MC560 First Look, An All New Ryzen Mini PC With A Built In 2.5K Camera! Hands On

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Foreign [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at a really Interesting Mini PC from Menace Forum Known as the mc560 now this is kind of a Pre-release unit that they sent over for Me to take a look at and as you can see When you compare this to other mini PCS On the market right now we've got a Really strange design and it's for good Reason because this Mini PC actually has A 2.5 k resolution camera built in it Also has dual microphones with an AI Noise canceling chip and dual stereo Speakers these are High Fidelity Speakers and overall it's definitely a Lot different from other mini PCS we've Seen on the market but I do think Somebody could get a lot of use out of This if they're you know in a home Office setting it need to be on Skype Teams or whatever another use case Scenario that I thought about was you Know using this Azure dedicated video Recorder slash audio recorder when You're streaming your games on Twitch or YouTube that way you have a whole Separate setup there and you can just Game on your main PC and use this to Capture everything else so yeah just Taking a look at their spec sheet here That build 10 2.5 k camera will do 30fps

Recording it's got a super wide field of View dual High Fidelity speakers and the PC itself you can connect two 4K 60hz Display directly to this Mini PC it's Running Windows 11 Pro a built-in dual Mic array with AI powered noise Cancellation and if we take a look at The bottom of this PC it's got a little Foot that we can kind of fold out and It'll give us 10 degrees of tilt taking A look at the i o over here on the right Hand side we've got a 3.5 millimeter Audio jack full size USB 3.2 gen 1 and USB type c this is a 3.2 C port and it Will support 4K 60 video out not much Going on over here on the left hand side But moving around back we've got gigabit Ethernet a full-size HDMI port and Another USB 3.2 gen 1 Port along with Our power input When it comes to the specs of the mc560 For the CPU we've got the ryzen 5 5625u 6 cores 12 threads and this is Based on Zen 3 base clock of 2.3 Gigahertz and a boost up to 4.3 we've Got that built-in Radeon Vega 7 igpu up To 1800 megahertz it will support up to 64 gigabytes of ddr4 running in dual Channel at 3200 megahertz this one here Happens to have 16 gigabytes of RAM We've also got Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 When it comes to storage this supports An m.2 pcie 3.0 SSD and it'll support a 2280 millimeter SSD and for the

Operating system we're going to be Running Windows 11 Pro but before we Move over there I did want to give you a Quick look at the Quality this camera's Put now and I'm actually using the Built-in Windows 11 Pro Camera app so We've got sound and video going through That but you could always use OBS if you Wanted to and obviously it's going to Work with zoom Skype teams whatever You're using for your Videocon for or Video chats it's going to support it It's gonna act just like a USB camera When this thing's all set up So I've actually got some pretty decent Lighting here and we're filming at 2.5 k 30 FPS that's the maximum but you could Go to 1080 16×9 right now we're at a 4×3 Aspect ratio and I think it's doing a Pretty good job I believe over on the Minutes Forum website they do have some More samples posted so if you're Interested in checking those out I'll Leave a link for the website in the Description So here we are with Windows 11 been up And running for a little while I've got Everything updated and it's a very Snappy system now on the channel we've Actually taken a look at the ryzen 5 5600u in the past and it's a really nice Little CPU for everyday desktop needs Web browsing 4K video playback document Editing email checking some light photo

And 1080p video editing is totally Possible on a machine like this we can Go up to 64 gigs of RAM but we've got 16 Here and we've got the built-in Vega Graphics so obviously the igpu Performance here isn't going to match Something like ryzen 6000 or 7000 with Those rdna 2 graphics but you know just For everyday use it actually does a Great job like I mentioned 4K video Playback is totally possible we'll take A look at that in a second but web Browsing is really Snappy here given That we have Wi-Fi six but it would have Been nice if they included a 2.5 gig Port on the rear everything loads up Really quickly Let's uh head over to YouTube And we'll do a 4K Demo here Give me a second make sure we're at 4K Full screen stats for nerds So I've always had really good luck with 4K video playback on these ryzen 5000 Chips and you know if you wanted to do Two 4K 60 streams because we can connect Two monitors to this we've got more than Enough power with that 5625u 6 cores 12 Threads pumping it out and when it comes To video playback on that Radeon Vega 7i GPU it can definitely handle it and Right now I mean we're just streaming From YouTube but if you wanted to do HBO Max Showtime Netflix 4K 60 you're going To have a great time with this little PC

The next thing I wanted to take a look At were some benchmarks that I ran on The mc560 and first up we've got Geekbench 6. keep in mind this is brand New I don't have much to compare this to But it looks like single core came in With a 1833 multi 6912 and as time goes on Since geekbench 6 is brand new to the Market I'll be able to run this on more Ryzen apus that way we can kind of get a Fair comparison there in these scores I also ran PC Mark 10 and this is a Great real world Benchmark it tests Essentials productivity digital content Creation we get a total score of 5941. I also wanted to run a couple GPU Benchmarks so here we have 3dmark Wildlife this is a Vulcan Benchmark 7158 and finally night raid coming in With a 14 742. this isn't going to win any Benchmark Awards but you know for what It is it's putting out some decent Performance using it as an everyday Desktop and I know a lot of people Aren't going to pick this up for gaming But I personally still wanted to test Some games out and the first one here is Street Fighter 5. 900p with a medium low Mix works great on these lower end apus I mean be at 4000 or 5000 with 4000 Series you usually have to take it down To 720p but here we're running at 60 FPS

Come on Next up we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales 720p low with FSR set to Performance we only average 46 FPS but This is one of those games that's really Hard on these apus and if you wanted to Run this at 45 FPS you could always lock It down there and have a pretty decent Time with it And since I was right there I figured I'd go ahead and test out cyberpunk 2077. I had a feeling we weren't going To get the best performance with this Game here it's definitely a harder one To run and at 720p low settings we get An average of around 36 FPS But the final one I tested here was Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I use Recommended settings but we are at 720p And this will enable FSR I believe it Sets it to Performance we got an average Of 73 FPS and a low of 42. now keep in Mind the games that I tested are newer AAA games if you wanted to go with Something like Skyrim not a problem to Run that at medium 1080p Left 4 Dead 2 Half-Life the older stuff is going to Work great on the 5625u Another thing I wanted to take a look at Here was total system power consumption So while I'm doing my testing I have This plugged into what's called a Kilowatt meter and at idle this only Pulls 10 watts average gaming it did

Jump up to 41 watts and the maximum that I could get out of this was 54 Watts now I'm in high performance mode and if You're not going to be doing any gaming Then you'll never see you know average Gaming or that maximum power draw and in Fact 4K video playback on this it only Jumps up to around 14 watts so overall I Mean it's definitely a lower power Consumption Mini PC and given that this Apu isn't pulling a lot of wattage the Fan doesn't have to spin up that high so It's really really quiet and if you're One of those people who are really Bugged by a fan noise then you don't Have to worry about it with this one So in the end I think it's a pretty Interesting little mini PC if you have That kind of use case scenario that this Could go along with obviously it's not a Full-fledged gaming PC a lot of these Mini PCS aren't but we kind of utilize Them as if they were older games indie Games and even emulation on the 5625u is Going to work great but don't go into This thinking you've got a AAA gaming Monster because that's not exactly what It is if you're working from home and You're always on Zoom or Skyped and I Think this could come in really handy And like I mentioned I mean you could Always use this as kind of a secondary Streaming PC just to capture your audio And video that way you don't need to use

Any extra resources on the PC that You're gaming with so there are a few Scenarios where I think this little mini PC would kind of pair up perfectly with The setup you already have and you know If you're one of those people and Interested in learning a little more About the minisforum mc560 I'll leave Some links in the description you can Pick this up over there with either 16 Gigabytes of RAM or 32 gigabytes of RAM But both of them only come with a 512 Gigabyte SSD I mean it's really up to You in the end but that's going to wrap It up for this video if you've got any Questions let me know down below and Like always thanks for watching

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