New RDNA3 APUs Are Here And FAST! Radeon 780M iGPU 3000MHz! GTX 1060 Power?

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Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again AMD just finished Up their CES keynote and they made some Major announcements when it comes to Mobile chips and if you're a regular Viewer of the channel you know over here We love our ryzen mobile chips Especially the apus and uh they just Announced a bunch of stuff I mean we've Got some stuff going back to Vega Graphics and Zen too but we've also got Some Zen 3 with Vega Graphics they also Announced some new Mendocino chips with Those two c u r DNA 2 graphics which are Great for thinner light laptops but I Gotta say the most exciting announcement At least for me was their new AMD ryzen 740 Series so we've got Zen 4 on the CPU Cores and we finally have our dna3 Graphics and an APU now I will admit That these new 740 chips aren't going to Be in handhelds they're actually made For higher end more powerful laptops but This will trickle down Unfortunately They didn't announce any 7000 series U-chips with our DNA 3 graphics but We've got some new stuff with our DNA Too and like I mentioned they went as Far back as veggo with some of this Stuff which is a bit odd but taking a Quick look at a breakdown of what was Announced we've got some new Mendocino Chips this is their 7020 series for Everyday Computing we got the Barcelo R

Ryzen 70 30 series for mainstream thin And light rembrand R is going to be Their 7035 series for premium thin and Light Phoenix point is their 7040 series For elite ultra thin and these do have Those new rdna 3 Graphics along with Dragon range which is their high-end Chips and these look absolutely insane For mobile CPUs or mobile apus and when It comes to their new 7040 series with Those rdna3 Graphics we've got three Skus the ryzen 5 7640 HS this is going To be one of their lower end ones six Cores 12 threads and it will do up to 54 Watts the ryzen 7 7840hs 8 cores 16 threads again up to 54 Watts and the 7948 Jess 8 core 16 Threads up to 5.2 gigahertz but you know Going back to their lower end model the 7640 HS and taking a look at the new Graphics this one's going to be known as The AMD Radeon 760m we've got 8 cus and A clock up to 2800 megahertz these are Based on our dna3 and taking a look at Their highest end SKU again these are Going to be known as AMD Radeon 780m Graphics 12 cus and a clock up to 3 000 Megahertz on this igpu I mean this is Going to offer some amazing performance And again based on our dna3 Now aside from those a lot of other Chips were announced they're actually up On their website right now we've got Those Mendocino we've got some new Zen 3

Plus with uh rdna 2 graphics from what We have right now like the 6800u to the 6900 Ajax I don't think we're gonna see A huge jump in GPU performance on those But this is really just the start of our Dna3 graphics on these apus and it will Trickle down so something like the 7800u It hasn't been announced I don't even Know if that's what they're going to be Calling it but it would be comparable to Something like the 6800u but instead of Having an rdna 2i GPU we'd have our dna3 And another great thing about these new Chips is they will be supporting faster Ddr5 Ram so uh ddr5 5600 great we could Overclock some of the little mini PCS With the ryzen 6000 but LP ddr5x at 7 500 megahertz is really going to help Out with that igpu performance right now With the 6000 series we're kind of Locked right there at 6400mhz hurts from Everything that's on the market right Now but you know adding that 7 500 Megahertz Ram to something like the new Radeon 760m with eight cus and a clock Up to 2800 megahertz we're gonna get Some amazing performance but the one I'm Most excited about obviously is that Radeon 780m 12 cus up to three gigahertz I mean that's insane for an igpu and I'll tell you right now this paired up With 7 500 megahertz ddr5 Ram is going To be on par with something like a GTX 1060. and it might not sound like a lot

If you're talking about desktop gpus and Things like that but this is a mobile Platform we're going to see this in mini PCS and handhelds down the road so yeah I'm really excited about this and I Wanted to get a quick video out of the Way if you're interested in learning More I will leave links to amd's website You can check out all of their new chips That they announced and along with these Higher end chips we got some lower end Chips that we might see in handhelds and Mini PCS actually I'm pretty sure we Will down the road but this is really What I'm excited about right now the 740c series with our dna3 Graphics but That's going to wrap it up for this Video really appreciate you watching if Any major updates come out and you know Some benchmarks on these new igpus I Will be posting to my community section And I'm sure going to try to get my Hands on one of these laptops I know It's going to be quite expensive but I'm Going to try my hardest when these are Released because I'm really interested In testing out these new integrated Graphics if you have any questions or Thoughts on these new igpus let us know In the comments below and like always Thanks for watching

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