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So yeah when it comes to high-end Emulation on this Mini PC it definitely Doesn't disappoint the CPU is putting Out some great performance What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Pack here again today we're going to be Taking a look at a brand new Mini PC From minus Forum that offers some Serious CPU performance with this we've Got 14 cores and 20 threads and of Course we've got a very small form Factor here it's definitely coming in a Bit larger than some of their other mini PCS that they offer over on the website But we've still got a very small PC here And overall this is putting out some Amazing CPU performance this is known as The nad9 or the nad9 and it's definitely A Workhorse given the CPU they opted to Use here and we can also add two 2.5 Inch drives in the bottom of the unit Overall I do like the design I think the Case looks great we've got plenty of Ventilation here so inside of the Box We're obviously going to get the mini PC Itself they also include a 120 watt Power supply and a vertical stand so This is pretty cool I love these little Mini PCS you can stand up vertically I Just think they look awesome but if you Wanted to you could set this on the desk Horizontally and you don't have to worry About block blocking off any of the Ventilation but when it's set up in the

Stand I think it looks really nice got Kind of an industrial design here and I'm actually really digging this thing And you know when it comes to i o for Being such a small form factor PC we've Got plenty of it up front and around Back we can do up to four monitors on This unit to HDMI two USB and internally You can see we've got a pretty massive Cooler when it comes to these mini PCS And that's because this is using a 14 Core 20 thread I9 CPU this also utilizes Dual Channel sodium RAM and up top here We've got access to our m.2 SSD now as Soon as I pulled this thing apart I Noticed that there's actually an mxm Slot here and when it comes to these Mini PCS this is the very first time I've seen an mxm slot if you're not Familiar with this basically we can add An mxm GPU now I'm not sure if they're Going to be selling the gpus later on Down the road or a configuration that Has it but we see this quite a lot and You know Workhorse laptops so like Quadros and things like that but they do Off for like the 1050 or a 1070 you can Pick up used on eBay and if you're Interested in seeing something like that Let me know in the comments below I Wouldn't mind picking one up and adding It to this Mini PC and finally here Taking a look at the bottom we've got a Mounting bracket and connectors for two

2.5 inch drives I would go with ssds but I guess you could use mechanical if you Wanted to now when it comes to i o up Front here we've got a full size USB 3.2 Gen 2 Port we've also got our headphone Jack Mike and Jack and a USBC 3.2 Gen 2 Port and when we move around back we've Got a 2.5 gigabit Ethernet port two Full-size HDMI ports we've got two more USBC 3.2 Gen 2 ports and both of these Can function as DisplayPort so in total We can do four displays out of this unit Unfortunately the front USBC only does Data transfer but I think four monitors Would be plenty on this Mini PC we've Also got two more USB 3.2 ports but These are gen 1 and 2 USB 2.0 ports now One thing I personally think is missing From this unit is Thunderbolt 3. I Really wish one of these did support Thunderbolt 3 but I think they might Have kind of missed out on that due to The mxm GPU slot they have internally so I'm not sure how this is going to work Down the road but as soon as I have more Information I will post the in my Community section now when it comes to The specs of this little PC for the CPU We've got the Intel I9 12900h 14 cores 20 threads and with this we get six Performance cores up to five gigahertz And eight efficiency cores up to 3.8 It's got built-in Intel Iris XE graphics With 96 execution units and this will

Clock up to 1450 megahertz now keep in Mind they are offering a Bare Bones Version of this over on their website so You can add your own RAM and storage and It does support up to 64 gigabytes of Dvr4 at 3200 megahertz we've also got That one m.2 SSD drive and two 2.5 inch Ssds can be added to this thing we've Also got Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 and Out of the box with the non Bare Bones Version this will be running Windows 11 But you could install Linux if you Wanted to okay so I've had the PC up and Running for a little while now and by The way I've got 16 gigabytes of RAM Here and a 500 gigabyte m.2 SSD and Personally I do like the way it looks Especially in that stand I think it sets It off when it's standing up vertically Like that now I've got a bunch of stuff Installed the test and you know one of My favorite things to do with these 12th Gen Intel chips be it desktop or mobile Is emulation I think they offer some Amazing performance and we've got plenty Of CPU power here I think what's really Going to hold this chip back are the Built-in Intel XE graphics and that's One of the big reasons I say they kind Of missed out on adding a thunderbolt 3 Port here that way we could have easily Added an external GPU but with that mxm It does give me hope the mxm cards that I've seen on eBay at least the used ones

Aren't really that expensive so yeah I Think that's something that I'd love to Test out but when it comes to everyday Normal use case scenarios with a PC like This I mean email checking web browsing Document editing you could even get away With some photo editing on this machine Like it sits and these chips also handle 4K really well here's a 4K 60 HDR video From YouTube looking great here and by The end I only had two drop frames and I Really think it comes down to my Internet connection but so far in the Terms of using this as an everyday PC no Problems whatsoever now the next thing I Wanted to do was run a few benchmarks so Let's go ahead and take a look at those With geekbench 5 we got a single core Score of 1573 multi 9538 so yeah this I9 is really putting Down some great CPU performance but Let's go ahead and check out some GPU Tests with 3D Mart and the first one Here is night raid we got a score of 18 364. next up we've got fire strike 4967 And finally time spy with a 1863 so yeah this is definitely lagging Behind the new rdna2 graphics in the Ryzen 6000 mini PCS that we've seen but Let's go ahead and check out some gaming And see what this thing can really do And first up we've got Doom Eternal I Had a good feeling it was going to run

This game at full speed I mean it's very Well optimized but uh as you can see we Did have to go down to 720p to get an Average of around 67 FPS Um Street Fighter 5 is one of those games That's always run really well on these XE Graphics ever since they were Introduced and right now we're at 900p With a low medium mix and if you don't Mind going all the way down to low with It you can run this at 1080 or you could Do a little bit of resolution scale it's Up to you but it does run quite well on This system Obviously GTA 5 has been on the market For a while now and with this little Setup we can actually go up to 1080p Normal settings and get an average of Around 78 FPS not bad and you know with All of the new driver updates and Updates to the game this is working Pretty great on XE graphics Foreign Taking it up to some harder to run games We've got cyberpunk 2077 we averaged 38 FPS 720p low now we've got more than Enough CPU power for everything that you Want to throw with this but it's really Coming down to that igpu as we know the New rgna2 AMD Graphics are just much Better than these XE Another one I was interested in checking Out was Miles Morales 720p low and we're

Also using Intel's new xcss scaling Option set to Performance here and with It set up like this we still just can't Hit 60 with it so you might want to go Ahead and lock this down at 45. real Good the wrap's an eyesore it's secure And finally for the PC game testing We've got Call of Duty Modern Warfare We're at 720p and we do have Intel xcss Set to Performance we got an average of 54 FPS but we had a low of 35. so Obviously we're not going to be doing a Lot of AAA gaming on these Intel XE Graphics but one place this whole chip Itself shines is emulation here we have Some PS3 using rpcs3 Vulcan back in with The stock resolution which out of the Box it just goes to 720p we can run Demon Souls really well here and even The harder to emulate games are fully Playable on this chip like Skate 3 and Again I do want to mention that yeah I Mean we've got more than enough CPU Power for basically anything we want to Throw at this it's just really coming Down to those integrated graphics Now while the last one I wanted to test Here was some switch emulation using Yuzu and even on the lower end I3 12th Generation chips I've had great luck With it so I figured we'd be able to run This at full speed and for sure 1080p so We're in dock mode using Yuzu with the Vulcan back in we're good to go with

Switch emulation could actually lower The TDP here uh we're at around 55 Watts With switch emulation but like I Mentioned on the 12th gen I3 we can get Away with switch emulation in handheld Mode at 18 Watts which really isn't that Bad and of course if you wanted to go With the lower end stuff PSP Wii U PS2 You're going to be good to go with this Chip like it sits Foreign Another thing I wanted to take a look at Was total system power consumption from The wall while I'm doing my test this is Plugged into a kilowatt meter and at Idle 14 watts which is lower than I Thought it would be given that we have That I9 but while gaming this was Pulling around 78 watts and you got to Keep in mind we're sending power to the Igpu and the CPU with this 14 cores Pumping it out and the maximum that I Could get this to pull from the wall While maxing out the CPU and GPU at the Same time was 96 Watts so yeah this Thing can definitely pull a little more Power than we're used to with these mini PCS but we do have a higher end CPU and Really that's what this thing's got Going for it that 14 core 20 thread I9 CPU can put down some amazing Performance and it'll handle anything That we can throw at this PC I mean It'll do it with ease but we do have

Those Intel XE Graphics kind of holding Us back when it comes to gaming now for An everyday desktop PC even photo Editing you want to do 4K video playback This is a great machine but for gaming The way it is right now with no Thunderbolt 3 and no mxm GPU I would Skip this one and go with something else From minus forum for gaming and they do Offer some really awesome mini PCS and One that I can highly recommend is their Hx90g if you're into ryzen it's got a 5900 H Jacks and we've also got a 660 M GPU this puts out some amazing Performance but if you want to go with Intel and Nvidia I would look at their Nook X line they offer two models you Can pick one up with an 11th gen i5 and A RTX 3060 or you could go all out with Their 11th gen i7 version that comes With an RTX 3070 I've done reviews on Both and the Nook xi7 is my favorite Mini PC they've ever released but that's Gonna wrap it up for this video really Appreciate you watching if you're Looking for a Mini PC that offers Amazing CPU performance then the NAD 9 Is something I can definitely recommend But uh yeah I would love to install an Mxm GPU so if you're interested in that Let me know in the comments below I can Pick up a used one on eBay and I think We could definitely liven this thing up But if you're interested in learning

More about Menace forum and the PCS they Offer I will leave a couple links in the Description and like always thanks for Watching

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