Most Insane PC Builds ever made – Part 3 #shorts

Last Updated on March 17, 2023 by Detective Dev

Buckle up boys and girls because here Are some pretty crazy car themed PCS Labs is back again with an ambitious Build inside of a real car tire that's Meant for a racing Sim that's also built From a real car what talking about cars You do need some nice Tunes while Driving well Spotify becomes obsolete With this 60s Mustang radio PC it was Made for a competition and shown at Computex 2018. fun fact the radio Actually worked with all dials being Functional finishing strong with the Heart of a car we have some pretty Stunning car engine PCS there are Multiple examples but the ryzen engine By jmdf again with actual moving parts And the TT turbocharger 900 what a name Go ahead and take the crown for me clean Water cooling Loops in both and the fans Of the TT are inside the cylinders Absolutely beautiful imagine what a Combined version of all the PCS would Look like if you want to see more cool PC mods make sure you're following the Channel

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