New Apple Pro Display XDR Coming Soon #shorts

Last Updated on February 2, 2023 by Detective Dev

If you're looking for a suitable monitor To pair with your cheese grater Mac Pro You probably might want to hold off on Your purchase Apple is rumored to be Launching an all-new external monitor Early this year which could be cheaper And better than the pro display xdr He'll be featuring a 120 hertz 27 inch Mini LED panel which offers Substantially better contrast and deeper Blacks than the LCD displays of Apple's Current monitors in other words it won't Only be more advanced for Content Creation or photo and video editing but It could also be a nice option for you Mac Gamers out there I mean this is Apple we're talking about so even though It's supposed to be cheaper than a pro Display xdr and instead of costing you An arm and a leg it's probably going to Set you back only a kidney

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