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Last Updated on December 4, 2022 by Detective Dev

Water resistance wireless charging Widgets on home screens there’s an Endless list of things that have been Added to iPhones after Android phones Have had them for years like Apple’s Notoriously late to adding things to the IPhone I like to sit back and let other Companies beta test things and then when They do jump in they like to plug it Into their ecosystem and do it the apple Way but sometimes that backfires so Android phones have had always-on Displays for about a decade now and they Just added it to the newest iPhone 14 Pro and it looks like this it keeps the Time and your wallpaper which is you Know the apple way but I and many others After testing this have said look even Though it’s one Hertz it does still feel Like your phone is not actually asleep It’s too bright like it’s too on Android Phones make it super minimal for a Reason it saves battery life and it only Lights up the pixels with the Information that you need so in the Newest iOS 16.2 beta guess what Apple Listened and they added toggles to keep The OAS on display but actually turn off The wallpaper so you can save your Battery and still see your time and Notifications you know the way Android Phones have done it for years now

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