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I'll tell you what something like this Makes a great little low-cost Game Pass PC and I mean anything at 1080p is going To be possible on this machine here and Some of the stuff you can even go up to 1440. Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again if you're looking To put together a low-cost gaming PC Then this video might be for you now I've been doing a lot of research and You know if your regular view of the Channel we do a lot of these small form Factor builds using these office PCS but This one right here is definitely Turning out to be one of the best so far And with the prices on these PCS and the Prices on the GPU we're gonna be Throwing in this rig it's probably worth It to go ahead and put one of these Together because when it comes down to It this offers some amazing high and Ultra 1080p gaming performance you don't Mind dropping some of those settings Down you can go up to 1440p even with Some of the newer AAA titles and it all Comes down to the GPU we're going to be Using in this small form factor build Now before we get into it I do want to Mention that this video is brought to You by urcd Keys I've actually been Using this site for a couple years now They do offer steam Keys origin you Played they even offer Microsoft

Applications like office but the main Reason that I use urcd Keys is for their Windows key right now they're Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 but if you use code ETA at checkout you can get 25 off and Another great thing about buying from Here is they do accept Paypal I just did This build here I need to activate Windows I'm going to head over to my Updates and security we're going to go To activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm going to paste it in here choose Next choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it They'll email your code once your Payment is processed and that's Basically it if you're interested in Picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for Your new pc builds I'll leave a link in The description I opted to use an HP Elite desk G4 because somebody had about Six of them posted up for 120 ship this Has a 7th gen i7 CPU it came with eight Gigabytes of ddr4 and a 500 gigabyte m.2 SSD now if you don't want to go with an HP you can always pick up a small form Factor Dell or Lenovo but they are out There for around 120 dollars you can Actually bid them out for maybe even Cheaper if you're just patient about it

Now the first thing you want to do when You get one of these used office PCS is Go ahead and clean it up this one is Really dusty compared to some of the Other ones that I purchased recently Luckily it does look like it was in an Office setting and not somebody's house Where they were smoking or where they Had cats so it's not horribly bad a can Of compressed air or if you've got an Air compressor or even a vacuum will Work really well to go ahead and get This out of there but since these Basically ran all the time in an office We do want to replace the thermal paste On that CPU to try to keep those temps Down and yeah I mean we've got a little Bit of blockage there with dust on that CPU Cooler so uh getting in there with a Vacuum or even just pulling it off and Kind of wiping it down it's going to Work out but with this I definitely want To replace that paste because I can Guarantee you it's never been replaced On this PC I use noctu with thermal paste and That's because I've got a giant tube of It but with the PC like this I wouldn't Mind using some cheaper stuff that I Picked up on Amazon as long as I've got Some new thermal conductive Compound on There I think I'll be good to go so First thing I need to do is go ahead and Remove the cooler

And once I got that off I can see that Yeah this has been dried out for a Little while basically all of it's just Stuck to the cooler itself we don't have Much left on the CPU and of course we Want to clean the cooler and fan up this One's pretty bad but you know it's not As bad as I've seen in the past and These will look like this I mean they're Used PCS there's really no way around it But a lot of them do clean up really Nicely with just a vacuum or some Compressed air now with this unit we got Eight gigabytes of RAM we also get that 500 gigabyte m.2 SSD but we're not going To be able to game on the internal Graphics with this Intel CPU I mean of Course some indie games will still run On it but in order to really turn this Into a gaming machine we need to add a Dedicated GPU and for this we're going To be going with the most powerful low Profile dual slot GPU on the market the RTX A2000 so these are coming in at Around 250 dollars used on Amazon right Now and it's well worth it performance Is on par with an RTX 3050 and with some Overclocking you can beat that out it's Got six gigabytes of vram and when you Pick one of these up on Amazon I'll Leave a link in the description it's Going to come with a high profile Bracket unfortunately that's the way They're selling them right now a low

Profile bracket is around 8 to 12 on EBay but most of them are shipping from China and it's going to take a little While to get in so keep that in mind a Used RTX A2000 is around the same price As a brand new low profile GTX 1650 and I completely understand why people don't Want to buy used gpus but I've actually Picked up two of these so far had really Good luck with them and they Outperformed the GTX 1650 by Leaps and Bounds All right so now that I've got Everything cleaned up I did want to add A little more RAM this only came with Eight gigs most of the time these will Come with 16. you can get an eight gig Stick for around 10 bucks this utilizes 2 400 megahertz RAM and now it's time to Add the GPU now the only downside I've Run into with the A2000 is the fact that I have to wait a while to get a low Profile bracket shipped from China I've Ordered two of them and I think they'll Be here next week so I've just pulled The high profile bracket off and I'm Going to be using a piece of pay light Just to kind of keep this up I mean it's A very light card I'm not going to Damage it right now and as soon as I get Those brackets in I can go ahead and add One to this rig now all that's really Left to do is a little bit of setup with The operating system I'm gonna go with

Windows 11 Pro All right so I've had this up and Running for a little while now and this Is definitely a quick little system I've Done a little bit of testing so far and I'm really happy with the performance This thing's putting out and the main Thing I was worried about going into This was the power supply and the G4 it Only comes with a 180 watt now the CPU We have here is the i7 7700 so we've got Four cores eight threads up to 4.2 Gigahertz and this is a 65 watt part but It can boost up to around 80 Watts So I'm thinking right there 80 watts and That's kind of an extreme load that We're going to be putting on the CPU Itself the RTX A2000 can only pull a Maximum of 70 Watts because it only uses Power from the pcie slot we don't need An extra power adapter or anything like That so in total just right there from The CPU and GPU we're at 150 watts and That's maxed out but we still have to Worry about the other accessories in the PC like the fan and the MDOT too but With everything included kind of pulling Max wattage that it can which is not Going to do that much I'd say around 175 Watts out of this unit I do have it Plugged into a kilowatt meter so by the End we'll see exactly how much this Thing's pulling at idle while gaming and Under full load but I got a feeling

We're going to be under that threshold And there is a company that actually Makes a 300 watt power supply that fits In here but with the way this is set up Right now while gaming even at 1440p We're not going to hit 180 Watts with This unit so with all that out of the Way let's go ahead and jump into some Gaming and see what this thing can do First up we've got God of War 1080p Ultra settings with no dlss we're Getting an average of around 63 FPS I Could go ahead and turn vsync on lock it At 60 and be totally content playing This all day but you can always get more Out of it by enabling dlss I'd say Balanced would bring us up into the Average of around 75 and if you want to Go to Performance you can even hit 80s With the RTX a2000. Next on the list Forza Horizon 5 1080p Ultra no scaling going on whatsoever we Can get an average of 102 FPS out of This game very well optimized and yeah I Mean as you can see not a problem to run This and even on this rig at 1440p we're Gonna get over 60 with it Here's Street Fighter 5 and I totally Forgot to add the command to allow Afterburner to show up and I haven't Enabled the Microsoft overlay but we're At 60 right now I mean we can Max this Out at 1080p we could even go to 1440 With Street Fighter 5.

Moving over to cyberpunk 2077 1080p High Settings and with this one I did take Dlss to Quality we can get an average of 78 FPS out of this game so yeah I've had Really good luck with the A2000 and Cyberpunk especially using a little bit Of dlss if you don't like using dlss for Some reason medium settings 1080p get an Average of around 73 FPS Miles Morales 1080p High settings dlss Set to Quality this is really all over The place and it's kind of the way the Game is I've tested this on a lot of Different systems and you know on the Street with the way we have it set up Right now we can get an average of 75 FPS but up high here we can get an Average of around 98 FPS indoors it's Going to jump up even higher than that Hi-Fi Rush 1080p Ultra 135 FPS I Actually just started playing this on Xbox and I'm going to kind of transfer My save over here to Game Pass but it's Super fun definitely gives off Jet Set Vibes and something I really want to get Into GTA 5 1080p High settings I got an Average of 96 FPS I knew this game was Going to perform well and I probably Should have just taken it up the very High straight off the bat we could Definitely get over 60 with it but if You're still into play in this game Which I personally love single players

Still then you can run it on a low-cost Rig like this all day long Foreign And the final game I wanted to test was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I ran This a couple times with different Settings first up we've got the Recommended settings which will net you Over 60 but uh we can definitely get Better performance out of it and make it Look a little better given the Resolution scale so with the recommended Settings it actually scaled me to 720p We got an average of 92 FPS and a low of 52. not bad at all but I wanted to see What we could do without dlss so I just Went to the balance preset 1080p no dlss 87 FPS on average with a low of 54. so Yeah this game is really playable on This rig Okay so while I was doing all of my Testing with this PC I had it plugged Into a kilowatt meter that way I could Monitor how much power is being pulled From the wall now this is total system Power consumption at idle 37 Watts Average gaming 138 watts and the maximum That I could get this to pull while Maxing out the CPU and GPU was 178 Watts So in that extreme test yeah we're Getting really close to that 180 watt Power supply constraint but under Everyday normal use and even 1080p Gaming we're nowhere close to that and

The 180 watt power supply is going to be Fine in this unit I know some people are going to ask but I did want to show you how I have this GPU propped up I've got some heat Resistant foam right here on the back Side of the GPU kind of just making Contact there to hold it in and lucky For me the hard drive bracket actually Has a little bit of a flexible arm on it So I just kind of bent it down a bit Have a piece of foam on that and it's Just propping the GPU up but as soon as I get that low profile bracket I can go Ahead and add it but you know it will Take a while to get one if you're Thinking about building something like This So yeah overall loving the performance As things put now and you know I've Actually always been a big fan of these Uh G4 front plates I don't think it's a Bad looking PC obviously when you get One it might be a little scratched up Definitely going to be dusty but you can Kind of clean it up given the price Point that you can put one of these Together right now it might make a lot Of sense for some people who are looking For a good 1080p gaming rig and picking Up one of these used RTX a2000s at that 249 dollar price tag in my opinion is Well worth it if you're looking for the Best low profile dual slot GPU on the

Market for these small form factor Rigs And pairing this up with the 7th gen i7 Really does a great job but that's going To wrap it up for this one if you're Interested in putting something like This together I'll leave some links in The description you can pick most of This stuff up on eBay some people might Be selling these RTX a2000s over there Also but I've had really good luck on Amazon Plus we've got that return policy Over there just in case If you've got any questions or if There's anything else you want to see Running on this let me know in the Comments below and if you enjoy seeing Videos like this make sure you hit that Subscribe button and think about turning Notifications on so you know when I post The next one but that's it for this one And like always thanks for watching

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