Most Unique PC Cases ever made! – Part 2 #shorts

Last Updated on February 28, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are the coolest cases ever made Part two a YouTuber called the time Traveling technologist went where no man Has gone before and built their very own Star Trek case it's a mini shuttlecraft With every part being custom printed and Built to fit a not so exciting shuttle PC they use knock to offense for airflow Through the vented Windows which I'm Sure DC will approve sticking to the Aircraft team up next is vetru's jet Engine case the K2 can fit up to Micro ATX motherboards and comes with a 200 Millimeter fan in the front which Emphasizes the jet engine design even More if ancient Egypt had Tech this is What Ramesses PC would look like the Aza Mini 806 it's a pyramid-shaped case Which I actually use for a subscriber Build back in 2021 the cryo rig taku Made from a fully aluminum chassis and With solid handcrafted wood can fit Minimalistic White theme setups Perfectly which one of these cases was Your favorite let me know in the comment Section below

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