One Of The Fastest Tiny Gaming PCs We’ve Ever Gotten our Hands On!

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This is definitely a big change from Integrated Graphics I mean even the new Radeon 680m can't keep up with this Little mini PC [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at a really powerful Mini PC that I picked up on AliExpress Now if you're a regular view of the Channel you know I love my mini PCS with Uh internal Graphics integrated Graphics Igpus whatever you want to call them but This one here actually has a dedicated NVIDIA GTX card in a super small form Factor so these are all over the place I Mean you can find them on AliExpress you Can find them on eBay and Amazon the one That I have here was picked up as a Bare Bones unit meaning that I needed to add My own RAM and storage it does support a Pcie m.2 SSD or a 2.5 inch drive and it Utilizes so damn ddr4 so you can pick That stuff up pretty cheap on eBay right Now but before we go any further I do Want to mention that this video is Brought to you by urcd Keys I've Actually been using this site for a Couple years now they do offer steam Keys origin you played they even offer Microsoft applications like office but The main reason that I use urcd Keys is For their Windows keys right now they're Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 cents

But if you use code ETA at checkout you Can get 25 off and another great thing About buying from here is they do accept Paypal I just did this build here I need To activate Windows I'm going to head Over to my updates and security we're Going to go to activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm going to paste it in here choose Next choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it So email your code once your payment is Processed and that's basically it if You're interested in picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for your new pc builds I'll leave a link in the description This has a really interesting Motherboard layout and I've actually Done some searching trying to find this Exact motherboard just so I could buy it But unfortunately I didn't have any luck But as soon as I pulled the bottom off Of this you're going to see exactly what I'm talking about the pcie slot is Actually on the side of the motherboard Here and it is an x16 slot and with this We did get a GTX 1650 low profile it's An MSI version with four gigabytes of E-ram They've definitely put a lot into this Small package here and you will find

These on different websites with Different casings I've seen some with Plastic cases this one here has the Aluminum case and by the way I did Disable my front USB I just unplugged The leads there so we can get a better Look in here overall I do like the Layout and another thing I was actually Thinking about doing was just taking out This GTX 1650 and adding something like An RTX A2000 low profile it's kind of Equivalent to the RTX 3050 and you can Pick them up for around 250 on eBay Right now but if you're interested in Getting your hands on one of these They're 527 on AliExpress Bare Bones so You will have to add your own m.2 SSD And RAM But when it comes to IO up front here We've got three USB 2.0 ports around Back we've got three USB 3.0 ports Gigabit Ethernet audio and audio out We've also got our power input comes With that 280 watt power supply I also Added a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module the Antennas did come pre-installed and of Course we've got our display port HDMI And DVI from that GTX 1650. so when it Comes down to it what we have here is an Intel i5 9400 fcpu now I've seen these Sold with the 9th gen i7s also but with This I5 we get six cores and six threads Unfortunately we don't get any extra Threads here it's got a base clock of

2.9 gigahertz and a turbo up to 4.1 We've also got that NVIDIA GTX 1650 low Profile with four gigabytes of gddr5 Vram I've added 16 gigabytes of ddr4 to This a 512 gigabyte m.2 SSD and we're Going to be running Windows 11 Pro in This video and overall this little PC is Actually really Snappy now now I do wish It was the 10th or an 11th gen Intel CPU So we could get some extra threads here But I'm going to work with what we have When it comes to temps on that CPU I Actually haven't seen it go over 76 Degrees Celsius and that's because this Is kind of locked down at 65 Watts now Of course we could actually up the TDP To get those boost clocks out of it but You know that 200 megahertz on those Cores really is going to help out too Much with gaming but you know if you Wanted to you could do it I haven't Messed around with the TDP but we could Do it from the BIOS or we could use a Third-party application like throttle Stop or maybe even Intel's tuning Utility but when it comes to the GPU I Always like overclocking these just a Little bit 100 to 150 megahertz on the Core clock with these 1650s and maybe Around 100 megahertz on the memory So with all that out of the way I want To jump right into some PC gaming and See how this thing really performs And first up we've got Spider-Man Miles

Morales 1080p medium settings and I was Really hoping that we could do high with This got that overclock going with that Uh GPU it's not going to help out Tremendously but you know with a few Dips here and there having that 100 Megahertz May kind of save you on going Under 60. but this game does a great job At medium settings we get an average of Around 65 FPS Next up one of my favorite racing games Ever we've got Forza Horizon 5 1080p High no resolution scale we don't need It with something like this this game is Very well optimized and the GTX 1650 can Definitely handle it and by the end of My run here we had an average FPS of 81 Which is more than playable and I Wouldn't mind just locking this at 60 to Keep that power consumption down but if You needed to go higher it can Definitely do it Next on the list we've got the Witcher 3 1080p high with Dynamic resolution scale Turned on and this is kind of a dynamic FPS resolution scale I've set that to 90 And I think we're kind of scaling down To around 900p here it still looks great And it is fully playable faster [Music] Doom Eternal 1080p medium settings I Wanted to go to high but once you set it There it tells you that you don't have Enough vram because we've only got four

Gigs with the GTX 1650 and we got an Average of 68 FPS with this little Machine and I didn't think we'd have an Issue running this game here I also wanted to test out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I actually like Using the built-in Benchmark we're at 1080p with the recommended preset so Once you start the game up on a new System it's going to ask you if you want To use recommended settings and I always Just choose yes We got an average of 84 FPS but we had a Low of 51 so it did dip under 16. so Taking some of those settings down to Basic might be the way to go I absolutely love Eldon rain but I'm Still a little upset about the PC Performance on Lower End Hardware so From low to medium on this system it Really doesn't make much of a difference We're right there on the edge of 60 but We do get some dips down into the mid 50s I really do think with some more Optimizations this game could run much Better on Lower End Hardware Unfortunately it's going to be up to the Developers for that Thank you The next one I wanted to test was God of War we're at 1080p original settings and I have the resolution scale set to 80 Now you could use FSR if you wanted to But I just used the resolution scale at

The very bottom of the settings and it Runs really well like this we got an Average of 68 FPS and if you don't mind Playing this game at 900p we could take Some of those settings up to high also And the final one I wanted to test for This video was cyberpunk 2077 1080p low Medium mix and FSR is set to balanced Unfortunately with FSR or any kind of Resolution scale off at a low medium mix We will get a dip under 60 FPS down to The mid 50s so you may need a little bit Of resolution scale or 900p is probably A great sweet spot for a lot of these AAA games on the 1650. When it comes to these mini PCS I always Like checking out total system power Consumption from the wall and this is Definitely going to pull a lot more than Some of the ryzen mini PCS that we've Taken a look at but it is offering Better performance at idle we're around 38 Watts on average with gaming 127 Watts and with some games it did jump up Into the 140s and when stressing out the CPU and GPU at the same time to 100 this Pulls around 211 Watts from the wall now The one thing I was really worried about Were CPU temps given the form factor Here but with the CPU really locked down At a maximum of 65 Watts these temps Were actually really good at idle 39 Degrees Celsius average gaming we only Reached 70 degrees Celsius and in a 10

Minute cinebench stress test around Seven minutes into it we did hit 91 Degrees Celsius but that's not something You're going to do every day overall I Do love the form factor I think Performance is great for what we're Working with here but it would have been Nice to have a newer CPU I'd love to Have some extra threads here and Unfortunately with that 9th gen we just Don't get them now you can pick up a 10th or an 11th gen version of this it's Going to come in a plastic case or a Black case but they're around 800 even For a bare bone so I wanted to keep it As cheap as possible and like I Mentioned one of the main reasons I Wanted to get this was for the Motherboard so I could do a nice little RTX A2000 build that video will be Coming up on the channel in the next Week or so so keep an eye out I might End up upgrading the CPU just a little Bit I think we've got enough power from That 280 watt power supply but uh that's Going to wrap it up for this one if You're interested in learning more maybe Picking one of these up I will leave a Few links in the description and like Always thanks for watching

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