Meet your AI Clone! #shorts

Last Updated on February 20, 2023 by Detective Dev

You can clone yourself not in that Traditional meaning of the word Unfortunately there's a website called where you can create a Version of yourself as an AI the way it Works is that you feed it all the Information you want to know be it Memories you have events that happened Your hobbies attitudes App log files and Documents you've even written and so on It's like copy pasting your brain into a Talking diary the AI would then scan the Information and train over time to Become a digital reflection of yourself If I were to do this with my data and Train it every single day it would Eventually start to chat talk and even Act like me I would potentially be able To brainstorm ideas and get active Feedback and even get reminded of things That I could have forgotten about a use Case scenario would be creating an AI Assistant now it will take a lot of time To train it properly so that it gives More valuable feedback than just a pen Friend but it's exciting to know that

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