OMG! Did Connor Sell the Setup I gave him? – Setup Makeover Re-visit!

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Did Connor sell the setup that I gave Him does his mom need a stepdad and will Connor Now give me more than one word Answers are you nervous These are all questions you guys want Answers to and we're gonna find out Today let's get it So you just build a brand new shiny PC And you're greeted with this nasty Notification on the bottom right corner Of your screen well instead of going out There and paying full price for a Windows key you guys can actually get One for less than fifteen dollars that's Right you guys can get a Windows 10 Pro CD key for less than 15 by visiting your or by clicking my link below and Using my code ts20 for that extra 20 off They also sell Windows 11 and Microsoft Office keys and the same discount code Applies now once you get your CD key all You have to do is go into the activation Settings on Windows and put in the new Key and watch The Watermark disappear All right Lyft gets here in five minutes I'm gonna sit here get some fresh air in The meantime to be honest with you guys The main reason I'm going to New Mexico Isn't to check in on Connor actually uh You see I have cousins there who also Live in Albuquerque so I'm just gonna go Visit them but I thought since Connor Lives in Albuquerque too why not pay him A surprise visit at the end of the day

It is content for you guys anyways I'm 100 positive he did not sell the setup I'm 99 positive he did not sell the Setup Is it okay if I record myself Thank you That's perfect thank you this has always Been a topic for many years you guys What do people do after they get a free Setup from me if they upgrade anything Do they change anything do they ruin the Entire setup with bad cable management And Cheeto stains these are all Questions a lot of you guys constantly Ask me and to be honest I'm kind of Curious myself Conor's mom knows that I'm coming over again but she did not Break the news to Connor so I'm gonna be Surprising him yet again Foreign Thank you so much I appreciate it thank You very much me too thank you you Should have a safe trip and I said you Too Bro look we got my truck in my bag Because got my carry-on and my backpack So we're all good my driver was really Nice you're helping my bags and he even Let me fill him inside of his car so I'm Gonna give him a little something Something Look at that barely any line you guys Oh sideways Hey one this is where we're at our

Flight leaves 12 55. It is now 11 50. it's an hour five Minutes early God damn I was at anxiety When I'm flying guys I missed three Flights of my lifetime and ever since Then Every every time I walk into an airport My horse just starts pounding really Fast because of the fear of missing the Flight again it's crazy so that's why I Always get here like an hour early it's Always weird vlogging in the public Because I'm like who's watching me who's Judging me you know Since we're talking about setup makeover I got some exciting news for season nine You guys I've officially picked a winner And we are now in the planning stages we Had over 500 applications and we Narrowed it down to 35 subscribers none Of them did not add me back on Discord 11 of them put the wrong Discord tag so There's no way of me reaching out to Them which means I only interviewed 15 Out of the final 35. and only one person Passed the interview all right good Which Taco is the more popular the uh The spicy chicken or the carne asada Two uh asada one chick and one spicy Chicken please I realized I haven't Really eaten anything this morning and Once we land in Albuquerque we're going Straight to Connor's house I have my Cousin picking us up and we're making a

Beeline straight to Connor's house so I Got to get some food in my system I'm Gonna need the energy this looks pretty Good actually this looks busting bust And sort of subscribe to that past the Interview actually lives in Georgia USA And I'm kind of bummed I'm not going to Leave the states Even though season nine was supposed to Be International but there's not much I Can do unfortunately That's where the subscriber lives we are On a seven season streak without a Phillips situation you guys ever since He sold the setup from season one I completely reworked the application in The interview process to make sure that We don't run into another fill up and so Far it's been working like a charm the Interview is hard guys I know it is if You made it to the final round then you Know what I'm talking about but not Everyone passes but the ones that do I Can 100 vouch for them getting a brand New setup for me Foreign Guys just landed at Albuquerque airport I just realized I left my jacket back at The Burbank airport so we're off to a Great start Foreign Oh my God it's freaking freezing you Guys I'm not used to this cold weather Look at everyone's wearing jackets and

Stuff I'm the only here with a t-shirt Oh my God Where are you is he Is it it's so cold there she is she all the way at eight Why why'd you park so far Oh okay Oh my God Hello Hello I'm so glad to see you thank you for Picking me up it's so freaking cold here Oh my God and I left my jacket at the Airport Burbank Airport can you believe that I Have been saved I have been saved Oh it's so warm in here oh my God what The hell happened here Will your son hit the window yeah he Wasn't wearing your feet I'll see you in the emergency room in The trauma room buckle up Our thoughts right yes over to Connor's House yes yes we're going to Connor's House basically actually as soon as we Get out of the car I'll give you the Camera and then you'll record me walking Up towards the house and then knocking On the door and I think sat is gonna Answer the door And I'm gonna yeah I told her to answer The door so then I can walk in and go Surprise Conor whatever he's doing

What's the ATA what are we looking at uh Probably Around okay sweet Sweet so yeah guys it is almost show Time Could be surprising Conor again See how he's doing see how he kept the Set up Foreign Hello hello hello How are you Connor bet you didn't think You'd see me this soon right How's it going on man You get it Give me a give me a hug man so do you Know why I'm here no As always you kept the good uh secret I Did I did very nice so I'm just actually In the area visiting family of course But like you live here at Albuquerque Too might as well stop by and see how You're doing post setup makeover and Also check and see how well you kept the Setup Is that cool He's still answering me with one word Answer so we have answered one of you Guys questions all right let's go to Your startup room show me what you got Give me a quick tour oh I like the Layout actually this is nice you Position the couch this way so you can Take advantage of the console very nice He's still starting

But he still couldn't get it oh really Oh Connor Connor Connor Very nice I really like just show up at his house Nice so Connor which is your favorite Setup now is it the console setup or is This Your console setup at all yeah for 2K For 2K okay how many hours you spend on This console as opposed to your new Setup Why you look at the I don't know It looks like the setup is in one piece It's still here so that's a good thing It's like it's honestly the exact same Setup same way I left it so thank you For taking good care All right so how have you been well First of all I just want to uh you know Let you know I read the comments and Everyone I am flattered but Connor does Not need an extra Daddy but thank you Guys so much I loved all the comments And uh yeah I've been good how are you I Want to apologize first of all on behalf Of my subscribers I have a lot of a lot Of pervs and stuff most of them have Never kissed a girl other than their mom So you know I I apologize on behalf of My subscribers but you were actually the Star of the show they didn't even care About Connor or Conor setup they were Actually more interested in you I did I Read all the comments you did it was

Actually very entertaining oh my God I Did not expect for the record I did not Expect you guys to go that hard in the Comment section that was crazy honestly I feel like they were just struck by Your beauty So just to clear the air you're taken Yes I am I'm taking guys sorry I don't have an ad I can't have my number Connor's friends Don't want to come over oh How has Carter been though after the Setup makeover has he been he's been Good he's been very good actually I do Live in his time a little bit because he Does have you know sports that he has to Do too and he's a very heavy load of School so okay it's how much do you Limit his time on the setup he has Probably about an hour a night an hour a Night yes so how does he spend that hour Between the Xbox cons setup and the PC Setup Yeah yeah he does pick and choose but Sometimes he'll pay about 20 minutes Here and then he'll go on here he loves The music too so he likes to show it off All the little features and stuff and We're still trying to learn how to use This thing I'm horrible at it it's a Little Advanced it is the best yes yes No he's has he bought any friends over Like to show off definitely has all his Friends came over after and they saw it

Everyone's in awe they like to say they Love the setup you know your boy I did Good yes he did he did amazing he is the You know talk of the schoolhouse I go to School is he is he a popular kid now he Is he is yeah a lot of a lot of some of His friends have already noticed on the They've watched the YouTube channel so Oh nice yes nice Connor is becoming Popular because of me I mean definitely once again He's done a couple of uh I think he did A science project and stuff on that too Oh nice so yeah it's actually nice I've Used it a couple of times too too oh Nice well it was technically your house It is yeah the setup service too so but Before the setup what what did he use For school work like before so he you Used his phone Or it was literally a lot of handwriting So because he uses this to Google and Stuff like that but this year they got Chromebooks and you know so okay with The school going to Chromebooks they use Chromebooks also okay so they they lend Them like a Chromebook to you yeah they Lend them across things are always cheap And Slowly yeah so yeah he gets I feel it's Very frustrated with that oh really so Yeah no this is good nice awesome so That's good to hear that's awesome yeah So it's like a multi-tool it is it's

Like um Multi-purpose yes Gaming does he watch any movies or like He does he does Um he listens to a lot of music on there He loves the stereo system or whatever Sound bar stereo systems It's a sound bar but yeah the sound bar He loves the headphones That drives me crazy you can hear me Those things are like amazing I'll call His name and there's nothing I'm like Yep he's on his system I know when he's On when he's on the computer because There's no word from Connor there's no Response no there's no response yeah oh No that that was I I tried it too and It's the amazing amazing yeah nice yeah Awesome yeah thank you so much for your Time thank you thank you thank you guys For doing this absolutely amazing Absolutely welcome actually I have a Little bit of a surprise for him Um I know I didn't actually quite finish This setup last time and I was a bit Upset because you didn't I didn't Exactly finish it no so this plate Actually sent me a few posters to hang On there but they didn't arrive on time And they got here I think like a day Later or two days later after I left so I came into actually not only surprise Conor with my presence But also to finish this setup for him I

Want to hang those posters I know he's a Star Wars fan so I got some really nice Displays to hang nice thank you Surprising yeah absolutely so I'm gonna Grab your son and I'll ask him a few Questions awesome bye guys so yeah how Have you been man good since since post Set up makeover good Just good yeah you're gonna give me more Than one word answers this time I'm just Kidding Um how has the setup changed your life Uh it'll get a use it for school work is It a nice upgrade from your Chromebook Because your mom told me they gave you Like a uh yeah Crappy cheap Chromebook why is it crappy Is it slow it's slow and it breaks Really easy it breaks what breaks like The corner tab already broke off oh my God that's crazy so use a setup mostly For school work now or or gaming or is It a nice mix between mix nice mix yeah Has anyone recognized you from school That wasn't already your friend Yeah Really how many people recognized you That are friends that are not friends Like two or three two or three I'm Curious how does that work like do they Just come up to you like hey are you That settlement over a kid what do they Say exactly are you the kid from Tech Source are you the kid from Tech stores

That's what they say yeah that's crazy And then what do you say yeah yeah That's it they like want to take a Picture of yourself no autograph nothing They just say they have seen their video Oh nice okay and that's it they didn't Even ask you about the setup no like hey How can I get in touch with Ed because I Will like I said I make over too none of Those questions no really it was awesome So three people recognize you what about Your friends a lot only friends How many friends you have At school yeah probably like 30. 30 Friends Jeez most of the sixth grade seventh Grade and eighth grade 30 friends So you have those 30 friends phone Number right now on your cell phone not All 30s so they're not with your friends They don't have phones oh they don't Have phones that's right that's crazy Dude I had like two friends in high School two of which I don't even speak To anymore so that's crazy it would be Crazy to see how many of them you Actually keep in touch with After High School yeah so Connor I have a little Bit of a surprise for you to be honest I'm a bit disappointed in myself because I didn't finish the setup when I was Here last time Um we didn't get some things on time so

I came back to make it right I'm here to Hook up some this plates for you on your Setup on both sides You're a fan of Star Wars right yes your Mom told me So I've got you two badass looking Star Wars displays you know what a Display is yeah what is it it's a Magnetic poster the metal posters yes Exactly have you seen the Mandalorian On Disney part of it part of it what do You think about it it's good so far nice They need to love these displays So this is the first one we're gonna be Hanging That looks good really dope it's gonna Match your color scheme as well so That's why I kind of went with those Colors yeah because there's a bit of Blue and teal over here as well And then your second one Bam That looks sick I'm gonna hang these out On your setup and I'll call you and you Can check it out okay cool all right We'll be hooking up the first display And these things are so easy to install Guys you don't have to like poke holes Into the wall all you got to do is use This protective leaf Peel the backing And then I'm gonna stick it right here On the wall And then we're going to grab the

Magnetic Square Peel off The plastic cover on one end And I'm going to put the sticky part Right here where it says stick the Magnet here so I'm going to stick this On here And apply some pressure And just like that you're good to go and Then you basically stick this on there It's all magnetic so it's going to stick Really nicely look at that all right now We're going to be hooking up the second Display over here same exact Process So protective Leaf is on there now we're Adding this magnetic piece and the cool Part about these displays Connor is that If you get tired of looking at the same Pictures you can swap them out whenever You want and it's so easy because they Don't basically stick on the wall they Stick on the magnetic piece so you come Here you pop it off and you can swap out Any display you want you can go on the Website there's a bunch of really cool Designs you can choose from from Thousands of talented artists so maybe You grow out of Star Wars And you want something else maybe you Want fortnite this place who knows now This looks like a complete setup so You're ready to set up 11 out of 10 for My understanding so now with the poster

Is what is it 100 out of ten okay let's Not exaggerate okay That's not exactly Uh so what was your fire remaining 50. 50 that's still a lot okay we'll keep it At 11. Oh you said 15. I thought you said 50. Okay 50. I'll take 15. that's good That's good thank you again for letting Me come into your house I promise no More surprise visits anytime soon you Could enjoy your setup and peace so once Again congratulations thank you for not Selling the setup enjoy it thank you for Coming out and giving me the setup Absolutely absolutely welcome so yeah Thank you guys so much for watching See you on the next video okay yeah see You in the next video nice Welcome thank you hi welcome to my Welcome back we're gonna start that over Again

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