ONEXPLAYER 2 First Look, A New Big Screen Handheld With The Power We Need!

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Okay so yeah this thing's definitely Putting out some really great Performance and I love this 8.4 inch Display What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Pack here again today we're going to be Taking a look at the all new 1X player 2. now I've actually been really excited About putting this video out and I've Had this in my possession for the last Two weeks or so I did post a picture of It in my community section here on YouTube and since then I've had a lot of People asking me when that video is Going to be coming out and here's the First one this is the first look at the Brand new 1X player 2. if you're not Familiar with this ryzen powered Handheld from 1X player uh we do have Something a bit different here that we Haven't seen in these you know ryzen 6000 handhelds yet and that's detachable Controllers as you can see both of these Controllers will slide right off and on The rear of the tablet portion of the Handheld we've got a little kickstand There so we can kind of set this down And I do want to mention that the unit I Have in my possession is an early Prototype and 1X player didn't send over The midsection for the controller but Once these are detached we can actually Attach it directly to the mid section Which will be included if you do end up

Picking one of these up and we can use It as a wireless controller it looks a Little something like this I kind of Wish they would have sent it over but Unfortunately it was a bit early when I Got my hands on this unit now it would Have been really cool to have both of These work independently from each other While they're detached but unfortunately They just won't now we do have dual Analog sticks and analog triggers with This unit and they're using the d-pad That was used in the 1X player mini and The big one X player so it's actually a Really good d-pad in this prototype it Is a bit tighter than I'm used to but I Believe it's just because this is a Really early unit but these will go Right back on they're going to slide in As you can see we've got some LEDs here That light up once everything's put back Together and keep in mind this does have Bluetooth built in so you could always Connect Xbox or PlayStation controllers To this and set the tablet portion on The table and have two players going at The same time if you wanted to another Thing I wanted to mention here is yes This is a physical connection once They're connected back to the handheld That way we don't have to worry about Any kind of input latency or anything Like that it's using these Pogo pins Here on both sides

Now when it comes to the specs of the 1X Player 2 they're actually going to have Two different variants they're gonna go Intel and AMD and when it comes to the Intel version it's going to be using a 13 gen mobile CPU and we actually Haven't even seen anything on the 13th Gen mobile CPUs yet so we're not exactly Sure how that thing's going to perform But the AMD version is the one we're Going to be taking a look at in this Video we've got the ryzen 7 6800u we've Seen this in a few handhelds this year We've got eight cores 16 threads and a Clock up to 4.7 gigahertz and since We're working with the 6800u we get the New Radeon 680m igpu this is based on Our DNA too we've got 12 compute units And a clock up to 2200 megahertz Ram is Going to be handled by LP ddr5 running At 6 400 megahertz and you can opt for Either 16 or 32 it does support a 2280 M.2 SSD plus we've got a Micro SD card Slot and one of my favorite things about The new 1X player 2 is the larger Display this is coming in at 8 0.4 Inches it's got a resolution of 2560 by 1600 and it's an IPS screen now Obviously gaming at 2560 by 1600 on this Apu will be a bit limited but it will Handle older stuff at those resolutions Pretty well we've also got Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.0 it's got a 65.5 watt hour Battery and they've also added dual

Stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon Now when it comes to IO down here we've Got a USB type-c port this one is 3.2 Plus we have a few extra Pogo pins here For their magnetic keyboard it's a Detachable keyboard that's going to be Sold separately and moving around to the Top of the device we've got a Micro SD Card slot a full-size USB 3.2 Port we've Also got a full function usb4 Port here And this is a 40 gig port from what I Can tell so far I've done some e-gpu Testing on it and yeah I mean you can Definitely up the performance we'll take A look at that by the end of the video They've also included a 3.5 millimeter Audio jack and if we take a closer look We've got our volume rocker power button And our turbo button if you're familiar With these 1X players you know they Include a turbo button to up the TDP Just by pressing it and with the 1X Player 2 stock it's running at 15 watts But once we enable turbo mode it jumps Up to 30 watts and it really does unlock The performance Now the overall button layout is pretty Much the same as the older 1X players as You can see we've got our a b x y we've Also got our analog stick over here and They've kept that keyboard button which Does come in handy basically we can tap It once it'll bring up an on-screen Keyboard or if we hold it for about

Three seconds it'll enable mouse mode For the built-in controller that way we Can navigate the whole operating system Using the built-in Gamepad now around Back we do have this built-in kickstand And it looks like we've got a lot of Ventilation here for the CPU Cooler and The m.2 cooler this is definitely a Larger handheld when you compare it to Others on the market given that we have That 8.4 inch display most of the other Ones come with a seven inch and you know It might not seem like a lot but it Makes a world of difference as you can See in this comparison between the Steam Deck and the 1X player 2 and I'll give You a side view here it's actually not Much larger than the steam DAC if uh any At all and finally before we get into Testing I wanted to go over pricing here So this is going to be up on Indiegogo December 19th for the base model which Has 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 Gigabyte m.2 SSD 8.99 for the early bird Special and at that price point it's Actually not a bad deal given the specs We have here now as you can see going up To 32 gigs of RAM and a two terabyte Drive does bring that price up even on The early bird but if you're interested In something like this I would Definitely try to hop on that 8.99 price Tag you can always upgrade that m.2 Later on down the road but uh I mean

Given the price point of handhelds right Now with the 6800u it's really not too Bad Okay so jumping right into some gaming We've got Forza Horizon 5 1200p medium Settings this is one of those games that Does function very well on these apus Especially based on our DNA too I got an Average of 87 FPS and if you take a look At afterburner we are in turbo mode with This so we're getting great performance But this is totally playable at 15 watts Medium settings you'll have to drop it Down to 800p or at 1200p go down to low Settings but at 15 watts you can still Play this all day perfectly fine next Thing I wanted to take a look at were a Few benchmarks and here we have Geekbench 5 single core 1473 multi 7951 now keep in mind I am in turbo mode And this is their stock turbo Configuration but we can get more out of This by tweaking the Apu using a Third-party utility checking out 3dmark Night raid total score here 25 265 fire strike we got a 6470 and time spy 2 2731 so yeah these synthetic benchmarks Are looking right on par with other 6800u devices on the market right now And I know I could get more out of this But I just kind of kept that stock turbo Configuration to see what we got and Overall not bad at all

Moving over to Spider-Man Miles Morales 800p low and on these apus we really do Have to drop it down if you want to run It at 60. now if you don't mind running This at 30 FPS or even 45 we could go up To 1200p medium settings with it but uh They have put out some new updates and I See performance has increased especially On these 6800 used Another thing I always like to do with These handheld devices is test out the D-pad and I figured we'd do that with Street Fighter 5. we're at 1200p medium Settings easier to run game and the D-pad is basically the same from their Older devices and I've always had good Luck with them but this one does seem a Bit tighter and it might be because this Is a prototype but I mean if they use The same d-pad here we're gonna be good With fighting games Foreign Here's one that I've been playing a lot Recently high on life we're at 800p low And I do have vsync turned on this one Seems to kind of overrun itself when We've got vsync off and we will get some Dips down into the 40s but when vsync is On we only get dips into the upper 50s And I really think it comes down to the TDP here uh remember that CPU and GPU Are fighting for the same wattage so I Think that's exactly what was happening When vsync's off it's just really

Overrunning itself Doom Eternal 1200p medium settings with Dynamic resolution scale on and I use The FPS based Dynamic resolution scale I Got it set to around 74 FPS you can go Lower if you want to just set it right There at 60 but I kind of wanted to see What we could do still looks great and It's perfectly playable on the 6800u Here's one I haven't tested on this Chipset in a while we've got GTA 5 1200p With a normal high mix we're up there Over 80 FPS and uh yeah I mean this is One of those games that you know came Out a while ago it's been optimized over The years and it works great on these Rdna2 based apus God of War is another one I always like To test on these handhelds and it really Comes down to seeing what kind of Optimizations the developers have done And it really doesn't seem like much has Changed from the you know the first few Months this game was out on these apus I Was really hoping to see a nice Performance boost here but I don't even Think they're really thinking about the Lower end stuff with this game at 800p Original settings we can't quite get a Lock 60 out of it now if we went down to Low settings and turn FSR to ultra Performance we can run this at 60 but I Just don't like doing it because it Doesn't look great

And the final game I tested here on the Igpu is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and I just ran the built-in Benchmark and With this I let it optimize the settings As soon as I started it up I didn't Change anything from their optimizations We got an average of 105 FPS but it does Look like they took the resolution down To 800p now I know for a fact that this Chip can actually offer a really great Experience at 1200p with FSR set to Balanced and basically all of the other Settings to balanced in this game but I Just ran the Benchmark with the out of Box experience and I mean it's really Not that bad So the 1X player 2 can definitely game On the built-in igpu but one of my Favorite things about usb4 on these AMD Platforms is the ability to connect an External GPU I've got a thunderbolt 3 Sonnet dock here with an RTX 3080 Definitely Overkill I would usually use A 3060 but it's in another project right Now and I didn't want to tear it apart Okay so I actually had to install the Newer Nvidia driver Windows is trying to Download an older one but as you can see It's mirroring the displays and I Actually only want to run on the External monitor from that 3080 ti so I'm just going to swap it over now we're Going to go to 4K with it and if we take A look at the task manager you can see

We've got that ryzen 760 800u 16 Gigabytes of RAM we've still got access To that 680m igpu but uh instead of Using that we're going to be using the RTX 3080 TI here And now instead of running at 1200p Medium settings on the igpu we're at 4K Ultra on an external display 3080 TI Just can't reach its full potential Running over Thunderball but I mean We've got a nice boost in GPU Performance as you can see and I Wouldn't recommend you know a high-end Card like this like I mentioned the one That I always have good luck with is the 3060 a non-ti variant I would have used It but it's in another project right now Another thing I wanted to take a look at Was battery life on the new 1X player 2. I did some testing at 15 watts and 30 Watts turbo mode and it's actually not Looking bad we've got that 65 watt hour Battery and at 15 watts total power Consumption with the screen brightness At 100 percent is 33.7 Watts Taking the TDP up to 30 Watts total System power consumption jumps up to 48.9 Watts so with some simple math here At 15 watts we can expect around 1 hour And 50 minutes out of this thing at 30 Watts 1 hour and 28 minutes so all in All not bad at all I mean it's on par With the other handhelds that are on the Market right now

So far I've been having a lot of fun With the 1X player too and my favorite Thing about it is the larger 8.4 inch Display it's an IPS we've got a higher Resolution than we really need here but It does look great while watching videos And I know some people aren't into these Larger handhelds but if you are then This one would be one to definitely take A look at I'll have at least one more Video coming up really soon we have to Get some emulation out of the way on This and there's a lot that I want to Test on it so I figured we'd just do a Whole dedicated video to that but if There's anything else you want to see Running on the 1X player 2 let me know In the comments below we still got a Little bit of tweaking that we could do With the TDP and the clocks on the GPU And CPU to get better performance out of It even at 30 Watts so I mean there's a Lot that we could do with this but I'd Actually like to know your thoughts on The new 1X player too is this something That you'd be interested in are you not Into these larger handhelds is it too Expensive are you gonna wait for an rdna 3 powered handheld let me know down Below and you know if you're interested In learning more maybe even back in the Indiegogo I'll leave a link in the Description to to their Indiegogo and Their website this is actually going up

December 19th so if you're interested in Picking up that early bird special for 8.99 I would definitely jump right on it But that's going to wrap it up for this One keep an eye on the channel because I Got more coming and like always thanks For watching

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