Nuc Box 9 First Look, A Fast Super Tiny Ryzen Powered 4K Mini PC

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We're definitely getting some really Impressive performance at a Forza Horizon 5 on this Mini PC and every time I test it on integrated Graphics I still Get surprised by how well it runs Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the brand new Nook box 9 from gmk Tech now in 2022 gmk Tech released a lot of mini PCS some of Them were powered by low end Intel chips Some of them were powered by Intel chips With tiger Lake and we also got some 3000 Series ryzen chip mini PCS from gmk Tech but in 2023 they jumped right over To 5000 series and with this one here We've actually got a 6 core 12 thread Ryzen 5 5600u so yeah what we have here Is a pretty powerful little mini PC Powered by a ryzen 5 5600u it does have Full function USB type-c up front it's 3.2 so it will support display out Inside of the Box obviously we're gonna Get the mini PC itself the Nook box 9. We also get a 65 watt power supply and This is empowered by USB type-c but keep In mind this can be powered by USBC and It will function in alt mode which means If you do have a monitor that supports USB type c video in and power out you Can just use one cable to get this up And running Checking out the i o up front here we've Got two full-size USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports

USB type c 3.2 and a 3.5 millimeter Audio jack moving around to the sides Not much going on over here on the left Hand side but over on the right we do Have a micro SD card slot which would be Great for adding a little bit of storage To this Mini PC and finally around back Here we've got our power input two Full-size HDMI ports and these will Support 4K 60 out so in total we can do Three displays with this tiny PC both of These HDMI ports and the USB type-c up Front we've also got two USB 2.0 ports And 2.5 gigabit Ethernet around back Here So when it comes to the specs of the Nook box 9 for the CPU or the Apu rather We've got the AMD ryzen 5 5600u this is Actually one of my favorite 5000 mobile Chips the 5600 and the 5625u really Great performer we've got six cores 12 Threads a base clock 2.3 gigahertz and a Boost up to 4.2 and as long as we can Throw enough wattage at this and keep it Cool enough it's a great performer I'd Say around 30 watts and luckily this has A boost up to 35 right out of the box For the GPU we've got the Radeon Vega 7 Igpu at 1800 megahertz this does have 16 Gigabytes of ddr4 running in dual Channel at 3200 megahertz but we can add Up to 64 gigabytes of RAM with this unit It's got a 512 gigabyte m.2 SSD Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 and it's running Windows

11 Pro I've had a little while to mess around With the Nook box 9 and like I mentioned We do have a boost up to 35 Watts so We've got really great performance out Of this 5600u for everyday tasks it's Definitely going to get you through it Email checking web browsing 4K video Playback document editing even some Light photo editing is totally possible On this little mini PC and with Wi-Fi 6 Or the addition of 2.5 gigabit Ethernet Loading up web pages is really Snappy Here just headed over to their website And as you can see we've got a lot of Images and they load up like that I mean Really quick when it comes to web Browsing and the 5600u or basically any Of the 5000 series ryzen chips handles 4K 60fps video playback like a champ Whether you want to stream from YouTube Or your favorite app or even playing it Natively from a external hard drive a Nas or even the internal SSD on this Unit And real quick I wanted to give you a Little bit of 4K video playback here This is uh one of my go-to's Big Buck Bunny we're at 4K 60 and by the end of This video we did have 16 drop frames Which is a little more than I'm normally Used to but I have been dealing with Some internet issues at the house even If I was on ethernet I was still getting

Those drop frames even on my main PC so It's really not that bad and this is Something I never noticed if I didn't Have that frame counter on next thing I Wanted to take a look at were some Benchmarks and first up we've got Geekbench 5 single core 1368 multi 6159 We actually got much higher on that Multi than I thought we would given that We only have six cores and 12 threads Here with 3D Mark Knight raid we got a 14 323 and the final one I ran here was Fire strike with a 3524. so these really aren't that bad Given the form factor and power Consumption of this little PC but now I Want to test out some PC games and see How this thing really performs So the first game we have here is Kenshin and pack 1080p medium settings And it's doing a great job I did see it Dip down to around 58 every once in a While I think that's kind of shaders Caching in the background but in the Last few months they have been doing Some really nice little updates to this Game at least when it comes to Performance on Windows and on these Ryzen chips you should get some great Performance mk11 I mean it's so Impressive how well this game runs on Lower End Hardware we're at 1080p with a Medium low mix now on the 5600h at a

Higher wattage we can actually run this At full medium settings 1080p but there Were a few that I had to turn down to Low but either way you look at it this Game is fully playable on the 5600u Yeah Here's Forza Horizon 5 at 900p with a Low medium mix and this will run at 1080p all low settings you can get an Average of around 65 but I wanted to see What we could do with it and at 900p low Medium we can get an average of 71 FPS Out of this game pretty impressive but It's another one of those games that's Very well optimized Next on the list we've got Doom Eternal 720p low settings with Dynamic Resolution scale turned on so I was Really hoping we could get a constant 60 Out of this and with Dynamic resolution Scale I usually set you know the frame Limit to around 64. so it will scale it Down a bit but even with it set up like This you can see that we are dipping Under 60. I'd say the best setting for This would be turn vsync on static Resolution scale set to about 80 percent Of course we had to test out cyberpunk 2077 where at 720p low with FSR set to Performance and this little chip is Trying its hardest to keep a steady 60. I also turned vsync on I was hoping we Could lock it there and it's not doing a Bad job but there is one more setting

That we can use actually FSR Ultra Performance it will run at a constant 60 But I just don't like the way it looks Here's another one I always like to test God of War 720p low settings with FSR Set to Performance so we can get an Average of 41 FPS out of this game and Remember from the settings in this one We actually do have a frame lock so you Can lock that right at 40 and play it Like this all day Come on And the final game I wanted to test here Was Spider-Man remastered newly released 720p low FSR performance and with these Little apus FSR is pretty magical Because without it we'd be really Struggling even to hit 30 FPS but with It set up like this we can get an Average of 44 FPS out of this game And the final thing I wanted to take a Look at in this video was total system Power consumption and CPU temps so when It comes to Total system power Consumption for this Mini PC at idle Pulls around 11 Watts while gaming Remember we've got that boost up to 35 This does pull 52 Watts from the wall Using a kilowatt meter and the maximum That I could get this to pull was 68. Does come with a 65 watt power supply But my kilowatt meter isn't you know 100 Accurate so while doing an extreme Stress test we're right on the edge with

That power supply can you know provide For the Mini PC but under everyday Normal use and even gaming we're not Going to hit that limit so you should be Good to go that was just an extreme use Case scenario Fan noise is minimal but you can Definitely hear if it's sitting on your Desk in front of you especially while We're gaming it does ramp up a bit I Mean we don't have a lot of space to Work with and it does use a blower style Fan so it's not a totally silent system But it also doesn't sound like a jet Engine even while we're gaming average CPU temps here idle 40 degrees celsius 83 degrees Celsius average gaming temps And I was able to make this hit thermal Throttle in cinebench around six minutes Into a 10 minute stress test at 95 and That's the throttle limit there set in The Bios normal use you're not going to See those kind of temps now if you want To stress out the GPU and CPU for a long Period of time of course we can make This thing throttle So overall for what we have here not a Bad little performer but you got to keep In mind that ryzen 6000 many PCs are on The market right now which will up the Performance on the GPU significantly so If you don't mind spending a little more I would definitely go with the 6000 Series PC but if you need something for

Light gaming emulation web browsing Email checking document editing then This would definitely get you by that 5600u has more than enough power for Those tasks and we will see more of These ryzen 5000 series mini PCS come Down in price because like I just Mentioned 6000 has hit the market some Of those can get up there into the 800 Price range so it's really up to you if You're not looking for top of the line Performance and you know what you're Getting into with the 5600u then this Actually might be a good deal for a lot Of people out there but that's gonna Wrap it up for this one really Appreciate you watching if you're Interested in learning more about the Nook box 9 I'll leave some links in the Description and if there's anything else You want to see on this let me know in The comments below but like always Thanks for watching

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