo switch can fit right In the middle of the screen in fact this 1X player 2 is heavier than the steam Deck this weighs 1.88 pounds compared to 1.44 so bigger device but you do get a Bigger display this is 8.4 inches it's 2.5 k see it's really pixel dense if You're doing regular stuff now in terms Of ports you do get a few on the top you Have a micro SD card slot for expandable Storage USB then you have type c this Does support USB 4.0 and I'll talk about That later headphone jack a turbo button Which does absolutely nothing right now You have a volume rocker which does not Change the volume right now again Prototype all it does is when I press it It brings up the on-screen keyboard and When I press this one nothing really Happens it's just mostly the on-screen Keyboard you have your power button the Trigger buttons at the top feel so Clicky like there's a nice spring Mechanism in here so it feels very good To touch I actually prefer the way this Controller feels in the hand compared to The Nintendo switch it's just a lot more Comfortable to use on the bottom you Have another type c port and then you Have a proprietary pin connector over Here that you can attach to let's say a Keyboard if you want to turn this into a More traditional laptop like experience

These two bottom vents over here are Your speaker grilles apparently they are Being equalized by Harman Kardon I'll be Honest with you they sound good but They're not like blowing me away but They do say that they will be doing more Debugging on these speakers before it's Released in March or April of next year On the back you have more vents this is A fan and of course you have your Kickstand on the back now this kickstand Is okay like this is a big device I Would have loved a wider kickstand to Offer more support like it'll be fine It's not as bad as the original Nintendo Switches kickstand but I do prefer the Longer kickstand that Nintendo uses now It just gives the device a bit more Support than having a single mechanism At the bottom now there is some RGB if I Hold down this light button over here This will turn the lights on and off of The controller if I press it again it Will turn back on it just adds a little Bit of a gaming vibe to the whole Experience but when I'm not connected I Like to leave it off just because I want To conserve as much battery as possible Speaking of battery there's a 65 watt Hour battery inside of here I thought I Was only gonna get an hour of battery Life but I got over 2 hours and 15 Minutes of use and this is like strictly Gaming like doing nothing else but

Gaming which I found to be very Impressive for a device that's running Windows now I'll be honest with you the Software experience is a little janky Okay it is running Windows 11. games Work I didn't have any issues with games Not being able to load or anything like That but some sometimes like the mouse Will get stuck in the bottom of the Explorer bar or I'd have to like you Know tab in and out to like reset Something but overall all the games Worked perfectly the display though it's Actually really really nice it's 2.5 k It's only 60 hertz but let's be honest Here most of the games you're playing Are going to be reducing that to like 1920 by 1200 or even lower depending on How demanding it is it's about I don't Know a 16 by 10 display I'd say and what You get with it is pretty good color Gamut the color accuracy is not the best I did have to color calibrate it because The colors work completely off and when I did that it made a major difference in Terms of how everything looked the Screen brightness is just under 300 nits So like it's not the best for outdoor Use but in any sort of indoor setting The brightness will be respectable now The specs of this guy are actually Really interesting because it's using a Ryzen 7 6800u paired with 16 gigabytes Of RAM and of course it's using that RX

Vega integrated GPU to give give you That graphical performance now if this Was like a regular laptop that wouldn't Be that impressive but because you're Playing most games at a lower resolution It actually holds up pretty well and Because it has a one terabyte nvme SSD Like you have enough storage that you Can install plenty of games to use down The road now if you're talking about Playing Triple A titles like cyberpunk And all that kind of stuff it's not Gonna be able to do it well like you Know I'm playing cyberpunk on this at 720p and it's doable but it's not like a Smooth experience if you want to play Games like OverWatch it does it Beautifully like older titles like OverWatch I was playing a lot of fist Forged and Shadow this is a really good Moldovian side scroller handle it no Problem it actually handles Modern Warfare too well like you'll get about 60 to 70 frames per second if you don't Mind dropping all the settings to low But here's this device's secret weapon This USB 4.0 port at the top supports External GPU so I hooked up an RTX 2080 TI to it and it worked perfectly the Best way to get the best performance is To disable this screen and only use an External monitor this way the video Doesn't have to go through the igp then To the monitor because if you do that

You're going to drop performance it's Just not going to be as good if you go Directly to the monitor you don't have To go through the integrated Graphics Which means you'll get as much Performance as possible through this Pipeline now I took my frame rates at 1920 by 1200 getting 36 frames per Second and Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Bumped it all the way up to over 80. That's a big deal so like you could use This as a computer on your desk get Pretty good frame rates if you're using External GPU then disconnect it take it With you and game on the road and then Drop the settings a bit more again so You have kind of like The Best of Both Worlds now unfortunately it's not a Super quiet handheld experience like When this thing is maxed out fans will Ramp up to about 48 decibels but most of The time it sits around 43 to 44 when You're playing games that are not super Duper graphically intensive so if you're Bringing this to class and the person's Beside you they'll probably hear the Fans but for the most part it's not as Loud as a gaming laptop I will say Though The Thermals are very impressive Not once did the back get a little bit Warm in fact the surface temperatures Were always in the 30s this ryzen CPU is So efficient that it just makes sense Putting in a device like this I do

Expect the Intel version to run a bit Hotter just because it's an Intel chip And will probably push a bit more power But overall very good thermals on this Guy so I went to war to get this thing Open but it is open now and I was Expecting the PCB to run all the way Across but this side where you saw that Grille was actually to allow the battery To breathe this thing is half battery Like that's explains the reason why I'm Getting over two hours of use before Needing to charge on the left hand side You have one big fan you have your Grille at the back to allow heat to Dissipate and then under here you can Get to your mvme SSD I didn't take it All the way off but I did move it up a Little bit so I can see underneath CPU Or AP rather is like right in the middle Here above it you have soldered on Memory so you can't upgrade that but Right at the bottom you have your nvme SSD which you can't swap out if you ever Want to put something bigger I forgot to Mention build quality build quality Feels really really good even though It's made out of all plastic there are Some metal bits inside of this guy for Example the rods that attach the actual Controllers are made out of metal so it Stays nice and secure but the rest of The body is plastic honestly I love this Stuff like I am impressed with this

Mobile gaming experience and this is Only the Prototype I can't wait to see What this is going to be like on retail In fact this has given me the edge to Try out the competition as well so if You're into this stuff expect more Reviews on handheld gaming devices like This in the near future if you have any Questions about it let me know in the Comment section down below like the Video if you liked it subscribe if you Haven't already and I'll see you guys in The next one

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